The Penguin Playoffs: Highlights

Hello, everyone!

Yesterday, there was history.

The Penguin Playoffs was attacked by bots; everything started to crumble within the first 10 minutes. But, the community was resilient – we pushed forward until we defeated the bots and ended up having an amazing time! I found it very stressful. I was well aware that this event could be invaded by bots. I feared that it was going to be ruined by bots. Luckily, that didn’t happen. The Penguin Playoffs suffered some dark moments, but the ending was so delightful and the aim of the event was achieved: we played games and we had fun!

The Penguin Playoffs began at the Ice Rink. Well, sort of. I had reports saying that there was an army of bots, sinisterly, waiting there. As soon as I heard the news, my heart froze. The So Long CP Kickoff did not suffer any bot invasions – we were lucky! Unfortunately, I already got the impression that this So Long CP event was going to be a lot more stressful than I anticipated.

Anyway, I logged on and found the majority of guests waiting at the Snow Forts. It was bot free…for a bit. Then, they came storming in! Everyone was shocked and annoyed. It turned out that the event needed to take a deviation.

So, there were no teams (as planned), no schedule, and no fun. I was so frustrated. Anyway, I tried to evade the bots as hard as I could by telling everyone to go to different parts of the island, but that didn’t work; the bots were feasting off my tweets! Before long, I realised that the bots could not interrupt the actual mini-games! So, whilst at the Ski Hill, I told people to play games while they could and it worked – to an extent.

It just got very laggy.

It wasn’t a surprise, really. Plus, no one could really see me saying anything because the bots constantly spammed jokes. I tried to move away again; this time, to the Puffle Lodge. I took into consideration that the Find Four stations were spread across two rooms, so I was hoping that some penguins could innocently play a game of Find Four without disturbances. Unfortunately, the bots were smart enough to switch between the Mystery Attic and the Puffle Lodge. Also, the lag was even worse when playing Find Four. By then, I ran out of solutions, so I kept struggling onwards.

Next, it was time for some reckless Mancala!

Of course, the bots followed us. I was actually surprised to witness how patient a lot of the guests were; they stuck with me despite the bot invasion! I only managed to play one game of Mancala before I couldn’t handle the pressure. From here, the party started to fall apart rapidly.

Some players were spread across the island. I found some stowaways at the Snow Forts! Some were still at the Ice Rink, and a lot of them in the Club Penguin Times Office. At that moment, I knew that the party was collapsing, and – soon – everyone was going to leave.

On my mission to search for stowaways, I came across the bots – again! This time, they attached onto me…literally. Some penguins looked shocked but I just told as many people, as I could, to go to the Dojo for some Card-Jitsu. I told the remaining So Long CP hosts to keep The Penguin Playoffs going.

The bots were with me for a while. I then thought…

It was time to make the right decision.

Soon, I ended up at the Dock. I commanded a few stragglers to go to the Dojo and play Card-Jitsu. Meanwhile, I had a plan. I had a feeling that I would be able to detain the bots at the Dock, whilst everyone else could carry on The Penguin Playoffs. Funnily enough, I wasn’t annoyed or frustrated now – I was simply doing my duty. As host of The Penguin Playoffs, it was my responsibility to ensure that every penguin could have fun. Fine, I was occupied at the Dock for a long time, but that was a good thing! I knew that everyone else was playing games – bot free!

Anyway, I still wanted to have some sort of fun so I worked my way through the Club Penguin trivia. At the same time, I was waddling around as much as I could, otherwise being too static would cause the bots to stray away. I basically had to attract them to me so I started talking to them.

Oh, and here’s a funny moment.

The bot master – Jeanne – said to me…

“I have advice for you. Ok. Give up now.”

I was just laughing. So, I said…


The bots continued to follow me around but I kept smiling. I knew that they failed to ruin the event. In fact, I was surprised that they were no smarter than I thought they would be. They targeted one penguin; to that, I say good luck!

Eventually, while I was frantically waddling around the Dock, the bots vanished. Then, I breathed a little. Then, I got scared.

Did the bots finally acknowledge the distraction?

No. No, they didn’t!

As soon as they left, I went straight to the Dojo and found a few penguins left. There were no signs of bots around so I smiled and told everyone that they gave up and we won the battle!

Suddenly, more and more penguins started to drift into the Dojo (I assume they were busy playing Card-Jitsu) so I told them all the news and they were absolutely thrilled! So was I!

From then on, The Penguin Playoffs resumed, peacefully. I was able to snap some lovely pictures of us all together without the bots getting in our way. We returned to Ski Hill for some sled racing. Afterwards, we played some Find Four – no lag whatsoever. It was at around this time, I noticed that the clock was patiently ticking away. It was time for the event to end.

I gathered every one at the Ice Rink and, soon, thanked everyone for being so patient and resilient. The community truly surprised me. They stuck with me the whole way through (well, a good considerable amount did) and ended up having a great time! It didn’t go as planned; it was very improvised. But that didn’t matter because we still made memories together and I was lucky enough to record the whole event for you all – in super sonic speed!

The Penguin Playoffs was not only a success, but it was also a victory! The biggest game we faced throughout the event was – indeed – the bots! We won the game because we had team-work and compassion. What an impressive Playoff!

Now, I really enjoyed the event. The bots eventually became humorous to me so I didn’t suffer much at all. I am so glad that the games kept going. I owe you all a massive thank you for staying with me. It was an unbelievable recovery; yesterday was history. We realised that bots are no longer the game’s biggest threat. We realised that we can make do of even the most darkest times.

Round of applause to everyone!

So, those were the highlights of the event! It’s a bit ironic to call them that but they were certainly memorable moments. As a matter of fact, I ended up recalling most of the events that occurred during The Penguin Playoffs! It just shows you how memorable the So Long CP project can be!

If you have anything to say about this event, please feel free to use the comments section below. If you attended the event yesterday, I would love to hear what you thought of it! Thank you very much for reading and stay tuned for the reveal of the next two events of the So Long CP project.

Waddle On!




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