Hello, everyone!

Already, two new blog categories have been introduced to The Blue Blog this year. How about we make that three? Today, I am excited to announce to you a brand new category which I hope you will all enjoy. Prepare for…


Highlighting memories shared with the Club Penguin community.


Scrapbook will be a category all about making memories with the Club Penguin community. Each post will either highlight memories from a particular community event or give you information on what there is to expect in the Club Penguin community. The title suggests that Scrapbook will allow this blog to be more creative. Especially with new projects on the horizon, I believe that this category will be perfect for reminiscing!

Speaking of projects, you may have heard that So Long CP will be officially commencing next week! If you have no idea what this project is, I suggest you check out the page for it right here. It involves the community in a BIG way so it would be amazing to see lots of penguins get involved with it. You can also check out the video for it on the sidebar!

The first Scrapbook post will arrive tomorrow!

Interestingly, the post will be about one of the So Long CP events planned for the project. In that case, I highly recommend you visit this blog tomorrow to find out all you need to know. With that being said, let me know what you are excited for during So Long CP. If you want to keep updated on this project, use the hashtag #SoLongCP or follow the official So Long CP Twitter account. Thank you for reading!

Waddle On!



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