So Long Club Penguin

Hello, everyone!

The Club Penguin Island party has arrived at the island and it has been fun to see what the party has in store for us. So far, it looks as if penguins will be given a taster of what life is like on Club Penguin Island. All we know at the moment is that this new game will be launched – worldwide – sometime this year. Most likely, it will be released in the early months of 2017 since this party hints towards this. As you can imagine, this is an exciting but scary time for penguins. Is this new game going to revive the game? Will Club Penguin be gone forever? Will I like the new game? So far, the feedback from Club Penguin Island has been really decent so I am sure it will be even better when it launches soon. I have a lot of hope in the game but I am still quite nervous myself.

It is almost time for me to say goodbye to a game that has impacted our lives so much. Club Penguin will not be ending too soon (so don’t you worry) but the community will be a lot more sparse as it merges in with the new game. Club Penguin is in need of an update which is why Club Penguin Island was built by the team. It is similar to Club Penguin but, at the same time, it offers a lot of new experiences! I have been able to beta test the game and my overall thoughts are very positive. There are some bugs which need squishing but that’s what the beta is all about! Anyway, this seems like a really cool game but it will never replace Club Penguin on the web. Club Penguin has not been doing so well recently (due to the development of the new game) but I can think of so many fun memories I have made with it.

So, I was thinking about memories for a bit and something struck me. If Club Penguin Island is close to its launch, how are we going to celebrate the end of Club Penguin? Not only how are we to celebrate it, but how are we to finish the journey we started? Well, I have come up with a solution and it involves the community. I would like to introduce you to a project called…


So Long CP is going to involve the community in a big way! Now, I have never done anything like this before but I have confidence in it if we all work together. Let me tell you the hopes I have for this project.

Basically, So Long CP will consist of several events that will lead to the finale of the game. I am starting this project sooner than later because I don’t know when Club Penguin is ending. These events will be fun, cooperative and memorable; let me tell you a few ideas I have. First of all, a lot of the Club Penguin Community are really needed to make this event happen: Tipping The Iceberg. Is it a myth? Is it real? We don’t know! It has never been accomplished on Club Penguin – ever! So, before we say goodbye to the game, we need to tip this iceberg (or at least attempt with effort) to make history. This is one of the game’s greatest myths so the perfect farewell would need to involve some iceberg tippage. Yes, I just invented that word!

Secondly, Club Penguin is not Club Penguin without the EPF! It has been too long since we all worked together as a team to protect the island. We need one last operation! Of course, we won’t be given the party; we will bring the party to the island using our creativity. It is entirely possible! We could think of a storyline. There could be two sides: the agents and the villains. We can use igloos to create bases or lairs and we can use the EPF Command Room to source meetings and operation briefings. I think that this could be accomplishable if we all use our imagination. Role-play is a magical thing which Club Penguin has been able to assist for all of its years. One last EPF operation could remind us of how the community can be the party!

Obviously, the greatest ending to Club Penguin would be one MASSIVE party! I am going to be communicating with the team to see if we can get any mods involved with parties. The community is totally capable of organising them but the spirit of the team will make them so much better! So Long CP will have a party to kick off the event, this January! Party details will be available soon! By the time So Long CP finishes (prior to the end of Club Penguin) we will have one last party online to celebrate the memories we have made and the new ones we will continue to make in the new game.

I think this project could be amazing if we all work together. I may be sourcing it all but the community is just as important in this. So Long CP could give the game the greatest ending we can all imagine. We need to reunite and make the most of the game while it lasts. The events I have listed are only a fraction of what could be done during this project. I want to hear ideas from YOU in the community. Please, if you have any wild and wacky ideas, comment them down below because you will be doing the community a huge favour! Any contributions would be really appreciated! If you want to get really involved in this project, contact me by email or send me a tweet/message on Twitter. I am definitely considering some assistance with this project!

Feel free to use the hashtag: #SoLongCP to promote the project and keep visiting back to hear more about the kickoff event as well as some more details! I really hope this will attract interest from as many of you as possible and remember to contact me if you want to get involved! Get excited and thank you very much for reading!

Waddle On!


Mister Blue Sky


23 thoughts on “So Long Club Penguin

  1. I will be sure to attend.

    But over here the Club Penguin Island party has numerous glitches…

    Are you getting them?

  2. I think the team are always trying but they are working on two different things: Club Penguin and Club Penguin Island. Therefore, I understand that there will be some bugs now and then. 2016 taught me to be patient with these things. I am pretty sure they will fix it eventually. Lots of people are actually experiencing the same problems so they may pay attention to it.

    • Let me tell you about something similar. In 2012, I logged on the first day of the Marvel Superhero Takeover for that year, and there were a few glitches. Like a dummy button that did nothing, and the last edition of the Club Penguin Times still there. Later, I logged on and while it was fixed, I just didn’t enjoy the party very much. Next years’ Marvel Takeover would redeem it though!

  3. Also, I chose not to go the route you and many other people are taking, and just enjoy the Desktop Game instead of cheat and get CPI early.

  4. Yeah, I have such a vast collection of items, it’s one of my main issues with desktop CP because it takes FOREVER to get to what I need to wear unless I’m on the fast scrolling mobile.

  5. I am one of those people who earns loads of coins, then cleans out the catalogue. I am working on getting all the Penguin Style and Costume Trunk items.

  6. I wish that you could take a Rainbow Puffle and a Gold Puffle, as well as the Puffle Creatures, into Pufflescape. Also, I used to love Paint by Letters since my mother would type while I hunted for hidden coins with the help of the wiki. That was one of the Marvel Takeover 2012’s worst bits, I miss Paint by Letters! I also loved DJ3K, made some memorable songs (read; collections of random noise) on there, but I like SoundStudio, and made a pretty good tune on there the other day.

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