Island Discussion #31: The Next Chapter

Hello, everyone!

Project: Super Secret has finally been revealed. No one needs to call the project “super secret” anymore because we now know what the new game will be called.

Disney Club Penguin Island™ .

It has been a long time since my last discussion. As soon as the Club Penguin community were surprised with the news, I thought that it would be an appropriate time to get the discussions rolling again. I find it quite cool that the word “island” appears in the new game title so it makes “Island Discussion” a sensible name.

So, a fresh start means that a lot of things will be refreshed. Club Penguin has been a great online game with mysteries dotted around it. The EPF, Herbert, the Iceberg, Tusk and so much more… The question is: will these mysteries be continued in Club Penguin Island. I actually talked about this in my last discussion. I suggest you take a look; it is interesting to compare my thoughts on this with my older impressions when the new game wasn’t yet revealed.

At first, I thought that this game would surround the delights of socialising with other penguins. I still think that this is the main aspect of the game. From what I have seen in the sneak peeks, the interaction has a lot of potential within Club Penguin Island. That includes interaction with penguins, items and the environment. Although I think thought this was a really good focus, it made me worry about the mysteries. I was worried that they were going to be chucked behind them. However, I have been enlightened with some promising evidence that supports the continuation of mysteries in Club Penguin Island. Have you seen the website yet? If not, check it out now!

Do you have it open yet? Okay, now scroll down the page and look for an icon called “Quests”. Click the link and it should lead you to a page with lots of videos on the many wonders that are found on Club Penguin Island. On this page, you will be given a synopsis of what the “Quests” video is about. I will list it down here for you:

Hidden treasures and legendary secrets… there’s more than meets the eye on this untamed island. Have you heard about the mythical city of Penglantis? 

First of all, it is pretty much confirmed that we will be getting mysteries to solve in this game. Around the island, it appears that there will be “hidden treasures”. Perhaps hunting for these will allow you to discover myths. There are also “legendary secrets” waiting to be uncovered. I wonder what this hints too. The main part of this synopsis that wowed me was the “mythical city of Penglantis”. That is something totally new! I don’t recall anything like this in Club Penguin except for the time penguins got to explore underwater during the Underwater Expedition in 2011. Maybe, this lost city was inspired by that party. I have seen hints towards this in a number of sneak peeks. It looks like the ocean that surrounds Club Penguin will add depth to the game! It looks like that there is “more than meets the eye” on the island. From what I have seen, this underwater city is accessed from the sea caves – a new addition to the island.

The best part of this page is the 19-second video! Despite the short amount of time, quite a lot of things were crammed in. Watch the video – even if you have seen it so many time before. It’s only 19 seconds but you will be amazed by it.

At the very start of the video, you may have been able to take a glimpse of a map. The pirate penguin only shows it to you for a split second but I have been able to take a screenshot of what is shown. Below, you may recognise that the map is of the east sector of Club Penguin Island. First of all, no club penguin fans would recognise this from the original game so it is completely new, like the sea caves. If you are quite knowledgeable, you know that “X marks the spot” of where the treasure is buried. On this particular map, the “X” is located near an arch, in the middle of the sea. None of us knows what this could mean unless it links with the sea caves. From what it looks like, Club Penguin are trying to create new mysteries because this location is entirely new and mysterious. Perhaps this quest will be a significant one to expect when the new game arrives in 2017. It has definitely got me excited!

X Marks the Spot.png

The rest of the video could link to this treasure hunt and it seems to involve more of the underwater world of Club Penguin. But now I want to talk about something exciting, especially, for Club Penguin players.

On the What’s New blog, I found a comment which intrigued me. It was Chilly0ne (funnily enough) and she asked this:

“Will it [EPF] eventually be on Club Penguin Island? Do you plan on making any missions in the future? :D”

Deamama (Club Penguin Moderator) replied to her a day later. She said something quite amusing.

“You rock. Thank you (always) for your waddlEtastic enthusiasm. As for your other Penguin questions… the only thing we can say For sure is to be resourceful, remarkable, and ready.”

EPF confirmed.png

Just saying, I didn’t make any typos there! You see, Deamama secretly encrypted a secret message to us. Look for the random capital letters; they spell “EPF”. I don’t know about you but I think this (pretty much) confirms the return of the EPF. In addition, the actual comment itself says “be resourceful, be remarkable, and be ready”: the EPF motto. Deamama is clearly teasing to us but I am almost 100% certain that penguins can sign up for the EPF again. So…what does this mean?

The EPF are a group of skilled agents who want to keep the island safe. The existence of the EPF has caused the team to think creatively about operations and missions, so what is a mission without a bit of mischief and mystery? Perhaps, penguins will be able to confront new villains and characters and – hopefully – we can recognise some old ones too, such as Herbert P. Bear! I wonder if this means that the EPF is getting another revamp. If you think about it, it would mean that missions and operations would be a lot more interactive since Club Penguin Island is all about that. I would love to see how the team deal with this; I hope we will be seeing the EPF soon!

That is all I have to discuss, for now. Megg announced that there will be even more to reveal over the coming months and, soon, frequently asked questions will be answered in the next instalment of Island Insider. Be sure to let me know what your thoughts are on mysteries and quests in this new game. Is there anything I have missed? Let me know and I will be sure to discuss them in a later post. Thank you all for reading!

Waddle On!

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