New Year, New Plans

UPDATE (01/01/2016 – 14:37)

If you have not read what is below then I suggest you read it before reading this. Actually, I have decided not to discontinue my posts. Even though Club Penguin is slipping out of my flippers, I am not letting go yet! I have amazing friends in the community who deserve to be entertained by my posts and I think that giving up now will start my new year sadly. I want to start fresh. So, now The Blue Blog will be back on track. Expect more posts soon!

Happy new year everyone!



Hello everyone!

Happy new year and welcome to 2016 from ‘The Blue Blog’! I hope you all had a fantastic 2015 and I am hoping that you are all pumped up for another amazing year right ahead of us. Club Penguin is going to have a spectacular year since Project: Super Secret is going to open up a lot more fun for the community. We still don’t know – exactly – what it could be but we have some ideas…

Project: Super Secret could be a transformation from a virtual world into a bigger world in the 3rd dimension! We have seen a few sneak peeks such as the new dynamic emotes that penguins can use to express themselves physically. That seems cool! There is also a new, rendered Migrator for Rockhopper…in 3D! Also we have seen a version of (what seems to be) Club Penguin island…in 3D! The new clothing customiser looks amazing; as well as the new welcome area that will eventually be “introduced” to the island.

This project is big and very ambitious. 2016 is going to blast all of us away! After 10 terrific years of Club Penguin, it is finally time to step up the game with new technology and enhancements that will make our experience even better. What could this project be?

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Happy Holidays!

Hey everyone!

Okay…I have a lot of explaining to do. So my Blog has kind of died for a couple of months. I guess it’s the same old story most of you know. Yeah, I am unpredictable! Stuff happens which means that I might not be here for some periods of time. It has happened a bit too often, though. So I am making this post to clear up the situation and obviously to wish everyone, reading, a happy holiday and a new year!

You are probably going to experience some déjà vu right now…

I am sorry, again. I left you hanging on this Blog and I have completely abandoned it. I apologise for not being able to read anyone’s comments for the last couple of months and it has given myself a bad impression for new readers. The only excuse I have for this is life. Basically, school, leisure and family. School has been very difficult for me because there has just been a heavy workload of education being piled onto me and it has taken up a lot of my own time too. This explains why I have not blogged on here for a while and even though it is technically a leisure of mine, blogging is something I consider fun but also a lot of work. To be honest, I have avoided blogging even when I have had the chance to return to it. This is because I have not been in the mood for it since it just reminds me of school and commitment. If I tried to do it, then I would have thought to myself how I would be able to maintain something that has just been rebooted. So, for me, it was almost impossible to start again as a result of family and school. I am not going to go into detail – at all – but someone in my family has fallen sick so it has been a stressful few weeks for anything else but support for my family. In addition, school has great dominance over my life right now and it is something that is far too difficult to escape from. This includes GCSE revision/mocks, general homework and autonomous activities that I am part of. Nevertheless, I care about my education and school reputation so it is just something to live with.

Therefore, what does this mean for ‘The Blue Blog’? I am afraid that I can not decide right now so I will endeavour and hopefully manage to start blogging again when there is not anything stopping me. Unfortunately, these occasions are rare (as I have just explained to you) but it is still possible – especially when it is the holidays!

Don’t worry; this post will not end on a sad note but a merry one instead! Of course, it is the holidays and this means that everyone should be riveted with joy and cheer for the special season and the new year. Did that just rhyme? Anyway I just want to clarify that I am not at all gone. If you want to chat, I am on Twitter @Blue21102. You can see my Twitter Timeline on the sidebar of this page. One thing I will try to do is check back on this Blog frequently in case of any comments anyone has to share. So because it is a very jolly time of the year, why not tell me anything that you are excited for? Perhaps: a present for Christmas, wishes for the new year or anything that will bring joy to ‘The Blue Blog’. I am all ears to anyone so please do not hesitate and comment below!

Last of all, a BIG thank you to everyone in the community and my readers for making 2015 a brill year! It has been especially this year when I have been able to become friends with a lot more people via Twitter and on this Blog so thank you for making my year a lot brighter through sunny and rainy times. The Blue Blog will continue its journey into a new and, hopefully, a better year than the last. Glad tidings to all of you…

…and a happy new year!

-The Blue Blog


Update – 15 . 05 . 15

Hello everyone!

I really apologise for the week absence on this Blog. It was not at all intended because I was one of the unlucky few who could not access Club Penguin for quite a while. I have emailed Club Penguin Support but before receiving a reply, I can now log back into Club Penguin! Yay! So now I can post again and I am happy to confirm that the One Year Of Blogging Party is still on! I am so excited! We are 3 days away until my awesome year with the Club Penguin Community started.

I am sorry again for the inconvenience. Stay tuned for more party related posts and perhaps a new Island Discussion too! Thank you for your understanding.

Waddle On!


The Blue Blog: Turning One!

Hey everyone!

I am so excited to announce that I am going to throw a party in honor of The Blue Blog turning one year old! I did mention before that I will post the details soon and here I am ready to do so. Below you will find the invite!

The Blue Blog One Year Of Blogging Invite

Please note that anyone can come to this party and that it is going to happen late May. All the details are informed on the invite as well as the times for both British Summer Time and Pacific Daylight Time. If you do not follow any of these times then please feel free to ask me in the comments or on Twitter! If there are several inquiries, I will make another invite which shows many versions of the time the party will occur at.

As you can see, the party kicks off at the Town Centre on Club Penguin. Obviously we will move from room to room to make it a tad more interesting! Throughout the party we can visit igloos and play games like a normal party! Wear anything you like since the party is meant to be fun! There is no theme so just turn up in anything; it works for me. If you would like, wear something blue since it relates to my Blog name however that is up to you if you are a party animal or not!

There is even some giveaways available for both members and non-members! The non-members have a chance to win a ‘1 Month Membership’! I will explain soon what needs to be done to get it. The members have a chance to receive the following:

  • 3 sporty items (bobsled, ski helmet with goggles, skates)
  • a treasure book item
  • 1500 coins

Now, to win these prizes, you are simply put into a draw. It is all pure luck since I will pick a name at random of all the people who attended my party. I will have a system for both members and non-members so I will know your privileges. Hopefully this will be a little bit of fun since you all deserve a reward for celebrating one year of blogging with me! Make sure you turn up at the party otherwise your name will not be counted in the draw!

Just to let you know, The Blue Blog turns one year old on the 20th May however I have thrown the party on the 18th since that was the day I started blogging ever. This was on a website called LegoPuffle CP Cheats!

Thank you for reading this exciting post and I hope to see some of you at my party!