Blogtober #28: Out of the Blue

Hello, everyone!

This is going to be quite a serious post. I wasn’t planning on this at all but I need everyone’s attention. If you want to stay safe on Club Penguin, you have got to listen to me for a couple of minutes. Right. Now, where do I start?

From the beginning, of course!

So, I was just innocently typing away at my work computer in the Club Penguin Times Office. It was only some research on how to tame a Pookie. Soon, I was commanded to print out some more newspapers because we were low on stock. Consequently, I got up from my 01.pngchair and headed towards the newspaper conveyer behind me. However, before I even got there, something shocking caught my attention. In the corner of my eye, I saw the wanted poster. Today, it had something wrong with it. It was bare.

My first reaction to this was to send a report to Aunt Arctic, warning her that someone defaced the poster. I was worried that this wasn’t the only one being defaced. But a few seconds later, I realised something even worse. Slowly, I crept around the wanted poster. My forehead was sweating and my heartbeat was the only thing audible in that room. The co-workers looked at me oddly. They thought that I had gone mad, but I didn’t. In fact, I was, more or less, a lot less mad than anyone else in the room. You know why? Because I discovered something no one else knew about before.

The wanted poster is transparent. As I advanced up to it from behind, I was able to see the 02.pngwhole room through it. And you know what this means? Where I was standing, stood the clown also. Yesterday, the clown was in the same room as me and I had no clue! Every time I think back to it, a chill runs down my spine. The big question is: how the heck did he get there? Nobody knew about him until today.

Before long, everyone else in the office was cowering in front of the wanted poster, knowing that they were potentially in danger the day before. This only evoked a reaction from Aunt Arctic herself. She couldn’t help but notice the sea of penguins as she waddled on upstairs. Apparently, she was enjoying her nice cup of coffee before she heard a scream. Not my scream, funnily enough.

Everyone was asking what we should do. Out of the blue (get it?), I raised my flipper; the room fell silent. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the power I had, then? I volunteered to get some expert assistance. Aunt Arctic, although she is the Director (spoilers – I know!), was unable to restore peace; she just merely orders agents around and03.png writes in the Club Penguin Times. Therefore, I suggested that I go and find Gary. Gary is a tech expert so he may be able to use and invention to track the footprints of the clown. Or he could fail to do so. Either way, I was willing to take the risk so I ran out of the Coffee Shop and made my way to the Everyday Phoning Facility. I trotted up the steps and flew into the room, went to the reception desk and journeyed down the secret waterfall elevator.

In no time, I arrived at the command room. I was waddling around ecstatically and couldn’t help but draw every agent’s attention to myself. I guess that was a smart move. Anyway, I asked loudly, “Where is Gary?”. Every agent pointed their flipper to the laboratory so I darted towards it. At first, I couldn’t even see Gary until I saw his lab coat peak out from beside the glass cabinet. I screamed his name and he wobbled onto his back, staring up at me.

Firstly, he asked, “What on earth is the matter with you?”.

“What on earth is the matter with me?” I responded with perplexion. “What is the matter 04.pngwith the wanted poster in the Club Penguin Times Office?”. Gary halted for one second; his shoulders drooped and I tilted my head, puzzled.

“Oh, that thing. You should ask Rory about that. It has always confused me.” Gary answered, calmly. He then began to give me a monologue on the wanted poster. For a while, he rambled on about how Rory is even crazier than himself; I still beg to differ but I kept my beak sealed. During his talk, I couldn’t help but notice a small feud between Gary and Rory. They are both excellent penguins but I was intrigued by how Gary described him – almost as if he was jealous of him. I didn’t say anything to avoid controversy but it something I want to investigate more on soon.

By the end of Gary’s long lecture on the science of wanted posters, I asked him if he could spread the word and let every civilian know about the rogue clown. He agreed – phew! Meanwhile, Aunt Arctic was still struggling to calm down the co-workers. As soon as I got back, the office was in a state worse than it was on April Fools Day one year! I suggested to Aunt Arctic that we shut off the Coffee Shop until we catch the clown. I was explaining how we need to gather evidence in order to track it down before it terrorises other penguins. Aunt Arctic thought it was a great idea; the amount of insurance claimed would harm the economic stability of the island. We are lucky that this clown doesn’t physically05.png harm penguins. Or does it?

That is why we need to find it soon!

This unexpected turn of events means that Blogtober is going to change up for its last few days. I am hoping that, by Halloween, we can catch the clown before it catches us. Now that the Coffee Shop is temporarily closed, I will be very unhappy due to the caffeine deficiency so I hope you are understanding of this. Moreover, I will be using my laptop for Blogtober which is kind of annoying. I hope this hasn’t ruined the fun for you all. Maybe this mission will increase attention which means more traffic for –

Umm…I mean, it will increase attention so that all of you can stay safe for the next couple of days. What does this mean for the Blogtober finale? I hate to think right now but saving the island from a clown is worth most of my mind, at the moment.

Stay safe and report any sightings of this clown to the EPF! I have left an image so you know what he looks like. Thank you for the cooperation; the fun won’t be over for long – I promise you!




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