Why Hot Sauce?

Hello, everyone!

While playing Club Penguin Island, I always notice that many contraptions have a bottle of hot sauce next to them. The reason for this is due to the fact that hot sauce is the primary source of power across the island. Okay, that may sound a little bit weird – because it is! Have you seen the hot sauce too? It’s pretty hard not to, especially when they shimmer.

In the examples above, you can see that the hot sauce supplies power to the Welcome Hut, the Stage, and the Collectibles Booth. Club Penguin is a wacky island – what else would you expect? However, I think that there is some reasoning behind this. Hot sauce is not only good on pizza, but it turns out that it can power a whole island. It must be quite cheap and useful if you think about it! Plus, it is very accessible. Therefore, it seems that this energy source is a lot more valuable than we think.

Every time I come across something like this, I always have to think behind the scenes. Doing so enabled me to come up with some sort of prediction of the future. If you played Club Penguin on the web, you may (or may not) remember a certain polar bear, named Herbert P. Bear, Esquire. He is one interesting character! Herbert always dreamed of transforming Club Penguin into a summer paradise. Why? Long story short, Herbert hated the freezing cold and came across Club Penguin. Every now and then, there was an attack of some sort. Some of these attacks were huge; Operation: Blackout, for example. During Operation: Blackout, Herbert invented a terrifying machine that drained all of the sunlight into one confined space, leaving everyone to freeze around him.

Where am I going with this?

You see, Herbert was able to secretly set up these massive abominations without any attention drawn to him. Luckily, the EPF was able to foil each one of his operations. Anyway, Herbert must have been very skilful to be able to do this. But was it him?

Or was it hot sauce?

If you look at these images above, you will see that hot sauce is present in both of them. The image on the left is from Operation: Puffle and the right one is from Operation: Hot Sauce (it’s even in the name!). Operation: Hot Sauce took place a few months after Operation: Blackout. The story behind this operation was that there was vandalism at the Pizza Parlor; all of the hot sauce was stolen! EPF agents had to track down the culprit and they were lead to an underwater lair. And in that lair was a polar bear!

Ever since this operation, hot sauce became a wingman for Herbert. That is why agents saw the return of this hot sauce later that year, during Operation: Puffle. Ever since Herbert discovered the power of hot sauce, it made him appear as a powerful polar bear. But as soon as the hot sauce was taken away, Herbert had nothing but a nervous crab. Acknowledging this, I assume that the EPF – perhaps – underestimated the power of hot sauce. Now, Club Penguin Island is full of it!

Basically, I think that the intention of using hot sauce in Club Penguin Island was to show herbertttttttttttttttttttreturning players that the new game is not entirely new. It may be a new island, but the facts remain as true as they were and I think this is a good sign that mysteries will be continued on this new island. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw the return of Herbert some day in the future. He seems to like hot sauce very much so this island could be the paradise he has been dreaming of.

That’s not all I wanted to talk about. Earlier, I mentioned how the hot sauce shimmers now and then. When this happens, we know what is interactive on the island. For example, the musical instruments, on the stage, shimmer. So do the wooden swords on The Migrator. Each of these items can be picked up, so I have a feeling that the hot sauce will have some kind of purpose through an adventure. It could possibly attract a lot of unneeded attention in the future, due to how effective it is. Let’s not forget that it is also a vital element that contributes to the legend of Card-Jitsu!

I hope you all enjoyed this first Island Insight. Let me know what your thoughts are on hot sauce. If you have any theories about hot sauce, feel free to comment them down below! Thank you for reading.

Waddle On!




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