CP Around The Clock

Hello, everyone!

The So Long CP project is just around the corner, so it is probably an appropriate time for me to discuss one of the big events the So Long CP team have planned for this project. I am very excited for this one to arrive within the next couple of months. It happens to be very time-consuming to organise, but I believe that it is possible to make this event happen because we have a hard-working team.

The event is called ‘CP Around The Clock‘.

CP Around The Clock was founded by a kind penguin in our community called Daisy. Luckily, I have been able to ask Daisy some questions about the event and why it is now part of the So Long CP project. Hopefully, this short interview will answer some of your questions about the event.

What is CP Around The Clock?

“CP Around The Clock is an event where penguins get together for 24 straight hours. The change of hosts takes place every hour, so everyone has a chance to participate!”

Why did you create this event?

“I thought it’d be a fun experiment, to see if people could get together for 24 hours. I created it in the summer of 2016, and there was a lot of free time on people’s hands.”

Do you think that it was successful last Summer?

“Well, sort of. Rosytilly’s hour was packed, but several hours (especially in the middle of the night) were really dead. Even though not every hour was perfect, I’d say yes, it was a success, because it was really well-received by the community.”

What happened to CP Around The Clock on New Year’s Eve?

“One word: Bots. They just kept crashing it, and it was more stressful than fun. We tried a few things, but nothing seemed to work. I ended up cancelling it because it just wasn’t worth it.”

Why did you agree to integrate this event within So Long CP?

“Well, to be honest, I wasn’t planning on owning this event any more or doing it alone. I gave it to you because it was too much stress for me. Besides, I thought (if you could make it work better than I did last time XD) it’d be a good addition to So Long CP!”

Do you think that CP Around The Clock will be a success this time?

“You know, I’m not totally sure. I hope so, of course, but what with the bots, there’s no way to be sure. But I hope the community gets involved and the bots stay away, and most importantly, that everyone has fun!”


I thank Daisy very much for giving up her own time to answer these questions. You can follow Daisy on Twitter and check out her testimonial for the project.

As you can tell, this particular event requires a lot of time and effort. Daisy even mentioned how all of her hard work was ruined when the bots invaded the event at New Year’s Eve. Hopefully, the bots will not be a big problem when this event begins since I contacted Megg (Club Penguin Community Manager) a while ago and she confirmed that moderators will be able to get involved with the event. It is not guaranteed that no bots will attend but, either way, the show must go on!

The CP Around The Clock event will be specifically managed by three penguins! Daisy suggested having more than one penguin to help organise this event due to how stressful it is. So, I took that on board!

Nina1059, Puffle Pal26 and I will be working together to make this event as great as it can be.

CP Around The Clock needs at least 24 penguins to keep the party going for a day!

This event needs as many of you – as possible – to get involved with this 24-hour-long party! If you are totally interested in participating, let me know in the comments section. You can also express your interest on Twitter by sending a tweet or messaging me.

Oh, and you probably want to know when exactly this event will begin. At the moment, CP Around The Clock is planned to officially start at…

12:00 PST on Friday, 3rd March

This date may change but I will make sure everyone knows about it if it were to change. The event does seem a little far off but – trust me – the preparation for it should have started even earlier than this.

Once you have finished reading this, check out the So Long CP page and look for the CP Around The Clock timetable to see which times are available. Remember: first come, first served! So, if you are desperate for a time, make sure you let us know as soon as possible. Once the timetable is full, I will make an announcement on the blog.


Until then, it would be greatly appreciated if you advertised the event so that we can get many penguins involved. Use the hashtag #CPATC along with #SoLongCP to promote the event on Twitter. Stay tuned for some CP Around The Clock banners too!

If you have any unanswered questions about this event, please leave them in the comments below and I will answer them promptly. I am really looking forward to this event and I hope you all are too!

Don’t forget to attend the So Long CP Kickoff on Saturday, 28th January!

Thank you very much for reading!

Waddle On!




6 thoughts on “CP Around The Clock

  1. Can I have a spot for 23.00 O clock or in my time zone 3 EST thank you.

    Info about me (just in case)
    . I have a youtube channel called emeraldkikYT
    . I have been on club penguin Since may 2015
    . And I try to attend Cp community events as much as I can

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