Hello, everyone!


Don’t worry – I have not gone mad (as implied in the title). Well, perhaps I am becoming mad because I am 3000 days old today! That makes me sound so ancient but I am not really a dinosaur…yet. You see, the number in the title -8.219178 – is actually how old my penguin is, in years! That is over eight years of playing Club Penguin! But I prefer to refer to my age in days because that is Club Penguin’s measure of how old you are. Now that I am 3000 oldpenguindays old, I feel a bit more wiser…but I hope my back doesn’t start to ache too soon!

So, when I was your age… Okay, I’m getting way too carried away right now.

So, back in the day, I started off as a 7-year-old. Now, I am a 16-year-old! Long story short, Club Penguin has been a huge slice of my childhood which I am not prepared to eat, yet. It is a heck of a long time. The question is: how? The answer is a snowy island thrived with colourful penguins. It is hard to ignore the reality but Club Penguin is obviously my treasure. It is going to be difficult to wave goodbye to it soon but the future is an awesome one (well, for Club Penguin anyway). Club Penguin Island will be amazing but will I be continuing my waddling towards this next stage of the journey?

That, I do not know. Continue reading