Blogtober #30: The Conclusion

Hello, everyone!

So, who am I? Right now, I could be that horrible clown. Or, I could just be pranking you. Who do you think I am right now?


Okay, I understand. That was a pretty difficult question. You would need a bit more evidence to work it out. I have an idea! I will show you this picture; maybe it could help you 01out a bit. Have a look!

That’s right! We found the clown. If you are still wondering what happened yesterday, it was actually him who took over Blogtober. When my laptop went missing within a matter of seconds, we all knew that he was close by in the attic. Plus, my laptop has a tracking beacon so I always know where to find it if I ever lose it. And guess where it was. In the Box Dimension! Thanks to Gary, this advanced technology installed into the spy phones has finally been paid off.

Consequently, we dived into the box portal and ended up face to face with the criminal. There was one of him and ten of us. There was nowhere he could hide so he finally gave in and faced his punishment. Luckily, we arrived in time to stop him from doing anything drastic. The EPF saved the day…again!

Now, you are all probably itching to know who the real clown is. You’ve seen them in costume and you’ve seen them out of costume too. Yep. This guy is pretty familiar! Want to know who it is?

It was Rory all along!

Allow me to explain why: Rory is one of the island’s greatest mechanics and constructors. He has been the mastermind behind all constructions on the island – and we have to admit that they are great. If you didn’t know already, Rory is mainly stationed at the Mine Shack. Unfortunately, we never get to see him anymore. He is working on something bigger than Club Penguin. Earlier this Blogtober, I went to Rory to see if he could help fix the Monster 02Maker 3000. Strangely, he wasn’t around but his blueprints were. While I was there, I kind of raided his projects and snooped on his construction plans. I thought that I could get away with it since he was nowhere to be seen. However, it never went to my mind that I had messed up his entire workplace. As Rory got back to the shack, he was devastated to see the mess. Fortunately, for him, the shack has cameras so he was able to find out that I was the penguin who ruined his workplace. As a result, he wanted to ruin something of mine and get away with it.

Now you could probably see the story shaping up!

Rory thought of the idea of dressing up as a clown. It was Halloween after all! Dressing up as a clown meant that he could get up to all kinds of mischief. Ever since I ruined his workplace, Rory has been able to stalk me around the island. He was there when I reunited with Jeff and when I was playing – alone – in the Puffle Park. I was surprised he didn’t take the opportunity then. However, a couple of days after that, he went to my igloo and slammed down my door. I thought that I was about to get abducted but that was the only thing he did. Anyway, I’ve told this to you a thousand times. He got away with it (kinda) except I forced him to pay for the damage. Obviously, that wasn’t the plan so he failed his mission and has been holding a grudge against me ever since.

A week later, he was there in my own office. He intelligently disguised as a wanted poster until my co-workers and I discovered that the wanted poster was transparent. Gary was able to recall that Rory built it himself. He was concerned by it but now we know how it has 03come in handy. Since then, the EPF have been on the case and we managed to narrow down the search to the Puffle Lodge. Then, we found him at the Box Dimension – with my laptop. I think he was planning on deleting all of my Blogtober posts but we got there just in time to stop him.

Immediately, we took Rory to the EPF command room, yet we were still unaware of his actual identity. After staying in the cell for some time, Gary took him to the lab where carried out a number of tests on him. I just suggested for Gary to take the clown costume off; he – unwillingly – agreed. It was at that moment when we all discovered that Rory was the culprit.

Hopefully, you all took that in well. Everything matches us but it turns out that I am partly responsible for this. We soon discovered that Rory only did it as revenge – he denied any claims to make his revenge go island-wide. In that case, the whole crime wasn’t as serious as I thought it would be. You see, I was also a suspect in the case which makes me just as bad as Rory. I caused him to do what he did to me. So, why am I not depressed about it?

Well, Rory and I are now good friends. The main reason why he was angry with me was because I was looking at something I shouldn’t have been looking at. For some reason, he won’t tell me what it was and why but it has something to do with his big project, I suspect. Because I felt bad, I ended up giving him back the money for the door. I also apologised for messing his plans up and he said sorry for ruining Blogtober. In my eyes, though, he hasn’t ruined Blogtober. In fact, this climax that we have been waiting for has been the best one yet and it involves a happy ending, for once!

Aunt Arctic did say that getting revenge is not a good thing but I think we should all show forgiveness and compassion in situations like these. After all, Rory didn’t deserve all of this stress especially since he is responsible for this big project that could change our lives. I have offered to help him out by reorganising his workplace but he, kindly, said no. Damn it – I really want to know what he is building!

After thinking about it thoroughly, the EPF decided that we should put the whole incident behind us. Rory is a respectable penguin and I…am an agent so the EPF didn’t want to change that. They also didn’t want to look bad…ahem! In retrospect, it was nothing serious at all so we can now resume our lives normally!

On the other hand, I wanted to sort something else out. Earlier this week, I had discovered that Rory and Gary have this secret feud between them. I am sure you could understand why. They are both brilliant mechanics so I can imagine the number of competitions that happen between them. I got the feeling that Gary was jealous of Rory because Rory has been able to craft a successful island. Gary, however, has been known for his many failures05.png but I have gone over this earlier this Blogtober when I created Gary Appreciation Day (ironically, it never took place). Gary is actually a very smart scientist. He is mostly known for his failures because of how ambitious he is. In the end, Gary is actually as successful as Rory. Even Rory fails sometimes. We all fail on a regular basis but that is what learning is. Now I understand how Gary has felt all this time so I wanted to change this and make a new pair of friends today!

So, I took the opportunity to start them off on a new journey together. I told them both how I felt by their feud. And then I told them how they could fix it – because that is what mechanics are best at. Luckily, I was able to convince them, thanks to my amazing literacy. I forced them to take a selfie together but it turned out to be a proper one. It looks like that they have been friends for years… Now, they are great buddies, yet Gary is still trying to tempt Rory to reveal what the project is. I have been watching them all afternoon; it’s more entertaining than my co-workers! Oh yeah… I forgot about that.

Due to the amazing cooperation of the EPF team, Aunt Arctic asked me if I would want to work full-time at the EPF command room. After today, it has felt like something that I should have started to do a long time ago! But you know what?

I rejected the offer.

You know how long I have been in that office? Over two years! And since the start of October, I have dedicated a lot of my time there for Blogtober: a challenge which I was 04reluctant to take on, first. But after 30 days of working there, overtime, I don’t think I want to leave it. You know, the seat is always warm from my butt so it’s where I belong. Plus, it is where I have been able to cherish some awesome memories. Blogtober has actually turned out to be a shrine. Every day was a new experience which has allowed me to make so many memories in the shortest amount of time ever. And though it may seem long, it has gone by too quickly!

Tomorrow is the last day of Blogtober. It is also Halloween! What could be a better combination? Maybe some coffee would help! Because it is the last day of Blogtober, I want to meet with every one of you. Obviously, that is impossible but I want as many of you as possible. We have achieved – almost – a full month’s worth of memories so we need to make the last day count!

Stay tuned for updates on Twitter, regarding this; use the hashtag #Blogtober! Now, I feel comfortable – back in my usual space, on the computer. It is obviously where I belong. I have even missed my crazy co-workers. But, I’m not gonna lie.

I missed the free coffee the most!




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