Blogtober #25: The Reunion

Hello, everyone!

Last night, I met with a bunch of you. Possibly even more than that. It was…a lot of penguins! More penguins than I have ever seen in a while. It was the Club Penguin Reunion. It is only the biggest party all year which celebrates the 11th anniversary of Club Penguin and 11 years of memories. Plus, memories were made at that party because of how stunning it turned out to be.

I’m not gonna lie, but this was my first proper Club Penguin Reunion. I couldn’t go to last year’s (well not for long at least) due to other plans but, this year, I was there right from the beginning! It was something so special because I was whizzed back into the past. I saw some old penguins reuniting with new ones. I saw past memories floating in front of me; the excitement of anticipation. That’s what old Club Penguin tastes like and it was an honour to experience it for one more time.

Now, I don’t think that is would be entirely sensible for me to list all of the penguins I came across (because there were loads) but if you look at the pictures, you will see! My story, while I was there, is actually pretty funny!

01.pngIt all started when I arrived at the Coffee Shop half an hour before the party starts at 13:00 PST. Luckily, the shop wasn’t too full when I got there but within a matter of minutes, the room became officially full. So, I considered myself lucky! When I got there, I saw a few penguins who I knew, including my sister! I waddled on over beside the staircase because that was the only spot where I could breathe and see everything. One thing I cannot forget to mention is the sheer amount of noise that flooded the shop. The acoustics in that room were, unfortunately, good so I all I could hear was the muffled dialogue of hundreds of conversations happening in that room. When you hear them together, it almost sounds like a really bad rap song. Besides that, I was enjoying myself…and the half empty coffee bean bag next to me. I was just passing the time, going with the flow and chatting to my own friends until there was a diversion in my story.

Out of nowhere, I pushed up the staircase; the Coffee Shop was filling up. By the time I 02.pngreached the top of the stairs, there was no going back down. I was, practically, stuck in my own office! What is a worse scenario than that? Fortunately, I wasn’t the only one up there. In fact, I saw a few familiar faces and they looked as put off as I was. At least they didn’t work there. Anyway, my work computer was free so I took some time to have a look at any updates on the reunion. I was staring at my Twitter timeline. All I could see was that the party was about to start soon. Swiftly, I glanced at the time; we were only 5 minutes away! I was so annoyed. The fact that I arrived 30 minutes early didn’t pay off at all. Instead, I was punished for it and now I was about to miss the kickoff. I can tell you now that I was kicking off. I wasn’t the only one, of course. What made it even worse was when the dreaded bots entered and doomed us all with awful jokes and sounds. Can you imagine that? Stuck in your own office with your worse enemy? It was a nightmare.

Before long, the party had started and there was nothing I could do about it. All I had to do was wait and hope that we would be visited by some moderators in a while. So I remained patient-ish. After 5 long minutes, I started budging at the stairs. There were so many penguins piled there. Everyone was pushing but the crowd wouldn’t budge at all. I was03.png thinking to myself how it would never clear. I was thinking how the reunion, for me, was going to be ruined just after it had started.

However, Megg magically burst into the room and all eyes were fixed on her. Suddenly, the crowd shifted towards her and the staircase was – shockingly – bare. After wishing Megg a happy anniversary, I took the chance to rush on downstairs to meet some new people. Behind me, however, a toot parade was born so I rushed to the side and witnessed a loud mob of penguins leaving the Coffee Shop. Whilst that was happening, I met Deamama. You know – the mod with the disco wig. Some penguins think that she is “majestic” and I totally agree. I was lucky enough to receive a postcard from her after we talked for a while. I find that it is a shame that we don’t hear from her on the blog anymore. I used to love reading her awesome posts. But Megg is awesome too, obviously! They are both great bloggers!

Soon, half an hour passed and I found myself going on adventures outside of the Coffee Shop. In no time, the reunion spread island-wide! Even the iceberg was occupied! So I took my time and explored as much as I could. There were penguins rioting everywhere about Businessmoose. Apparently, he was in the Forest but only for a short amount of time before he vanished. Sadly, I didn’t get to meet him but I knew that there were a lot more mods to hunt for.

Eventually, I took a trip to the iceberg and I found three mods in the same room! Sir 04.pngChampion and Pirate (otherwise known as Chris and Gord) and Stackoverflo! I managed to meet all three of them. Sir Champion even wished me a belated happy birthday. I thought that was very nice of him! Whilst I was chilling there for some time, I also met with a bunch of my buddies and we took a few selfies together. For the rest of the reunion, I spent most of my time chilling with some amazing people. The three moderators even revealed some information about the future. Apparently, in November, we will be able to test something truly amazing. When they mentioned this, it reminded me of that satisfying dream I had on day 8 of Blogtober. I wonder if that was some kind of fate!

Anyway, the rest of the party is pretty self-explanatory. I ended up having a lot more fun that I had at the start and even though we weren’t exactly visited by some of the BIG Club 05.pngPenguin heroes, we had the opportunity to celebrate how awesome Club Penguin is together – as a community. And the community is just about enough for me because we make the memories and, last night, we embossed them and made some new ones. It may have also been the final Club Penguin Reunion, however, I am unclear of the future so I’m not too sure about that. Apparently, it is going to be an unbelievable adventure into something strangely similar, but different.

Thank you to the community for taking a step forward to make this reunion happen.

On a side note, I woke up this morning and my beak widened as soon as I saw my calendar. Did you know that we only have 6 days left of Blogtober? That is less than a week! The Club Penguin Reunion may have been the final climax on our journey but the end has to be the best part. What is a better way to end Blogtober than on Halloween? It will be amazing! Furthermore, it won’t just be a post for you all to expect. The end of this journey needs something a little bit bigger and I am working on a finale that will end Blogtober with a BANG! Hopefully, you will consider it as a memorabilia.

Let me know if you came along to the party last night. I want to hear your highlights from the reunion and your best highlights on Club Penguin, starting from the very beginning of your Club Penguin journey. And why not talk about the future as well? There are exciting things ahead so we have to make the most of our memories before anything drastic happens.

Waddle On!




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