Community Collab: #OurDisneyInfinity

Hey there!
Disney Interactive are currently holding a Players Pick where the community decide what the next Disney Infinity character should be. There is a poll on the Disney Blog where only a selection of characters are randomly chosen for people to vote for. However the vote is much more open as the team are also counting votes from social media. Using #OurDisneyInfinity will count as a vote as long as you obviously say who you want to join Disney Infinity.
A lot of the Club Penguin community (including me) are big fans of Disney since the game is amazing and some of the minds behind Club Penguin are involved with the game. As a loyal community to Club Penguin, we can use our support to help Club Penguin to be included inside Disney Infinity. Wouldn’t it be great to see Rockhopper waddling around with Captain Jack Sparrow to help defeat Davy Jones? Or would it be even cooler to see Herbert join forces with Darth Vader for the ultimate showdown in the toy box? There are endless possibilities in this game and Club Penguin could have potential in making it even more infinite with our voices heard.
If you are on social media, be sure to use #OurDisneyInfinity to help spread the word and suggest different ideas related to Club Penguin. This is a great opportunity to get creative since there is finally a chance for Club Penguin to join a game where imagination is only the limit. Retweeting on Twitter, liking on Facebook/Instagram can also make a difference so make sure you support the supporters with this campaign!
Lets collaborate and make this happen!

Tour Guiding!

Hey everyone!

I am sure that a lot of you out there are Tour Guides and I have a feeling that only 4% of you actually commit to the job. It is quite true that not many Penguins tour guide anymore and this is becoming a problem. I must admit that I have not tour guided that much but after thinking about it, every new player on Club Penguin deserves a heart-warming welcome and a fantastic beginning to their Club Penguin career. Don’t you think the same?

Some Penguins join the Club Penguin and end up a bit overwhelmed by what there is to do in Club Penguin. They first get briefly greeted by Tour Dude who sets quests for the player to participate in and earn new items for their penguin. These quests help them get use to their bearings on how to access games and clothes but there is a lot more that needs to be defined in Club Penguin. That is why Tour Guides exist and get paid 350 coins every month!

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