Blue Reviews: What’s New Page

Hey there!

Before I begin reviewing in this post, I would like to introduce you to a wider experience with ‘Blue Reviews’. Before I just reviewed monthly parties that come and go all the time. Now I have decided to review other stuff too! This could be a particular topic in Club Penguin. It could be an update to something. It could even be a Blog! I thought that expanding on this topic would introduce you to much more content because I review all sorts of things so I thought it was time to make this addition to my ‘Blue Reviews’.

In my party reviews, I give a score out of ten however other stuff I review will just be my thoughts to keep it brief and personal. You can feel free to write your thoughts on the ‘What’s New’ page since everyone has their own opinions. Now, here is my ‘Blue Reviews What’s New Page’!

After several weeks of waiting for the (postponed) update to the Club Penguin Blog, it is finally here! The ‘Club Penguin Blog’ is now just one segment of the What’s New page, where everyone can stop by and see the latest news. The benefit of this update was to organise posts into different categories so navigation is a lot easier; it also looks neat visually! Below is what the page looks like when you first arrive.

Club Penguin What's New Page

So what is new with this page? Well, now each post has a thumbnail so players can view an image preview on what the post is about. There are also new icons that show you what category the post is in. In this case, the pencil icon represents a blog post whereas the newspaper icon represents a ‘Club Penguin Times’ post. These categories can also be viewed in the new sidebar on the right along with ‘Latest Posts’ and ‘Video’ content.

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Island Discussion #16: Unidentified Discovery

Hello everyone!

I am back with another Island Discussion on ‘The Attic’! If you don’t know what I mean, well basically ‘The Attic’ is a little element which will now be part of some of the Island Discussion. When I mention it in a post, the discussion will evolve around a particular item found in the Mystery Attic. There are lots of topics to talk about however today I am going to talk about something interesting. The Mystery Attic seems to be hinting at something quite fearful which may appear in the future. We are talking about UFOs!

A UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) is an aircraft which mysteriously appear to be reported from around the whole world. Quite often we hear about sighting of a UFO in reality however it is hard to judge whether it is a hoax or not. Why do we care so much about them? Well it is believed that some people who go missing are abducted by UFOs as we have gathered some evidence. It all depends on if you believe in aliens or not. As a matter of fact, I do but I have not yet seen any evidence which seems to be reliable. Aliens may control UFOs and abducting humans could be one of their tests to identify us humans. To them, we are aliens so each one of our kind is curious about each other.

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