Blue Reviews: Holiday Party ’16

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Welcome to Blue Reviews – a topic in which I speculate and talk about the different parties that visit Club Penguin every month. Each of my reviews is separated into different sections where I review the parties’: Storyline, Visuals, Content and Music. At the end, I round off the review with The Verdict. This concludes my thoughts on the party with comments on the party, as a whole. Afterwards, I rate the party with a score out of 10. Feel free to let me know what you think of the monthly party in the comments section. I hope you will enjoy my review of this month’s party:

Holiday Party ’16



It’s that time of year again! Sleigh bells are jingling and tree tops glisten! It’s the most wonderful time of the year…at least that’s what the song says.

The Holiday Party is back! Not the “Merry Walrus Party” but the legitimate “Holiday Party” that we all know and love. December is one of my favourite months of the year due to all of the Christmas cheer. That just rhymed – so you know that I am in a good mood! Following the success of the Music Jam debut in November, the Holiday Party is here to spread the word of change and joy. Coins For Change (as always) plays a big part in the celebration but this year, there have been some unexpected changes. This is not the ordinary Holiday Party. In fact, it is the extraordinary Holiday Party and you’ll find out why when you read the rest of this review.

Happy holidays, everyone! Enjoy the review!


Once again, Rockhopper has arrived at Club Penguin. The popular pirate is back to raise the bar. Coins For Change is here but this time our aim is to bring joy to kids, in need, by giving toys to tots; share the joy this holiday season by giving food to families; bring joy to kids by creating fun places to play; and share the joy with our feathered friends by protecting penguin homes. Each year, we all managed to reach the goal but can we donate the most coins ever this year? Hopefully, we can! Around the whole island, there are Coins For Change booths where penguins can donate up to 10,000 coins. If you do, you get a “CFC 2016” pin and the gratitude from many people in need; the season is all about giving!

Alongside Coins For Change, the Holiday Party is always here to deliver a festive experience for every penguin. Explore every room and indulge in the exciting and warm atmosphere. Penguins can log in every day to receive a new gift from the advent calendar. This year, the gifts are actually new and impressive!

It is good to see some twists this year. I am glad that Rockhopper is back; this keeps the tradition going and – for once – we get to see Rockhopper without him being on new adventures elsewhere. Perhaps, he would like to share some adventure stories with us. Anyway, Coins For Change appears to be reuniting the community to raise as much money as we can for the charities. The island allows us to earn and donate coins in many different ways so there is a lot of fun involved with it.

It seems quite clear that there is not much else to the story – just like with every other Holiday Party. However, this is a celebration – not an operation or a takeover. I appreciate that it remains traditional. It would have been even better if there were pre-party constructions, just to add to the realism of the party. No party in recent years have been able to do this but it an improvement that I will never fail to mention if everything else is in good shape.

Oh, and if you are looking for some extravagant gifts to find for your buddies, may I recommend you check out the Mall. It has everything you need in there!


I don’t know. That “Fragile Things” looks like a good place to start.


Is it even possible for the Holiday Party to fail at delivering the most beautiful visuals of the year? Well, it was possible in 2014 (but we don’t like mentioning that year). This year, it didn’t fail – at all! Is it just too good to be true if I said that the visuals are even better than any other Holiday Party ever? Well, I am not trying to be biased but I do, genuinely, believe that this party is stunning, visually!

Sure, there are the usual rooms that are reused – constantly – every year. But similarly to the Music Jam, this party offers a range of room decorations that are different from last year. You can tell that there is a blend of new and old rooms. This may look weird to some penguins but it is so nostalgic to witness if you are an old penguin. I think this was a good move from the team because they knew how successful the Music Jam was. They are smart enough to know that because they listen to the community. There is no doubt that this party is able to bring new experiences to both old and new players just because of the room variety. I love how the styles clash with each other!

Not only did older rooms return, but new rooms decorations have been added! And they are (practically) island-wide!


You know that room…um…what is it called, now? Oh, right! The Boiler Room? Well, it now has a massive Christmas tree in it – and some gifts too! When I first saw this room, a festive chill was sent down my spine. The Boiler Room has always been that forgotten room but the Holiday Party was able to give it some justice – alongside the Cave Mine and the Underground Pool too! How exciting?

So, this year, there has actually been some good changes. It seems that Club Penguin are starting to drill more effort into the parties. I think this is because Club Penguin Island is so close to completion, therefore less time can be used to develop the new game and more time can be used to make the most of 2016 for Club Penguin. I mean, it is an amazing gift from the team. These rooms look amazing and they fulfil the holiday spirit to the full!


The Holiday Spirit is just so infectious!


Now, to be honest with you all, there has never been many activities to do at the Holiday Party. In 2014, the Merry Walrus party introduced fun little Coins For Change activities (only a few) which have been reused this year. They are not awful, but they are not amazing either. I think that it would have been great to see some new quests/activities to complete, during this party, that are as simple as these ones. They do make the party more worth it but they are not as effective when they are reused all of the time. My favourite activity is the one where you decorate the immense Christmas tree at the Forest, by throwing snowballs at it. Unfortunately, there seems to be a bug that doesn’t allow some of the snowballs to transform into baubles (and other decorations) so it is kind of pointless and a shame to new players too.

Aside from the activities, there is the ability (given to members only) to transform into a Frostbite creature. This was a feature stolen from a previous Holiday Party. I think transformations are quite cool; it would have been even better to see more of them, like a Reindeer puffle transformation. Members can also adopt a crystal puffle and a snowman puffle too! Club Penguin can never get enough of Frozen, am I right?

On the brighter side, the daily gifts are, somewhat, amazing! I think that all of them (if not, most of them) are brand new items! This is actually surprising but what else can you expect from a Holiday Party? Not only are they new, they are so cool and not pointless. One of the best gifts is Sensei’s bamboo hat! Now penguins can attempt to dress up as him. If only we had a grey penguin colour…

Since Rockhopper has visited the island, we can always expect a visit to the Migrator (Rockhopper’s ship). Rockhopper brings some “rare items” to the island but they seem to be very similar to last year’s items. Nevertheless, it is pretty sweet to see some foreshadowing on the Migrator. There are several references to the new game and it links to the story of the quests within Club Penguin Island. Only some of the community can identify and understand these references but this attention to detail proves that Club Penguin still has the potential to surprise us now and again. I would have loved to have seen more of this throughout 2016!

Overall, the content is slightly lacking something new, but that doesn’t mean that this party suffers a lot from it. It may result in some bored penguins, but the holiday spirit is as high as it ever has been!


Here’s a better question: “What is his beard hiding?”


One other thing that I have noticed at this party is the variety of music. Holiday tunes have always been my favourite tunes in Club Penguin. Due to how huge the Holiday Party is, the amount of music is undoubtedly larger than any other party. The team have taken this on board and managed to spread as much cheer and joy as they can because a lot of this music is distributed across the whole island. Every room has a different piece of music so you can tell how much holiday music there is. A few of my favourites are Holiday Jingle, Palace Of The Ice Crystals and Santa’s Mix. I love all of the music tracks so much, to be honest.

I don’t think that music will ever disappoint at the Holiday Party. It is Club Penguin’s job to share it each year, appropriately. The job has been done and the selection is perfect. If I had to be so sceptical, I would question why there isn’t a new track of music. Other parties this year have been given new music but this one does not have any. Then again, it is all about the tradition of the party. The Holiday season is always traditional so the team were probably thinking about this and decided not to share anything new. In my opinion, that does not matter too much, at all! The Holiday Party music never gets boring for me. Neither does the Holiday season! But you can’t always get what you want…


It is called Coins For Change! 

The Verdict

The Holiday Party ’16 is one of 2016’s greatest gifts. And there couldn’t be a better season for it! Every Holiday Party is about tradition. Although this one follows that trend, it aspires to be something new. This is clearly shown through the variety of room decorations and the variety of music. It is something different when compared to its predecessors. It is always good when the team is ambitious! Therefore, this party highlights a significant improvement than its previous ones. Even the gifts are spectacular! Despite this, do not expect too much from this party. You have the usual activities and the delight of Santa’s Sleigh but there is nothing new, in that respect. It’s the same old Holiday Party we all know and love but it has been updated. Plus, the spirit levels are greater than ever! What a way to end a…slightly disappointing year!

The Verdict.png

There is no better gift, this year, than the team’s effort and dedication.

Score: 7.3/10

The Good

+ Traditional – But Ambitious Too

+ Island-Wide, New Decorations

+ Joyful Gifts and Music

The Bad

– No New Activities

On the whole, I am thinking that this was an impressive review. I am so happy that the end of 2016 has been a good one for Club Penguin. Ever since the Club Penguin Reunion, it feels like that life is being breathed back into the game again. This is the final party of 2016 and possibly the last Holiday Party ever. Who knows what is in store next year for Club Penguin? What do you think of my review? Are you enjoying the Holiday Party this year? Let me know all of your thoughts below!

Have a happy holiday!




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    • I have had some experience with Blogger. This is quite a well-known platform which was easy to use. There is also Weebly as well. I haven’t used Weebly but I have heard it is quite good. I hope this helps.

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