Is Membership Fair?


Hello, everyone!

What would your ideal membership be? Would you want a lot of privileges? Would you want to have an advantage over players without membership? How far can a membership go?

In my opinion, membership is important. If no one had membership on Club Penguin Island, the team will not make money. Without money, they cannot make the game better for everyone. Membership is a big deal, which is why I have heard so many different thoughts on it. I want to share my thoughts with you all because I think it’s important for everyone to hear different responses to these issues. It encourages us to be more considerate and thoughtful.

Well, it’s true – membership is an issue. But why? The answer to that lies within many interpretations of a membership. In other words, it’s almost indecisive. The team use a membership system to encourage and tempt users into purchasing it. That’s why a lot of things seen within membership deals appear awesome! And that’s the rule: you pay money to get better things in return. Club Penguin Island, at the moment, is in beta so it is missing some depth. Hopefully, more features will be added after the release so this means that membership will probably seem a lot more reasonable than it is right now. So, what are the main issues?animatedgif-petpuffles

First of all, non-members have nothing to wear. For many, this is an annoying feature because none of us would like to be naked…right? Club Penguin Island is over-the-top with customisation but it seems that only members can experiment with it. This is a shame because the clothing customizer is such a great feature. Non-members have no access to it, whatsoever. I can see why this has disappointed many users.

Secondly, what is the point? Being a non-member means that you have no adventures to do, you earn hardly any experience points (in order to level up) and you can’t do one simple thing – eat. These features are all for members. I think that these are good features for members but why can’t anyone else have access to them? Not everyone can get a membership. I think that there should be some adventures that non-members can complete. I think everyone deserves to eat food too! I still don’t understand why food is such a big deal anyway. 

Overall, non-members do not have a lot at all. That’s quite annoying. One thing to remember, however, is that Club Penguin Island is only at a beta stage. Perhaps, there will penguin-memberbe even more things to do in the future so this could mean that some features, available right now, can be accessed by everyone after launch. I think that’s the main problem right now: lack of content.

Club Penguin Island is a really big game but it doesn’t offer a lot at the moment. I can tell that there will be more to get up to, but will all of these new things welcome non-members too?

In actuality, I think the way membership’s working – right now – is substantial. Fine. There may be some vast segregation issues but it’s only fair if you think about it. Different games have different views on membership. In some ways, the Club Penguin community is actually lucky to even walk around in this game. I have seen how privileges, in other games, vary and some of them are a lot more exclusive. I can tell that the team thinks a lot about our community but it is difficult for them to be too nice. I have been a non-member (during the beta) for a while now so I often get bored – but I understand why this is the case. I mean, that is how it works! True. Being bored may result in less traffic but the team isn’t stupid. They are totally aware of these issues and they listen to everyone’s opinion so they will try their best to make the game good enough for as many people as possible. In my opinion, they are working really hard but I think there should, definitely, be some changes, regarding what “counts” as a privilege within the game. It is only early days so I’m not too bothered about it.

Another issue revolves around the pricing of memberships. Recently, the prices have actually gone up in some countries, which is odd and concerning. However, Megg confirmed that the team are still experimenting with membership at the moment so – hopefully – the pricing will be reasonable in the future – especially when there isn’t an amazing amount on offer. Nevertheless, that will change!

Anyway, that is all I wanted to discuss.

Overall, I think that membership is essential in any game. Club Penguin Island membership appears to be quite unreasonable at the moment, but that should be changing as the game prepares for its launch. Do I think it’s worth getting a membership membership_badgeat the moment? That’s not for me to answer; it is totally up to you, individually. If you want to support the game, go ahead! The privileges are evidently bigger so it may seem worth the money to you. I am going to wait until the worldwide launch, though. I think that it is worth me waiting a bit more so I can see the game unfold. This will allow me to understand the game a bit better. Therefore, I will be able to make a confident decision on whether I should apply for a membership. I’m hoping that I will be able to pay for membership but I also hope it will be worth it. I think that the game is going in the right direction. The team may want to discuss this with us in the future!

What are your thoughts on membership? It happens to be a very controversial topic so I will not mind any of your opinions. These topics are meant to encourage you to share your opinions anyway! Feel free to ask any questions or write a response below. Thanks for reading.

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3 thoughts on “Is Membership Fair?

  1. Membership, for me, is something I need to play Club Penguin. I’m definitely picking one up when Island comes out in the UK.

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