Is this the “Best Blog”?

Hello everyone!

I have some exciting news to share with you all. So last night, I was surprisingly greeted by TKCP Cheats. They announced that I was an official nominee for the ‘Best Blog’ category in their fifth annual ‘Penguin Talent Awards’. Firstly, this is my first time – ever – for being nominated for an award so I am so happy and excited. Secondly, I am shocked and surprised. When I looked at all the other nominees in that category, I found some of the top blogging legends out there in the community such as: Trainman1405, Riyita and Saraapril. And then there was me.

As well as feeling honoured, I felt overwhelmed by these amazing people and I thought “do I really deserve a spot?”. It has been two years since I started this blog and it has been an amazing journey. Though I have strived for different things unlike other bloggers in this category who always post updates, when they can, and that is why they succeed. I, on the other hand, would love to do that but I just cannot race with time; there is always so much going on in my life that I am always unsure when I can blog. That is why I am never a frequent blogger but when I do get the chance, I love it and I hope that every post I do is of high quality. So I feel so honoured to have even been nominated in this category even though my blog is sometimes at rest.

Very recently, I have tried to post as much as I could in the holiday but the next several weeks consists of exams and revision so you may not see a lot of me until late July.

So what I would like to say is that I would appreciate any of your votes. I dare to be forceful because I know that a lot of the other nominees in this category are so talented. Tech70, for example, produces very interesting posts once or twice a month and that is someone who I can relate to. Then there are the BIG bloggers who I cannot imagine competing against. I also know a lot of other people in the other categories who I think deserve awards but there is so many of you that I know. So I support you all! I wish you luck to everyone who has been nominated for an award.

If you like reading what I create, if you like the videos I make, if you like any of the content I produce then I would really appreciate your vote. You can vote for ‘The Blue Blog’ right here!

I have also created a banner that you can use to support The Blue Blog!

Best Blog PTA

If you have twitter, you can also use the hashtag: #PTA2016 to tune in to the latest news and feed on the awards.

Thank you very much for all of your support over these last two years. I am so surprised and it is all because of you. I had never been nominated for these kind of events – ever – so you certainly cheered me up and you made me feel special. You are all the best! 😉

Waddle On!

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