Who Am I Now?

Hello, everyone!

I am Blue21102. Or am I? Okay, it is me but I have been thinking about something for a while now. Something to do with me and it is quite an important matter. Why I am I sharing this with you? It will affect a lot of you who know me closely in the community.

You see…

When Club Penguin Island launches next year, I may be a different penguin. I am likely going to be changing who I am. So, in other words, you may have to wave goodbye to Blue21102 and say hello to someone new! If some of you are confused or worried about this, please allow me to explain – briefly.

Club Penguin Island is a whole new game, inspired by Club Penguin. Club Penguin players will not be able to transfer items, coins or any progress to the new game. This annoyed a lot of us in the community, including me. But, after some thinking, it gave me an idea: to start fresh. Now, some of you are probably thinking, “But you can transfer your penguinThe Blue Blog Icon name!”. While that is a true statement, my response is, “What is the point?”. What is the point? Club Penguin Island is a totally new game. Nothing meaningful from Club Penguin is going to transfer over to the new game. Why should I call myself Blue21102 if I am going to be without my puffles, my stamps, my igloos and my precious items? It’s not that I hate the name ‘Blue21102’ (although – yes – the numbers do bother me a little bit). Moving on to a new penguin is actually a pretty sensible thing to do.

I want ‘Blue21102’ to be remembered as a penguin who was awesome in Club Penguin – not Club Penguin Island. Blue21102 is always going to be my favourite penguin so I think it is best to leave him with a game that he started in and loves. Okay, I am sounding weird right now. I am Blue21102. But I am going to change my identity next year. Blue21102 will still be me but you won’t be hearing from Blue21102 when the new game arrives. He is going to stay with the game until it dies off. Therefore, I think it is only sensible for me to start off fresh – with a new name! 

Luckily, the new name sounds familiar. Very familiar. Very similar. Very cool! So, I am going to be revealing my new name for Club Penguin Island. It has taken me a while to decide my actual name but I am pretty sure that I have made my final decision…and I hope you are all going to be happy with it.

Before I do reveal it, however, I am going to state how my new name will affect this blog. unknownFortunately, not a lot is going to change. First of all, ‘Blue21102’ will not be signing off the posts as soon as the new game releases. Secondly, my Twitter identity will also change but it will still be the same account. Thirdly, my contact details are going to change – but more on that in the new year! That’s pretty much it. However, I think it is also worth mentioning that The Blue Blog will be given some big changes. For obvious reasons, the new game will affect what posts there are to expect. Hopefully, I will be able to continue similar content but I think this blog is due for some change anyway. It is quite exciting because I have no clue on what to expect as well!

One thing that will not change, on the other hand, is my vision. The Blue Blog will continue to publicise my opinions and thoughts on the new game. It will still be a crazy journey with a crazy schedule but my goal for next year is to get more involved with the new game. I want to be able to make my posts exciting for you to read because my opinions are not always that appealing to everyone. I have some things planned which may make this blog even better than it has been this year. Keep an eye on this blog for a future post that will elaborate on these changes.

Now it is finally time for me to reveal my new identity. I am very delighted to be welcoming…

Mister Blue Sky

…to Club Penguin Island. You see? I could never let go of the word “blue” so I had to incorporate it in my new name, somehow! In my opinion, I did it quite well. The name is rather iconic! I hope you will all be happy to meet Mister Blue Sky when the new game launches in 2017. And do you know what the best part is? You can still call me ‘Blue’! Now, I feel like I have a purposeful identity. Plus, I love blue skies!Club Penguin Clouds.pngSo there you have it! Hopefully, you are glad about my decision. After unveiling my new name, I am feeling so excited about the new game. I can’t wait to see a lot of my pals in 3D and I am really hoping to meet some new pals too! Thank you all for reading!

Waddle On!

Coffee Break Icon

Mister Blue Sky (not yet!)



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