Blogtober #27: Waddling On

Hello, everyone!

Woo hoo! I was able to meet with one of you today. I had nothing interesting planned until Waddlemcgogo showed up. What started as a boring day soon turned into an exciting one since we both got up to a lot of competitive stuff!

We both started our meet-up with a game of Dance Contest. Not to brag, but this game is 01.pngone of my favourites and I am quite “pro” at it. You see, I type on a computer every single day of my life; especially this October, I have been doing it more than ever. Therefore, you’d think I know how to master a game revolving around my keyboard skills. And right you are because I won that game, even though it lagged a lot. In no time, I managed to steal the dance floor but for some reason, I wasn’t wearing any clothes. In fact, no one else was wearing any clothes. Perhaps it was just an illusion!

Anyway, after the Dance Contest ended, Waddlemcgogo and I decided to have a crack at some sled racing. For years, I have known how to ride the snowy 02.pnghills, however recently that has all changed ever since I have been cursed with this new power of flight. For some reason, I fly off course when I sled race down the hill. It may sound cool but it is kind of freaky. Plus, you can never win a game when that happens! Except for this one time.

The first game went well. Luckily, I was still on the hill and not, magically, in mid-air. However, Waddlemcgogo won the game by far. I kept tripping over logs and colliding with rocks. I mean, obviously, I wasn’t thinking straight because I was expecting a course at a higher altitude. Anyway, now I’m just trying to give excuses. Waddlemcgogo won the game – fair and square! She was victorious!

But not for long!

03We had the second game and you can guess what happened. This time, I was focused on winning. I had planned each manoeuvre up ahead which gave me an advantage. But of course, that could never happen to a penguin like me. That’s right. I started flying… At the moment I lifted off the ground, I knew that it was not going to end well for me. But I was wrong. It actually went very well. I did win the game but it was such a close one. Waddlemcgogo had tripped up at the last log which allowed me to gain some space to overtake. So yeah! That was the first game I have won when flying. I think that’s quite an achievement if I do say so myself.

After that game, we both acknowledged that we were at a tie. Our competitive consciences wanted to break the tie so we decided to play a “decider”. We trekked all of the way up to 04the Dojo to play a game of Card-Jitsu. Well, two in fact. I know. I know. Doing this meant that I would have been in close proximity with Sensei but he was sleeping. This time, I decided not to be stupid and just let him be while Waddlemcgogo and I – quietly – had a duel.

The first game was won by Waddlemcgogo which means that she won that match. There happened to be a game of Dance Contest within the game of Card-Jitsu. Now, I thought that was pretty cool considering we only just had a dance-off earlier at the meet-up. Since I had won the Dance Contest match and she had won this match, we were both at another tie. Waddlemcgogo – immediately – challenged me to a game of Card-Jitsu Fire. I had accepted the challenge…

…but I failed the challenge.

It turns out that Waddlemcgogo is quite a skilful ninja; more skilful than I am. She won the 05whole tournament and it was clearly because she is the best. I accept that but I do need to mention that Card-Jitsu is based on pure luck…right? Okay, well, maybe I’m just an unlucky penguin. You have heard of all of the crazy action that has happened throughout this October. The majority of the month, so far, has been full of the absence of luck. I guess that it just makes things even more entertaining for you lot which is all worth it!

Well, I congratulate Waddlemcgogo for winning the tournament and I congratulate myself for…participating! I had to head off just after the second game had ended so that I could catch up on some paperwork at my igloo. Lousy paperwork.

By the way, have you seen the update for the project the team are working on? Soon after yesterday’s post was published, I managed to watch this awesome video which showed off some of the weirdest stuff ever! It is so difficult to describe it but it looks exactly what my dream felt like earlier this month. If you haven’t checked it out, I would advise you to do so right now! It looks exciting but different. I hope this only means good things for our future.

Hopefully, we will hear even more about this soon.


Thank you Waddlemcgogo for joining me today! It was fun playing games with you and I hope you enjoyed the post.



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