Blogtober #22: Party Pressure

Hello, everyone!

Yesterday was fantastic. The pizza meal was great and I could finally wash my hair this morning without chasing Jewel around the igloo. Your birthday wishes made my day feel a lot better.

Tonight is my party! At 13:00 PST/9:00 BST, the party will officially begin at the Snow Forts. While we are there for the first 10 minutes, we will go trick-or-treating together so don’t be afraid to wear your Halloween costumes. Hopefully, I will see a lot of familiar faces turn up!

For the rest of the party, I am thinking that we go to a minigame tournament around the island. We can start with the classics such as Mancala and Fun Four but then we can progress to bigger games like Card-Jitsu and Dance Contest. Of course, on the night, I will be asking everyone what they want to do but this a rough schedule to help me feel a little more prepared about the party.

After playing some minigames, I would love to see all of your igloos so we could try and01.png visit as many of them as possible. Just let me know if you want us to party in your igloo and I will – hopefully – be able to visit it.

Just to let you know, I will be recording the event so that I can share it later this Blogtober. How exciting!

Now I just need to prepare hard for it. I’ve already done a quick check of my igloo so that I could see everything is intact. Fortunately, the dance floor works. I just had to be safe so I danced on it for about 5 minutes. It turns out that you can get a lot of fun out of it. Check! My piano is still working which is always great news. We could have a little jam at my iggy! Anyway, the fireplace works. I’m actually surprised by how 02convenient it has been. I have had it for…what, like…7 years and the fire is still on. I should be concerned by that but I can save that concern for another day. Check! ‘Bear with the Bowtie’ was perched on one of my sofas but he was disgracefully unsmart! His bowtie had gone missing so I had to shift everything around to find it; it was just under the cushion. Check?

It has been stressful and I still need to prep after this to make sure that my party will be amazing. I just remembered. I need to get a fire extinguisher. You know, in case the party gets too hot. It has actually happened a lot – well, with me anyway. But where can I find one?


The one at the Coffee Shop! I’ll just pop by and “borrow” it for emergency reasons. I guess this party counts as an emergency… Well, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Okay, in that case, I better hop away from this computer – right away – before I forget. Trust me, preparing for a party is a lot more stressful than you think! When the bowtie goes missing, you know it’s gonna be a disaster. No. I need to have optimism. This party is gonna be epic! And I know this because Cadence made a whole song about it. Wow. It’s so soon and I can’t wait!

See you there, everyone!




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