Blogtober #31: And So It Ends…

Hello, everyone!

Happy Halloween! I hope your day has been filled with some spooky gags and awkward laughs – so far. Halloween only comes once a year so make the most of it before it ends. I also hope you get lots of candy tonight but don’t rush all of them, otherwise you will be cursed a stomach ache for the rest of the day! Also…legend has it that: if you donate all of your candy to Blue21102, you will be rewarded with infinite happiness, in the long term. But we all know that’s a silly joke! So, enjoy your candy with yourself – but remember that sharing is caring too.


I cannot believe that this is the last post for Blogtober. 30 days ago, I began something ambitious. I set myself a challenge; I reckoned that I could write a post for every day in October. I did this to make Club Penguin more exciting for me and I did it for the memories. Club Penguin  (on the web) is on its last legs and so I wanted to share a month-long journey of my penguin with you to inspire some memories before the game ends. Surprisingly, it has proved a lot of things. Club Penguin is the best virtual world around. Not only is it powered by one of the greatest and friendliest teams in the world, it houses a warm community which I feel safe and comfortable to be a part of. This October, Club Penguin (that’s the team and the community combined) has proved to me that it can change lives. I have seen them do it before – many times. Now, Club Penguin has changed my life.

If you know me well, you may be familiar with my routine. Every month (on average) one or two posts are published. I know, it is not a lot at all. The excuse for that is school, my 06life and revision. Somehow, that all changed. This October, I have been able to do the things I usually do but I have also been able to play a game which I love to bits. Somehow, this game had convinced me enough to take on the challenge. You know what? I think that’s incredible!

I have never had that much fun – all year – until I started Blogtober. Club Penguin has kept me healthy through stressful times but the relief of blogging to you every day has also been very difficult, yet I was constantly inspired by my Club Penguin experience every day to keep on going. And and I did it. 31 posts in 1 month. 31 memories in 1/12 of a year. I am so proud of achieving this but I couldn’t have done it without the community and the team.

For those of you who volunteered to help me out, I thank you. You helped me make some amazing and crazy memories so I am appreciative of every one of you. I hope you made some memories on the way too!

For those of you have been reading Blogtober ever since the start, I thank you. The point of doing this is to entertain you with my journey and I cannot entertain anyone if they haven’t read my posts. I appreciate every single comment and piece of feedback you have given me. Your support has always accelerated my mood so you helped me keep up with the pace of the challenge.

Now, I want to recap the important memories from Blogtober, to sum up the amazing journey that I have been on.

Remember the day I had a cold? That prickly throat annoyed me so I went to Sensei for his spiritual advice. Of course, I was dumb enough to wake a sleeping sensei so I got my butt kicked. Don’t tell him I said that; it was meant to be a secret after he bribes me not to tell anyone. Oh well!

Remember the day when Jeff took over one of my posts and insulted my computer selfie? That was a bad day but the memory of it is vivid. I am concerned to say that it evoked a lot of humour from you.

Remember when I was – almost permanently – stuck as a ghost before I went on a long journey to seek help? I discovered that Gariwald VIII hated pizza and that Gary is a better scientist than him. 

Remember the Find Four tournament I had with Rosytilly:  Find Four legend? She beat me 07but I had fun! I also played a big game of ‘hide and seek’ that day and met a dodgy tour guide (who took our money) with Torres 126.

Remember when I met up with Jeff again before he mysteriously vanished? That was the day I was first stalked by the clown.

Remember my awesome Birthday Bash? So many of you attended it and it turned out to be the fan-favourite highlight of Blogtober. I truly adored that evening – all thanks to the community, again!

Remember when we celebrated the Reunion? I met with so many of you and it proved how dedicated the Club Penguin community is. It also proved that the community can throw a better party than a Frozen Takeover!

Remember when the clown started to become a lot more mischievous?

Remember when the clown was actually Rory all along? Of course, you do; it was only yesterday…

Those were some of my highlights from my Blogtober journey but each day was truly an experience to remember. I am sure you all have your own favourite memories too! Be sure to leave them in the comments section below!

Now, onto the final memory of Blogtober. Today, I met with some awesome friends – you 01may have heard of them! There was: Frothe1, Tripplem, Laval 126, Lunarley and Gabriel7373! We all had a great time together!

After the rendezvous at the Town, we first headed to my igloo. Everything was in the right shape, which was good. I had a great time laughing at a number of times my buddies were teleported to the Box Dimension, by accident. Behind my fish tank, I have a secret box portal so when penguins like to look at the fish02, they are shocked with a little surprise. Lots of us were giggling when it happened to the newcomers.

However, I didn’t have the last laugh – Frothe did! As soon as we checked out his igloo, I was tricked into going to the Box Dimension. It just made the occasion a lot more hilarious. The coincidence couldn’t have been better! After that, I made my way back to his igloo and they were laughing at me. Oh well!

Frothe’s igloo was a lot spookier than mine. It was actually located in a shark’s mouth; what’s scarier than that? There was also a graveyard on the tip of the tongue (yikes!) and a bowl of candy which Trip and I munched at for most of the 03time we spent there. I hope we didn’t cost Frothe another trip to the mall for some more candy. It is just irresistible, especially on Halloween!

Soon after that, we all went to the Puffle Lodge to play some Find Four. That game seems
to have been very popular this month. I played a very long game against Trip and lost. However, I won a game against Luna but it was such a close one. Find Four never gets old when you live on 04a frosty island. The matched went very well but we concluded our party at the Puffle Lodge. Unfortunately, Gabriel arrived just before everyone was about to leave. However, I managed to get a quick selfie with him because I felt bad. I hope you enjoyed the 5 minutes which you attended, Gabby!

After experiencing the last few days, I am so happy how the today’s turnout was. Aside all of the action and suspense, I got to spend some quality time with some friends. It brings back memories from the start of Blogtober… Now, the journey has 05come to an end and although how sad it may be, I am pretty relieved and proud that I took on the challenge and succeeded. I never expected Blogtober to be this fun and I never thought that it would be possible to make that many memories in one month.

Another way of celebrating the end of Blogtober is to start right back at the beginning once more and visit each memory – day by day. Soon, I plan on releasing a video which will highlight every day of Blogtober – perhaps it will remind you of all of the things that have happened this month. When I look back at them all, honestly, it feels like a year’s worth of stuff! I have no idea how long that will take me but it should be up in November! Along with that, I will release a video highlighting my birthday bash. That was one of the best highlights of the month and I promised that I would make a video for it. So, that should be on its way too.

I guess that leaves me to finish off the very last post. My flipper has been through a lot this month so I need to rest it for November. There will be posts to expect next month so don’t you worry. Wow. This is the end. Happy Halloween everyone; enjoy the night and embrace the memories! As always…

Waddle On!