Camp Penguin – Highlights

Hello, everyone!

Camp Penguin was an interesting experience! A lot of you came along, which was fantastic to see, and I was able to connect with most of you really well. I think that the party was a definite success, so thank you for turning up and making memories with me and the team! In this post, I want to briefly discuss my favourite moments and share a few pictures with you all. Luckily, I also managed to record the event as well but this video will be coming later.


Firstly, I hope you all enjoyed Camp Penguin. There were no bots, except for a couple of mischievous penguins towards the beginning. As soon as I logged on, I couldn’t help but smile; all of the penguins were gathered around the campfire and it made the atmosphere cosy and friendly – which was what the event was aspiring to be! I waddled over to join you all and then I got my whistle out to get everyone’s attention. It felt awesome to use it! We all started off with a couple of stories and we even got to know penguins more. Even though this failed slightly, we “all said something about ourselves”. Yeah, it didn’t got perfectly but I was laughing.

Another key moment was the story time at the Forest. I took some inspiration from a recent ‘Megg Meet-up’ and told everyone to get in a line. The idea of it was to create a random and wacky story by inputting one word – each – into the story. I cannot remember it all but I remember there being an “apron ice cream strawberry”. Please, don’t ask – it was the magic of the chat filter! I actually really enjoyed this and had a laugh with a few of you.

Moreover, there was the marshmallow roast which went swimmingly. Okay, we burnt our marshmallows but that is only because we were getting to know each other too much! I asked everyone what their favourite things were; these questions ranged from parties to puffles. It was terrific to see the contrast in out views but there were some wow moments when some of us said the same thing. Now I know that someone else who misses the Medieval Kingdom…

Afterwards, there was some spooky stories. I heard one about bacon and it had a fantastic plot twist; everyone was on the edge of their seats (or logs). It was also at this time when Be Ready appeared and told everyone a creepy story that actually frightened a lot of us. He talked about darkness and a master of evil. In fact, it was so creepy. At the end of his story, he told everyone to be ready and then he vanished. Later, I came across a message that told us to “Be Ready” and it contained a shadowy villain who somehow infiltrated the camp. Sometimes I keep thinking whether Be Ready is actually trying to protect us. After all, he lives by the EPF’s motto so he could be an agent warning us about something bad. Anyway, that really concerned me but I didn’t want it to ruin the event, so guess what we did afterwards?

We pool-partied!

I ended up with a soggy marshmallow and drenched clothes, but it was an epic dance party. It was about time we cooled off after a spine-chilling experience! Anyway, the camp was almost ready to end, so we all took a group photo of us saying “Friends Rock” (because they do) and then we showed our love for friendship. Before long, Camp Penguin officially ended. I was truly stunned by how quick it went for me. I think it was because we stayed within two rooms on the island.

Thank you so much for the fun and the memories!

Now, I have some pictures to share with you all! Some of them were repetitive so I picked out the best ones. Enjoy and embrace the memories – and the power of friendship!

So, yeah! That was Camp Penguin – in a nutshell. I am looking forward to sharing the video with you later. For now, stay tuned for the announcement of the next event today! The next So Long CP event is going to be a fun one – for sure – and it even includes something special! Let me know what you enjoyed about the camp in the comments, if you attended. Thank you for reading!

Waddle On!




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