New Year, New Plans

UPDATE (01/01/2016 – 14:37)

If you have not read what is below then I suggest you read it before reading this. Actually, I have decided not to discontinue my posts. Even though Club Penguin is slipping out of my flippers, I am not letting go yet! I have amazing friends in the community who deserve to be entertained by my posts and I think that giving up now will start my new year sadly. I want to start fresh. So, now The Blue Blog will be back on track. Expect more posts soon!

Happy new year everyone!



Hello everyone!

Happy new year and welcome to 2016 from ‘The Blue Blog’! I hope you all had a fantastic 2015 and I am hoping that you are all pumped up for another amazing year right ahead of us. Club Penguin is going to have a spectacular year since Project: Super Secret is going to open up a lot more fun for the community. We still don’t know – exactly – what it could be but we have some ideas…

Project: Super Secret could be a transformation from a virtual world into a bigger world in the 3rd dimension! We have seen a few sneak peeks such as the new dynamic emotes that penguins can use to express themselves physically. That seems cool! There is also a new, rendered Migrator for Rockhopper…in 3D! Also we have seen a version of (what seems to be) Club Penguin island…in 3D! The new clothing customiser looks amazing; as well as the new welcome area that will eventually be “introduced” to the island.

This project is big and very ambitious. 2016 is going to blast all of us away! After 10 terrific years of Club Penguin, it is finally time to step up the game with new technology and enhancements that will make our experience even better. What could this project be?

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Sharing Creativity

Hey everyone!

Today I have a Waddle Guide for you to read and I think it is an interesting topic which will, hopefully, inspire you to open your minds more. One of the best things about the Club Penguin team is that it allows such creativity to be noticed and showcased. For example, they offer everyone in the community to submit fan art for monthly ‘Featured Fan Art’ videos. There is also the legendary Club Penguin Times Newspaper which encourages talented penguins from around the community to submit in their own jokes, fan art and a question for Aunt Arctic. I find that the Club Penguin Times is another way to help people get involved and this is yet another method from the team. What does this tell us? It tells us that Club Penguin care about it’s community and try to find many way to value everyone the best they can.

Let’s think about more examples. There is the Penguin of the Week award that is given to one lucky penguin who was nominated by one or more of their friends. I think this one is special since it shows everyone how valuable friendship is and helps the community to appreciate things more such as helpful penguins who do something special in aid of someone else. Another example includes recognition for Club Penguin Blogs. I do believe that the team check out as many Blog as they can to receive feedback and to take in any notes on anything we blog about. This helps to motivate people (like me) to blog more to you and to still keep on producing posts that are fun.

If we think more about in-game, some great hobbies to help share your creativity would be music making with SoundStudio and Igloo Designing. SoundStudio is an amazing game that helps you make music by using sampled tracks that are pre-made. However the combinations can be different every time because you can do a lot with SoundStudio. After you finish recording some music that you are proud of, people can like it which shows peer support online. Everyone loves visiting the Dance Club – thanks to SoundStudio – because there are some awesome tunes out there for people to hear and dance to. I recommend using SoundStudio more often if you love music!

Igloo Designing was covered in my last Waddle Guide however I think it is worth stating again that igloos are there for personality and creativity. Igloos show visitors what your penguin is like and your igloo is your own piece of land on Club Penguin where you can go wild and create anything you like. Again, you can gain likes from igloo decorating which is something great to be more aware of as it makes you feel proud and more recognised in such a BIG community.

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On Holiday! (20.08.15 – 27.08.15)

Hello everyone!

As of tomorrow morning – 6:00am (BST) – I will be on holiday and it will last one week until next Thursday (27th August). So I am afraid that this Blog will be inactive while I am on holiday but I may still be active on Twitter now and then to tweet. I hope everyone is enjoying the last few weeks of the Summer and I can assure you that there will be more posts when I am back. Perhaps a return to ‘The Island Detective’ (hint, hint).

I apologise for my absence on this Blog and on RiffyCP however I will be back next week so stay tuned until then. Thank you for being amazing readers and I will see you next Thursday.

Waddle On!