Being Blue

Hello, everyone!

Have you ever had one of those strange moments where you think about your future? When you gaze deep enough, you start to fantasise a future that is different, but realistic enough to make you want to start climbing a ladder towards it. I ask you this because I am curious about change and how much it can motivate us in life. Funnily enough, I have had one of these moments; it has lasted for a while, though!

As you know, this is a post on a website called The Blue Blog. It is a blog – that is blue? Sad blue? Or, just blue…blue? Well, that’s up for your interpretation. The fact is, this blog is meant to be something truly unique. I guess that is a generic term for most blogs in this world. Although, in the Club Penguin community, the way blogs are perceived is a lot more distorted. This is just an odd blog which explores an imaginative world of penguins. Funny.

Ever since I made this blog, I had a vision in mind. Such a surprise, I know! Now, let me ask you a question? Would you ever associate this blog with Club Penguin, if you saw the name of it for the first time? You probably wouldn’t. This is probably why my blog has ended up being a lost alien. My original vision was to be different and to make a blog that is authentic and personal. That didn’t really pan out. As you’ve likely noticed, 3 years later, I am still blogging about Club Penguin, even though it has no relevance to my blog.

Well, you have got to start somewhere.

I like to think that Club Penguin has been the first few steps of a steep staircase. The steep staircase is my unknown and great future. Club Penguin has helped me into the blogging world. I happen to be very passionate about it, so Club Penguin has always been a strong focus to keep my blog fuelled on. Within these last 3 years, I have seen my literature grow into something more mature and the metamorphosis of my posts has been fascinating to see. You and I have been witnessing the jump between a 13-year-old and a 16-year-old. And it’s really made a difference! Continue reading


So Long Club Penguin

Hello, everyone!

The Club Penguin Island party has arrived at the island and it has been fun to see what the party has in store for us. So far, it looks as if penguins will be given a taster of what life is like on Club Penguin Island. All we know at the moment is that this new game will be launched – worldwide – sometime this year. Most likely, it will be released in the early months of 2017 since this party hints towards this. As you can imagine, this is an exciting but scary time for penguins. Is this new game going to revive the game? Will Club Penguin be gone forever? Will I like the new game? So far, the feedback from Club Penguin Island has been really decent so I am sure it will be even better when it launches soon. I have a lot of hope in the game but I am still quite nervous myself.

It is almost time for me to say goodbye to a game that has impacted our lives so much. Club Penguin will not be ending too soon (so don’t you worry) but the community will be a lot more sparse as it merges in with the new game. Club Penguin is in need of an update which is why Club Penguin Island was built by the team. It is similar to Club Penguin but, at the same time, it offers a lot of new experiences! I have been able to beta test the game and my overall thoughts are very positive. There are some bugs which need squishing but that’s what the beta is all about! Anyway, this seems like a really cool game but it will never replace Club Penguin on the web. Club Penguin has not been doing so well recently (due to the development of the new game) but I can think of so many fun memories I have made with it.

So, I was thinking about memories for a bit and something struck me. If Club Penguin Island is close to its launch, how are we going to celebrate the end of Club Penguin? Not only how are we to celebrate it, but how are we to finish the journey we started? Well, I have come up with a solution and it involves the community. I would like to introduce you to a project called…


So Long CP is going to involve the community in a big way! Now, I have never done anything like this before but I have confidence in it if we all work together. Let me tell you the hopes I have for this project. Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year, everyone!

It is Sunday, January 1st, 2017. It is a fresh start for everyone so I have a few New Year’s Resolutions to share with you. I always love creating New Year’s Resolutions because they motivate me to achieve great things in the new year. I have some exciting ones which I hope you will all find interesting. Let’s take a look!

New Year’s Resolutions

– Find A New Hobby

In 2017, I want to be able to take on a new challenge. Finding a new hobby will allow me to gain new knowledge and experiences which will make my year memorable. I have no idea what this new hobby will be but I want it to be something that I never thought I would take on. It’s fun to be different!

– Learn To Code

A few years ago, I tried to code. It never seemed to work out because I found it so boring and tedious. This year, I kind of need to learn code of I want to improve my blogging experience so I have to stay motivated and try to enjoy it. According to, “Code is Poetry”.

– Stay Positive

Whenever I write a post, I always try to be positive. Being positive makes you more approachable and friendly. I want to be able to expand on my positivity by keeping my posts fun and doing good deeds in the community. I will always try and keep that smile on my face, even if I have to force it. Smiling is good for you!

– Enlighten The Blue Blog

In 2017 I want to breathe more life into my blog. This will involve some big changes that I am hoping to accomplish. First of all, I am going to be experimenting with ‘’. Currently, this blog is managed by ‘’. This is better for bloggers who prefer to be given resources for a price. I am thinking that after 3 years of blogging on, it is time to make the move. This shift will require some knowledge of code, independent management and some perseverance. It will take some time but The Blue Blog will have an upgrade eventually. Secondly, in the meantime, I will strive to be more active on my blog. I have a bunch of new posts and projects planned! You should expect these to start rolling out soon. Thirdly, my vision will be slightly different. For now, I am going to say that Club Penguin Island is not going to be the only focus on The Blue Blog.

– Meet New People

I have met so many kind penguins in this community. With the introduction to Club Penguin Island, I could be able to make a lot more friends. Maintaining relationships like these will make me feel happier! I also want to make new friends outside of Club Penguin. In September, I will be going to college. Perhaps then I will get along with new people. The more people I get to know, the more interesting my year will become.

Those were my New Year’s Resolutions! I think I may be able to achieve them all if I remain determined and passionate about what I do. Now that I’ve shared my resolutions, I want to hear your ones. Feel free to type them down in the comments section!

I really hope that you all will enjoy this new year and I hope you are all excited about what I have in store for 2017. Thank you for reading!

Waddle On!


Mister Blue Sky

The Mean Project

Hello everyone!

Yeah, the truth hurts a lot of the time. Club Penguin seems to be routing a course which a lot of the community will find difficult to follow. If you haven’t heard the news, Project: Super Secret will not allow us to transfer our history to the new game. That means we cannot keep our coins, our clothing, our items, our stamps and our buddies. Although it may not sound that bad  (because we get to keep our names, apparently) it is quite depressing to hear. Especially when Club Penguin, on the PC, will shut down soon because of issues with Chrome not supporting Flash and probably because Project: Super Secret means a “new start”. As a result, all the things we have earned along the previous 10 years have become a lot more sentimental to us and now we know that we will lose them once Club Penguin comes to an end. It really is a sad thing to hear.

To be honest, I knew that Club Penguin will be ending anytime soon and I was preparing for what to expect. I mean, 10 years is a great lifespan of a virtual world and soon after its 10th anniversary, I was slowly anticipating the news to break out that Club Penguin will be reaching the end of its journey (on PC). It turns out that in August 2016, Spike Hike confirmed that Club Penguin will be discontinued – online – at some point but the team are discussing the broader picture.

The thing that really bugs me about all of this news is that Club Penguin isn’t leaving the world with a bang. Now we know that we will be losing all of our items and inventory, it makes it even worse and it annoys me especially since the Club Penguin community have pushed Club Penguin this far, yet it feels like our dedication to this game hasn’t been valued. I understand that Club Penguin are trying their best to do what’s right for the community, but it really feels like they are focusing on the younger audience too much. Little did I know that Project: Super Secret appears to be mobile only. Apparently, a lot of the younger audience prefer to play Club Penguin on their mobile and that is why Club Penguin are abandoning PC. If that is the truth, all we can do it let it depress us but I feel that Club Penguin need to address the full details very soon.

I have been playing Club Penguin ever since 2008 and – most of the time – I have been a member. Almost 8 years of being a member should feel heroic but it really feels deceived and pointless now that we are going to be losing everything we payed for. I feel like no respect it being payed back; some of us will just fade away from the community with nothing to look back on because there will be nothing. From the looks of things, I will be one of those players which means that I will probably retire from Club Penguin and its community.

To prepare myself, I am going to be planning on what I can do with this website next. As of 2017, The Blue Blog will no longer support Club Penguin unless I manage to get a decent phone. Even then, it would be complicated to manage Club Penguin entirely off mobile which is an alien concept to me because I am much more attached to PCs. Therefore, I need new ideas to inspire content on my blog. Over the next few months, I will be thinking.

This week certainly has disheartened me. I have found out a lot of stuff that will mean a lot of life-changing events to occur soon. If you are wondering where my sources are to support the facts I have stated in this post, I advise you check other blogs. This post is more like a pure, on-the-spot reaction to the news that has bombarded us this week. I apologise that this post wasn’t very happy but it’s honest and truly what I have to say. To sum up: I am losing respect for a game which I trusted in making a comforting end to the game. It turns out that it will all be destroyed by what we thought would have been the resurrection of Club Penguin; Project: Super Secret. I think that we have all been deceived. It’s a real shame but all we can do, for now, is wait for a post from Club Penguin.

Instead of arguing with each other on social media, these times require some support from each other so that we can prepare – the best way possible – for our future. Also, it is a good idea to make the most of what we have left of Club Penguin. If you have the time, join in on community events to make memories before they are destroyed. It’s inconvenient but it is something we have to get through together.

Waddle On!