Camp Penguin

Hello, everyone!

Camp Penguin is recruiting campers – next week – on Saturday, 18th February!

Have you ever been camping on Club Penguin? Perhaps you have several years ago when Camp Penguin made its first debut. Now, Camp Penguin is returning to the island so that the community can bond with each other, over the campfire, at the cove. It is a time for marshmallow roasting and evening swims. It is a time for boding.

So Long CP’s next event will be a calm one. Even though we are a compassionate and supportive community, we actually do not know much about each other. So, before Club Penguin ends, that needs to change. I think it is an appropriate time to get to know each other more and the remedy to this is Camp Penguin.

So, what is this event going to achieve?

Camp Penguin will be a calm and relaxing experience that will take place at the Cove and Forest of Club Penguin. Hopefully, penguins will be able to make more friends and even become better friends with penguins they already know. Friends are vital in life because it means we can find someone to rely on, lean on and lead on. After Club Penguin closes its doors next month, us penguins will still be here so we need to make sure that everyone has friends, regardless of the future.

What can penguins get up to at Camp Penguin?

The greatest thing about this event is that it only happens within 2 rooms on Club Penguin. But within these 2 rooms, a lot can happen! For example, you can have a jolly swim with your buddies, at the Cove; roast marshmallows on the campfire; share spooky stories – and hunt for the Hermit. These are only a few of the possibilities but it is entirely up to you on how you make friends and socialise at Camp Penguin. You can let your imagination run wild!

Where can I find all of the details for this event?

Camp Penguin has its own invitation that invites every single penguin in the Club Penguin community (except bots). Feel free to share the invitation on social media and with your penguin pals. You can also find relevant information about Camp Penguin within tweets that are tagged: #SoLongCP and #CampPenguin. You can also use these yourself to promote the event so we can bond with as many penguins as possible. The invitation for this event is below.

Camp Penguin Invite.png

This event is going to be a truly unique – but simple – experience for all of you penguins to enjoy. I hope you are willing to register at Camp Penguin next weekend!

If you have any questions about this So Long CP event, please use the comments section or leave me a tweet @Blue21102. Thank you for reading!

Waddle On!




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