Onwards Into Round Two!

Hello everyone!

Right now I am so delighted to have been informed that The Blue Blog has made it into round two of the TKCPCheats’ exclusive, annual ‘Penguin Talent Awards’! While it lasted, I think round one went really successful for me with some fluctuation within the top three of my category – ‘Best Blog’. Never did I ever think, before this event ever started, that I would be voted for in this category. I find it so shocking because I just never realized how much support a lot of you give me and that has made me so happy. Just to let you know, I always appreciate every single on of you who support me and I am thrilled that you enjoy what I do on this blog.

So now that we enter round two, I just want to wish everyone – who has made it – massive amounts of luck! Lots and lots of people deserve to get awarded for their efforts in the community so all I can do is wish you all luck. It feels good to be in round two, huh? Well done to everyone who has been nominated and for the people who didn’t make it to round two, you still have your supporters and I am so glad that you got the chance to be a nominee so I am proud of you all! It is such an honour to even be in this competition so well done and keep up the hard work with whatever you do!

To end this post, I am just going to say one thing. I would appreciate it if any of my supporters would vote for me in the competition. I would hate to force anyone so I understand that you may have other blogs (you think deserve the award) in mind. Even if I don’t make it to the finals, I would still feel honoured and so happy to have discovered how supportive you all are to me. Round two may not seem that special to you but it means a lot to me and to get this far, in the competition, is literally unbelievable! If you want to vote for my blog, then please go here and vote for ‘https://bluesblogcp.wordpress.com/blog/‘.

Thank you for bringing me this far and good luck to everyone who remains in the Penguin Talent Awards.

Waddle On!

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