Blogtober #29: Clowning Around

Hello, everyone!

I. Am. So. Tired. I have been up since the crack of dawn and most of you know why. The EPF are basically going on a clown hunt. Yesterday, we discovered that it was in the Club Penguin Times Office – hiding. We have no idea what his intentions are but it’s best to be cautious.

I was asked, personally, by Dot, to submit an alibi on what happened on the 19th October. It was so intimidating but I said everything as truthful as possible. The clown banged down my igloo’s front door and he approached me very threateningly. I was glad that my puffles were safely oblivious of this in the backyard. In the end, the clown did nothing; it was all a prank! He was hoping to get a comical reaction but I was mostly angry – the fact that he had raided my igloo without permission. For some reason, I didn’t call the EPF straight away. I was kind of frightened of the consequences, I guess. The first thing I said to him was that I need to claim compensation for what the broken door and he had to pay for it. At first, he was begging but then I  was on the verge of calling the EPF. I could tell that I had more power than him. He still refused until I placed my flipper onto my phone. Straight away, he promised that he would pay for it – and so he did. It was all dealt with secretly but I was keeping my eye on him. To tell the truth, I did actually let the EPF know that this happened.

Dot stated that it was a criminal offence so she is currently dealing with the boring law stuff. As for me, I am working agent in the field. We have been assigned, by JPG, to spread across all island sectors. I am at the Forest – on the lookout. Every penguin that passes by me always looks concerned. Either because I was dressed up in tactical EPF attire, or 01.pngbecause I have been holding onto my laptop for the whole time. I have not been playing any games at all! In fact, I have been reporting minor cases.

First of all, I saw a bear emerge from the trees – or was it a penguin in a bear costume?

Secondly, I saw a lost Pookie sobbing in the cave – the Hermit seemed to care for it.

Thirdly, I saw some black market fish dog sales going on – the salesmen didn’t have a permit.

Those were only a few of them but they have all been dealt with now. Still, there has been no sign of this clown. The duty has been very difficult, especially when everyone is wearing Halloween costumes. Occasionally, I have had to question penguins wearing a clown costume. Who knows? This terrorising clown could have associates! I don’t think the penguins liked it much but I was just doing my duty.

Anyway! The main reason why I am writing this right now is because I have discovered something that will aid the investigation. I should really be discussing this with the EPF first but I wanted to make this post “exclusive” in some way, otherwise, it would just be boring for you all. So, here it is. I was casually reading over yesterday’s post a few minutes before I started typing today’s post and I noticed someone. In one of the pictures, the clown was hiding – behind the Puffle Lodge door. It is hardly noticeable but ever since I caught him stalking me in one of my previous posts, I have been a lot more cautious and I have been able to find him again. I advise you to take a look, yourself, here.

So he was hiding in the Puffle Lodge yesterday! As soon as I give this information to the EPF, we may be able to survey the lodge; it could be his hideout! I might do that right now, actually. This is happening live and all so I can’t keep you posted on the way there. Hopefully, by the time I write to you again, we would have caught this clown once and for all. So, please mind the interlude.

I’m back! The clown was caught and we have even discovered its identity. That’s right! It turns out that this clown is familiar after all! But before I tell you who the clown really is, let me brief you on how we found it.

So, I waddled down to the command room and hailed an emergency. I was able to get a whole squad of agents to come with me to the Puffle Lodge next door. JPG and I assigned the agents. In no time, we burst through the door and thoroughly searched the lodge. We ordered all penguins to evacuate. I felt bad because some were playing Find Four happily! It was, luckily, for a good cause. Except, on the ground floor, there was no clown to be seen. We took everything into consideration and came to a conclusion that the clown had moved location. No one was aware of the clown when we questioned some of the innocent penguins, local at the scene.

Wait a minute. So where did we find the clown? Here comes the best part.

Before we axed the investigation, I had a look upstairs. The Mystery Attic looked empty and quiet. I had a brief look to see if the clown was around but he was nowhere to be seen. Next, I put down my laptop onto the desk beside the bulletin boards. I was about to update to you right then until I heard a call from JPG. Rapidly, I raced downstairs, leaving my laptop on the desk. It was at that moment when I took the opportunity to steal the laptop 02.pngbefore that pesky penguin returns.

Oh right. Didn’t I tell you already? I am the clown. Blue said that he wanted another climax for Blogtober so I have given you one. Perhaps, this climax can stay for the longest time. I think Blue would love that and I am sure you would too.

Now, I know what you are going to say…

“I am going to report you to the EPF!”

“Freeze, clown!”

“We know where you live!”

But, of course, you don’t know where I live. You are not here to “freeze” me. And you are – certainly – unable to report me to the EPF because you have no idea who I am. For all you know, I could be Blue himself! This could all be a prank. But is it? That is the big question!

Enjoy Blogtober, my friends!




5 thoughts on “Blogtober #29: Clowning Around

  1. I need to tell you something. In a couple days time I will finish of doing my CP set of blogs. It will be called penguin waddles. Can you help?

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