Lighthouse Investigation

Hello, everyone!

Today, I want to explore the Lighthouse on Club Penguin Island. At the moment, the Lighthouse is inactive. Unlike Club Penguin, you cannot enter the Lighthouse (at least, not yet). I think that penguins will be able to enter the Lighthouse at some point during the game – whether it is unlocked through a mascot adventure, or opened up during an update.

It’s not as if the Lighthouse has no relevance; the first few Aunt Arctic adventures involve thawing the ice on the beacon and replacing the light bulb. Also, penguins can hop up on top of the Lighthouse with the springboard. I guess you could call it one of the game’s iconic set pieces. However, I believe that there is another reason as to why the Lighthouse has returned on Club Penguin Island, and why it seems to be closed.

Have you noticed the boards?

If you have seen the Lighthouse enough times, you will – instantly – know what I mean. The door to the Lighthouse is boarded up. This could be for several reasons. In fact, this whole post is going to be an investigation about the boards on the Lighthouse. It’s quite a random topic but there are some potential theories behind it.

Firstly, the boards indicate that penguins will be able to enter the Lighthouse in the future. If you don’t know what I mean, think of it this way…

If the door didn’t have boards on it, you would assume that you would be able to enter the Lighthouse. If there were no boards on the door, penguins would approach the Lighthouse and attempt to enter it. Since it is locked, it would make us think that this building is just there for decoration; the door has no use. Hopefully, that will not be the case. Anyway, the boards hint that we will be able to enter the Lighthouse since it prevents penguins from entering it. It makes a lot of sense. With the absence of the boards, penguins would naturally think “oh, they opened it up now” and it should be open for access.

Secondly, the boards follow a pattern. At the moment, Club Penguin Island is in beta and there are only 3 main rooms for penguins to explore. These are the Beacon Boardwalk, Coconut Cove and the Sea Caves. In the future, there will be more rooms to explore. There are actually two dead ends leading on from the boardwalk. How do we know that they will lead to new areas? Well, they both have a construction sign next to it, along with a jackhammer. Construction relates to new areas because it involves building and expanding the island. The boards link to this because construction workers use boards when they work. Except, in this case, the boards tend to be “condemning” the Lighthouse. On the other hand, island mechanics could be reconstructing the inside of the Lighthouse which gives the boards a reason as to why they are there.

Thirdly, the Lighthouse may contain something a little bit more secret. By secret, I mean the Elite Penguin Force headquarters! If you think carefully about it, the first thing that Aunt Arctic (the director of the EPF) was concerned about, when we first arrived to the island, was the Lighthouse. The reason why was because the light bulb needed to be fixed so that Rockhopper could – safely – import penguins onto the island (without crashing). In that case, why would the EPF have any relevance to it?

Because Aunt Arctic ordered us to fix it!

Aunt Arctic could have fixed the Lighthouse herself (or she could have got Gary or Rory to fix) instead of making us do it. Unless, maybe, Aunt Arctic was testing our skills. Perhaps, she is looking for some recruitment! I find that her assignments are very formal and they remind me of agent-styled missions from Club Penguin. It would make sense since Aunt Arctic is the director of the EPF.

Now, why would the Lighthouse be the EPF headquarters?

The Lighthouse could have anything inside it. Sure, Aunt Arctic wanted us to fix it, but why would that mean it is the EPF headquarters? Tell me the first thing that comes to your
head when you think of the EPF. A lot of words appear in my head but mystery is one of them! When a mystery arose on Club Penguin, the EPF were always the first one to report on it. Have you seen this loading screen before?


“What’s inside the old Lighthouse is a mystery.”

The tour guide claims that no one knows what is inside of the Lighthouse, which makes it a “mystery”. There’s the key word! As I said previously: whenever there was a mystery on Club Penguin, the EPF were the first ones to respond to it. Therefore, the Lighthouse could be the headquarters of the EPF. It is very disguised since hardly anyone would suspect it at first glance. That makes it even more exciting!

So there you have it! The Lighthouse may be a lot more significant than we think. Then again, this is – purely – a theory! I would love to hear what you think about the Lighthouse. If you have your own theories, let me know in the comments section! Thank you for reading.

Waddle On!




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