Blue Reviews: Holiday Party ’16

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Welcome to Blue Reviews – a topic in which I speculate and talk about the different parties that visit Club Penguin every month. Each of my reviews is separated into different sections where I review the parties’: Storyline, Visuals, Content and Music. At the end, I round off the review with The Verdict. This concludes my thoughts on the party with comments on the party, as a whole. Afterwards, I rate the party with a score out of 10. Feel free to let me know what you think of the monthly party in the comments section. I hope you will enjoy my review of this month’s party:

Holiday Party ’16

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Island Discussion #28: New Dimension

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We have reached the end of May which – importantly – only means one thing; we are slowly creeping towards a finished project that yet remains “super secret” to us. Project: Super Secret can be a lot of things that we possibly couldn’t even imagine. Even though it has been through a few years of production and will continue to do so for the rest of this year (possibly) this project still lives up to its name and I applaud Club Penguin for that. On the other hand, it makes it so much harder for us to assume what it could be and the hype may end up driving us completely insane – if it hasn’t done so already!

To be fair, we have received several sneak peeks since last year and they are becoming more frequent and expected. By the end of each month, the team will continue to give us a sneak peek into what they are creating until they finally announce it. Now, from what we have seen, the project seems to have a lot of depth and by that I mean a variety of aspects that could push the boundaries and turn Club Penguin into something totally new! Maybe it is a good thing? Possibly not? Well, I think it is about time Club Penguin takes a new step since they have succeeded for a noticeable amount of years as an Adobe Flash based game. However the last couple of years haven’t been so good and that is not because the team are becoming lazy. It is quite the opposite, in fact! They have been working on this super secret project for a while now and we are soon from witnessing the final outcome, possibly by the end of this year.

So in this post today, I feel would be useful to recap everything we know about the project but what I am really interested in is how we get there. Not just from one game to another, but also from Club Penguin (2D) to Club Penguin (3D). It highlights a huge leap so it would be fair to say that some people will be blown away by this game. But because of how different it is, will this make the acceleration from one game to another unrealistic? It depends how creative the team are. But I am going to be talking about this later because, right now, I need to recapitulate what we know about Project: Super Secret – currently. We are going chronological so back we go to June/July 2015 when we received our first sneak peek.

Remember when Riyita (owner of Club Penguin Space) visited the Club Penguin Offices in Kelowna last year? It must have been a pretty amazing opportunity that I would snatch up any time, if I could. Anyway, Riyita was lucky enough the test out a “small” sample of Project: Super Secret. This was the Clothing Customizer. So after he had left Kelowna and was able to manage his blog once again, Riyita was given permission to show what he had made – with the Clothing Customizer – to the rest of the Club Penguin Community and (believe me) we were drowned with hype! This was the first time we managed to have a look at a physical representation of Project: Super Secret so you can imagine how surprised and thrilled we were.

A few days later (early July) Club Penguin officially confirmed this sneak peek and showed off a little video of what the early Clothing Customizer looked like at the time. Since it was a year ago, development of the app was obviously not final so what you see in the video may not appear in the official product. Below I have left an image of a fully customizable hoodie that featured in the video. If you want to see the video, click here. You can also check out Riyita’s small sneak peek right hereContinue reading

Island Discussion #27: Arousing Ripples

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Earlier this week, I was searching my archived posts just for fun until I came across my party review of the ‘Inside Out Takeover’. If you were not around for this party, it was about Rockhopper who had lost his mind after eating some peculiar stinky cheese and we had to enter his mind to gather his core memories to fix him up. Even though that mystery  of the stinky cheese remains untouched for now, I would like to re-introduce you to one of the island’s greatest mysteries that has begun ever since 2013.

Do you remember the “Mighty Megalodon”? Club Penguin often seem to tease this shark in different parties and just when I thought they had forgotten it, they brought it back into the Inside Out Takeover. If you were around at the party, you may have noticed this familiar figure lingering deep within Rockhopper’s Subconscious.

If Club Penguin hides this shark around all the time, surely this means that it has some intention behind it. What would be the significance of this shark? Well, since this is Rockhopper’s subconscious, the megalodon is likely to be one of Rockhopper’s fears like everything else in the room. If you didn’t know already, Rockhopper has a fear of flamingos. I know what you are thinking. If this were true, Rockhopper and the megalodon must have encountered in the past even though we were not aware of it. It would make sense since this creature probably roams around the island within the oceans so Rockhopper may have sighted this shark on his travels. What we don’t know – however – is if this shark physically hurt Rockhopper or somehow had an influence on his life. It would be a totally different story if Rockhopper saw the shark and sailed away as far as he could but what if these two unlikely characters met?

We don’t know if this shark is a threat to penguins. It might be friendly for all we know but evidence has shown us that this shark may be out for revenge. I wouldn’t be surprised especially if I were trapped in an iceberg for millions of years. Although it was not our fault, the megalodon spent its life sealed in ice before it managed to escape after the global temperatures rose. Basically, Gary’s theory is that the gradual incline in volcanoes on the island increased the temperatures which allowed the ice to melt for the shark to escape. This theory may sound technically accurate but there is something peculiar with the way the iceberg still remains today. It remains the shape of the shark as if it managed to break out itself. You can see in the image below that the iceberg did not entirely melt so maybe the pressure of the ice decreased meaning the shark could have escaped a lot more easily. In my opinion, this theory sounds more probable.  Continue reading

Blue Reviews: What’s New Page

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Before I begin reviewing in this post, I would like to introduce you to a wider experience with ‘Blue Reviews’. Before I just reviewed monthly parties that come and go all the time. Now I have decided to review other stuff too! This could be a particular topic in Club Penguin. It could be an update to something. It could even be a Blog! I thought that expanding on this topic would introduce you to much more content because I review all sorts of things so I thought it was time to make this addition to my ‘Blue Reviews’.

In my party reviews, I give a score out of ten however other stuff I review will just be my thoughts to keep it brief and personal. You can feel free to write your thoughts on the ‘What’s New’ page since everyone has their own opinions. Now, here is my ‘Blue Reviews What’s New Page’!

After several weeks of waiting for the (postponed) update to the Club Penguin Blog, it is finally here! The ‘Club Penguin Blog’ is now just one segment of the What’s New page, where everyone can stop by and see the latest news. The benefit of this update was to organise posts into different categories so navigation is a lot easier; it also looks neat visually! Below is what the page looks like when you first arrive.

Club Penguin What's New Page

So what is new with this page? Well, now each post has a thumbnail so players can view an image preview on what the post is about. There are also new icons that show you what category the post is in. In this case, the pencil icon represents a blog post whereas the newspaper icon represents a ‘Club Penguin Times’ post. These categories can also be viewed in the new sidebar on the right along with ‘Latest Posts’ and ‘Video’ content.

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Community Collab: #OurDisneyInfinity

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Disney Interactive are currently holding a Players Pick where the community decide what the next Disney Infinity character should be. There is a poll on the Disney Blog where only a selection of characters are randomly chosen for people to vote for. However the vote is much more open as the team are also counting votes from social media. Using #OurDisneyInfinity will count as a vote as long as you obviously say who you want to join Disney Infinity.
A lot of the Club Penguin community (including me) are big fans of Disney since the game is amazing and some of the minds behind Club Penguin are involved with the game. As a loyal community to Club Penguin, we can use our support to help Club Penguin to be included inside Disney Infinity. Wouldn’t it be great to see Rockhopper waddling around with Captain Jack Sparrow to help defeat Davy Jones? Or would it be even cooler to see Herbert join forces with Darth Vader for the ultimate showdown in the toy box? There are endless possibilities in this game and Club Penguin could have potential in making it even more infinite with our voices heard.
If you are on social media, be sure to use #OurDisneyInfinity to help spread the word and suggest different ideas related to Club Penguin. This is a great opportunity to get creative since there is finally a chance for Club Penguin to join a game where imagination is only the limit. Retweeting on Twitter, liking on Facebook/Instagram can also make a difference so make sure you support the supporters with this campaign!
Lets collaborate and make this happen!