Island Discussion #32: Be Ready

Hello, everyone!

Recently, I have been able to test Club Penguin Island on Android. In a nutshell, it has been a great experience (so far) even though there are some bugs that can affect gameplay. Soon, I will be reviewing the geo-beta of Club Penguin Island so stay tuned for that in the coming days.

Now, I have been playing this game for a few days and I have noticed a lot of cool details. I’ve been listing them down so that I could, potentially, discuss them all in the future. Today, I want to discuss more of the mysteries that Club Penguin Island offers. In this discussion, I have an interesting one for you all and it begins with this screenshot (captured on my phone).

This is a screenshot of one of the many messages you get on the Club Penguin Island loading screens. Of course, this particular message is different from the usual ones so there must be wp-1482261621784.pngsomething “special” about it. As a matter of fact, it is written in code. That’s right! This set of numbers require decryption, but how do we know how to crack it?

Being a cipher expert, I know for a fact that the code “2-5 18-5-1-4-25” is encrypted in A1Z26 cipher. The way this code works is that each letter of the alphabet is assigned with its corresponding number. In other words, A=1, B=2, C=3 and so on. This a common cipher that is used in a lot of code-cracking activities but I never expected to see it on Club Penguin Island. First of all, the code most Club Penguin players are familiar with is the “tic-tac-toe” code. This cipher has been used ever since the Penguin Secret Agency (PSA) formed in the original game and it has lived on for many years after. Now there is some vague indication towards a variety of ciphers to be used in the new game, perhaps. 

Before I go on to help us crack the code, I just want to mention how familiar the image is above. Have any of you Club Penguin fans happened to watch one of Disney XD’s most successful shows? Gravity Falls? This show was littered with so many ciphers! I used to love watching Gravity Falls before it ended in February, this year. At the end of every episode, Alex Hirsh (creator of Gravity Falls) always left a code for a second. A goodtumblr_inline_mpd4q24sy11qz4rgp amount of them were A1Z26 codes but there was a range of them, including caesar ciphers and vigenère ciphers. The fact that the loading screens on Club Penguin Island last for a similar amount of time just reminds me of this legendary show. It makes me wonder whether Club Penguin was inspired by this show and perhaps this was Disney’s idea of continuing a mystery-driven franchise, due to how successful Gravity Falls was. I think that mysteries do make things a whole lot more interesting so it makes me excited for the future of this app.

Anyway, now it is time to solve the code! It happens to be a very simple cipher so I am guessing that a lot of you have already worked it out for yourselves. Let’s do this!

The code is “2-5 18-5-1-4-25”. (notice how the dashes indicate where the words are made.)

| 2 = b | 5 = e | 18 = r | 5 = e | 1 = a | 4 = d | 25 = y |

As a result…


That appears to be the secret message! So what does “be ready” mean – exactly? What is the team telling us to “be ready” for? As soon as I deciphered this message, I knew exactly what the team were implying. I am sure you know too. If you were an EPF agent on Club Penguin, you should be familiar of this motto: “Be resourceful, be remarkable, be ready”. As you can see, the last part of the motto turns out to be the secret message so this is a massive hint towards the EPF! Therefore, it is confirmed that we will see a return of the EPF in Club Penguin Island and I am not that surprised at all, to be honest. Want to know why?

If you have been able to beta test the new game (and subscribed for a membership), you likely would have played through the Aunt Arctic and Rockhopper adventures. The Aunt Club_Penguin_Island_Aunt_Arctic_Cutout.pngArctic adventures, in particular, appear to be similar to the PSA missions. It’s the style of them that makes them feel like we are protecting the island – as any agent would do. Plus, Aunt Arctic is the leader of these adventures and she is the Director of the EPF. I think that is a promising link.

Furthermore, within the vast range of newly added emojis to Club Penguin Island, there is an Aunt Arctic emoji which shows off her wearing dark shades. This is an evident link to her status as Director of the EPF so it is almost 100% certain that we will be able to complete missions – as agents – in the new game.

You know what? It feels relieving to know that we will see a continuation of the Elite Penguin Force in Club Penguin Island. I have always said that stories are what drives a game forward so, with the EPF’s appearance in Club Penguin Island, expect to see more mischief from villains and more missions for agents to complete. I have no idea what we can expect, regarding missions but I am hoping that penguins will be able to meet with familiar foes as well as uncover new ones. I guess we will have to stay sharp and be ready for anything unusual!

So, that being said, let me know if you have noticed anything that can extend this discussion. Also, let me know what you think we could expect in the future? I would love to hear your thoughts, as always. Thank you for reading!

Waddle On!



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