Island Discussion #24: Scorn

Hello everyone!

Let me just say that you are in for something very surprising today. What you are in for an interesting read on one particular villain that fascinates me. This enemy has an amazing history and an unknown, peculiar power that we should all fear. Have you heard of Scorn? He is a dastardly dragon that became king a long, long time ago when Club Penguin was separated into 5 kingdoms. All of these kingdoms lived in peace and harmony until one day…

Club Penguin Times #341 Legend of the Dark Dragon (Continued).png

Welcome to this week’s Island Discussion on someone very powerful. Some of us have met Scorn before as he returned to Club Penguin in 2012. He was seeking for one thing – revenge. If you look at the story above, it tells us the legend of the dark dragon, Scorn. It reads:

Long ago, there were five kingdoms that lived in harmony. Until one day, a terrible dragon arose from darkness, cursed the lands, and declared himself King. Before all was lost, a band of heroes united. With the legendary Thunder Blade, they struck down the dragon, banished him from the land, and restored peace. But the heroes gave a warning for all to hear: “Be on guard! For should this scornful dragon return… The Thunder Blade’s power is all but spent.” “You must forge a new weapon, or else our kingdoms are defenceless. Heed our warning friends, for darkness can rise again…”

This article was published in the Club Penguin Times #341 as the island prepared itself for the pre-annual Medieval Party. This party took place nearly 4 years ago so some of you in the community may have not been able to experience it. It was one of the best parties to have ever fallen on Club Penguin, in my opinion. This is because the Medieval Party was driven with a fantastic back story with lots of depth. What I showed you above is only one of many extracts that lead to the development of this evil character in Club Penguin.

Scorn has a lot of character. He has many stories that have been told and he has lived through many dark times, making him one of Club Penguin’s most darkest villains. You can almost deduce that Scorn is the most powerful villain in Club Penguin by looking at the last paragraph from the extract above. It was warned that “darkness can rise again” even though Scorn was defeated in this legend. He has a strange power that enables him to resurrect, by the sounds of it. Research has been drilled into this anomaly of a dragon but it is still unknown what drives Scorn’s power. However what we do know is that Garianna was responsible for this villain. Pretty ironic as it runs through Gary’s ancestry.


So if you have happened to collect the official Club Penguin magazines, you might have found another legend of Scorn. This particular one, though, actually informs us on how Scorn rose to power in the medieval ages. The only problem is that this story took the form of a comic strip so I have decided to translate it for you by writing the legend in my own words.

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