Island Discussion #29: The Iceberg Myth

Hello everyone!

Today I want to discuss with you something that tears at our brains quite regularly. It is about a mystery that is nearly as old as the island and we still haven’t been able to crack it. Or should I say, tip it?

That’s right! It is about time we research Club Penguin’s iceberg again and hope that we will find answers regarding its ability to tip or not. Countless attempts have been carried out since the beginning and we still try today. It makes a lot of people question the myth of the iceberg and because no one has been able to tip it – yet – people (maybe even you) are losing faith in the mystery but you know what? I still think it is possible. Club Penguin constantly tease it all the time which determines a lot of us. If they are “lying” to us about this myth, then they are simply mean people. But I don’t want that to ruin our chances! I actually have evidence which suggests the tipping of the iceberg.

A couple of years ago, when the first issue of the Club Penguin Magazine debuted in the UK, I remember seeing something interesting as soon as I opened it up to the first two pages. In my opinion, it seems like compelling evidence so let’s have a look at what was shown.

Iceberg Tip-ometer Watermark

First things first, what is shown is a prototype of what seems to be an invention that Gary created. A prototype is a preliminary version of a product which isn’t exactly as well developed as the final product. Therefore, we can already induce that this source will not give us confident answers to our question: “Is it really possible to tip the iceberg?”. Also, this prototype is made by Gary and we know for a fact that a lot of his history revolves around some of the island’s worst technological failures to have ever existed. We had the disastrous Ultimate Protobot 10000 who almost destroyed the future of Club Penguin and the sinister Mascbots which almost took over the island last Halloween. We are just lucky that we have ourselves to protect everyone from these life-threatening inventions Gary makes. So how can we assume if this prototype is even safe? It could be another one of his numerous failures.

Nevertheless, the prototype does make a lot of sense. The Iceberg Tip-ometer is actually something we can learn from, ignoring what I said in the previous paragraph. Every time you have ever attempted to top the iceberg, don’t you usually find yourself at the actual tip of the iceberg? That is normally where the influential mobs hang when they are trying to tip the iceberg. But, as you can see, the invention says that there is “still nothing” from when we dance or drill there. This reflects on the hundreds of times we have failed to tip the iceberg at that exact position. However, as you move clockwise, it seems that the invention is able to detect roughly where penguins need to position themselves when trying to tip the iceberg. From what it seems (roughly where the Aqua Grabber is) that is where we may be able to tip the iceberg. It does say “Eeek!” which suggests that this is the exact point to go to in order the tip the iceberg. But putting into context with what I said previously, should we listen to this prototype?

I simply think that we need more evidence. As plausible as it may seem, we still don’t know what to believe. Of course, it is worth trying but I bet that it has been tried in the past. When this myth used to be so popular, the Iceberg used to be literally full of penguins which is what makes me surprised about how challenging it is for us to solve the question. But these many failures may be telling us something! What if tipping the iceberg had nothing to do with where we position ourselves? What if we have been overthinking the situation? What if we need an exact quantity of penguins on the iceberg to achieve tipping it? We have always assumed to get as many penguins as possible but these assumptions have only been followed because so many people believe in them. So what should we assume?  Continue reading


Island Discussion #27: Arousing Ripples

Hello everyone!

Earlier this week, I was searching my archived posts just for fun until I came across my party review of the ‘Inside Out Takeover’. If you were not around for this party, it was about Rockhopper who had lost his mind after eating some peculiar stinky cheese and we had to enter his mind to gather his core memories to fix him up. Even though that mystery  of the stinky cheese remains untouched for now, I would like to re-introduce you to one of the island’s greatest mysteries that has begun ever since 2013.

Do you remember the “Mighty Megalodon”? Club Penguin often seem to tease this shark in different parties and just when I thought they had forgotten it, they brought it back into the Inside Out Takeover. If you were around at the party, you may have noticed this familiar figure lingering deep within Rockhopper’s Subconscious.

If Club Penguin hides this shark around all the time, surely this means that it has some intention behind it. What would be the significance of this shark? Well, since this is Rockhopper’s subconscious, the megalodon is likely to be one of Rockhopper’s fears like everything else in the room. If you didn’t know already, Rockhopper has a fear of flamingos. I know what you are thinking. If this were true, Rockhopper and the megalodon must have encountered in the past even though we were not aware of it. It would make sense since this creature probably roams around the island within the oceans so Rockhopper may have sighted this shark on his travels. What we don’t know – however – is if this shark physically hurt Rockhopper or somehow had an influence on his life. It would be a totally different story if Rockhopper saw the shark and sailed away as far as he could but what if these two unlikely characters met?

We don’t know if this shark is a threat to penguins. It might be friendly for all we know but evidence has shown us that this shark may be out for revenge. I wouldn’t be surprised especially if I were trapped in an iceberg for millions of years. Although it was not our fault, the megalodon spent its life sealed in ice before it managed to escape after the global temperatures rose. Basically, Gary’s theory is that the gradual incline in volcanoes on the island increased the temperatures which allowed the ice to melt for the shark to escape. This theory may sound technically accurate but there is something peculiar with the way the iceberg still remains today. It remains the shape of the shark as if it managed to break out itself. You can see in the image below that the iceberg did not entirely melt so maybe the pressure of the ice decreased meaning the shark could have escaped a lot more easily. In my opinion, this theory sounds more probable.  Continue reading

Island Discussion #16: Unidentified Discovery

Hello everyone!

I am back with another Island Discussion on ‘The Attic’! If you don’t know what I mean, well basically ‘The Attic’ is a little element which will now be part of some of the Island Discussion. When I mention it in a post, the discussion will evolve around a particular item found in the Mystery Attic. There are lots of topics to talk about however today I am going to talk about something interesting. The Mystery Attic seems to be hinting at something quite fearful which may appear in the future. We are talking about UFOs!

A UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) is an aircraft which mysteriously appear to be reported from around the whole world. Quite often we hear about sighting of a UFO in reality however it is hard to judge whether it is a hoax or not. Why do we care so much about them? Well it is believed that some people who go missing are abducted by UFOs as we have gathered some evidence. It all depends on if you believe in aliens or not. As a matter of fact, I do but I have not yet seen any evidence which seems to be reliable. Aliens may control UFOs and abducting humans could be one of their tests to identify us humans. To them, we are aliens so each one of our kind is curious about each other.

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