Welcome to the #CPFuture Program!

I am sure many of you have been desperate to alter Club Penguin so that it will fit your style. I can bet you the next few minutes of your time reading this page could make a change to that. There is a possibility that your desperation may be able to mould the next year of Club Penguin. It is the tenth year so we – as a loyal community – must do something big! We need to feedback on the team! We need to work collaboratively to raise your suggestions and make them noticeable for the team to take them into consideration! All it takes is some hope and some awesome ideas so that the #CPFuture will no longer be a dream.

There a few ways to get involved with this massive program. It has only just started but I am sure that it will grow. Every now and then I produce a mini project on this Blog that will showcase an idea or a suggestion. Some of these will be original to me however you also have the ability to share your ideas with me and hopefully they will be showcased too!

This project will need to get at least FIVE supporters for it to be able to be emailed to Club Penguin Support. One Penguin can not make a change by solo; we need back up! To support a project, you can find a contact form on the ‘Support A Project’ page and fill in the essential details for it to be legible. Once FIVE penguins have supported, I will include these names within an email to inform Club Penguin the amount of penguins who want the project to take place. Hopefully Club Penguin will take the idea into consideration but this is not the end…

I will later post the Club Penguin Support response (to a particular project) and the project can expand from then! We can get even more penguins to support us and even personal emails from everyone could make a change! If it turns out successful, then we move onto a new project.

So, if you are interested, then please tell your friends or anyone you know about this. This can turn out successful and it is also fun to get some creativity trending in the community. Please also use the contact form to suggest a project and this could be considered as a great one to be showcased on this Blog.

Please use hashtag CPFuture (#CPFuture) to help trend it in the community so that everyone knows. If you have any further enquiries, then please feel free to use the Contacts page on this Blog.

Please consider joining!



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