Island Discussion #9: Dot-To-Dot

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the 9th Island Discussion! Today’s topic will be a bit empty, meaning I may not have any evidence for it. It is an interesting one, though. I will be trying to see whether this theory (I am about to tell you) is true. It may take some time to gather some evidence and to examine it but this was literally off the top of my head and I waned to find out about it! Here we go…

“What if Dot the Disguise Gal was evil?”

Dot3What do you guys think? Does this sound random to you? Well I was thinking that her history on this island is anonymous so we do not no much about here at all. Except that she “works” for the EPF.

Since she is a stealthy agent, you never know where you are going to find her. She may be an undercover spy working for another organisation but we do no not that because she can disguise as one. We may think of her as an ordinary EPF agent but the looks is just one layer of yourself. what is behind her?

The strange thing about Dot is that she was recruited later as an EPF agent. It started off when she helped you to qualify as an EPF agent in the DS game: “Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force”. She also looked different then. This can tell you how she can remarkably change now and then.

In the mission “The Veggie Villain”, Dot appeared out from the cupboard that lead to the original EPF Command Room. She was not in any other mission except this one. There are three reasons that could explain this. Maybe she was just casually doing her job. She could have been working as an EPF agent for a while; maybe we did not realise. Second. Since she was new at the time, Club Penguin wanted to show her off on the web as well as on the Nintendo DS game. The third reason that could explain this could be that she was sent to the PSA (from the beginning of her recruit) to destroy the HQ and get away. As we can tell she only could have succeeded one part in her mission. Since it was Herbert that blew up the HQ, could mean that he sent Dot there in the first place.

Now Dot has maintained her position in the EPF. As we can tell, Herbert is now her enemy after he froze her and all the other EPF agents in Operation: Blackout. Maybe they turned against each other after Dot failed to complete the mission. (This is probably sounding really random now!)

This was basically a rough guide lines to Dot’s life and her relationships. I used the above story as an example to show that she could be a duplicitous agent. Of course this is only my theory and may be wrong but it is still possible that she may have connections with other organisation as well as the EPF. Since she is a disguise gal, it may be hard for us to tell…

That is it for this Island Discussion. That was one strange theory but I wonder if any of you could agree with it or think it is completely false. Please comment your thoughts and theories about Dot in the comments section. Who do you think she is? Is she an EPF agent? Or is that one of her many disguises?

Thanks for reading!



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