Being Blue

Hello, everyone!

Have you ever had one of those strange moments where you think about your future? When you gaze deep enough, you start to fantasise a future that is different, but realistic enough to make you want to start climbing a ladder towards it. I ask you this because I am curious about change and how much it can motivate us in life. Funnily enough, I have had one of these moments; it has lasted for a while, though!

As you know, this is a post on a website called The Blue Blog. It is a blog – that is blue? Sad blue? Or, just blue…blue? Well, that’s up for your interpretation. The fact is, this blog is meant to be something truly unique. I guess that is a generic term for most blogs in this world. Although, in the Club Penguin community, the way blogs are perceived is a lot more distorted. This is just an odd blog which explores an imaginative world of penguins. Funny.

Ever since I made this blog, I had a vision in mind. Such a surprise, I know! Now, let me ask you a question? Would you ever associate this blog with Club Penguin, if you saw the name of it for the first time? You probably wouldn’t. This is probably why my blog has ended up being a lost alien. My original vision was to be different and to make a blog that is authentic and personal. That didn’t really pan out. As you’ve likely noticed, 3 years later, I am still blogging about Club Penguin, even though it has no relevance to my blog.

Well, you have got to start somewhere.

I like to think that Club Penguin has been the first few steps of a steep staircase. The steep staircase is my unknown and great future. Club Penguin has helped me into the blogging world. I happen to be very passionate about it, so Club Penguin has always been a strong focus to keep my blog fuelled on. Within these last 3 years, I have seen my literature grow into something more mature and the metamorphosis of my posts has been fascinating to see. You and I have been witnessing the jump between a 13-year-old and a 16-year-old. And it’s really made a difference! Continue reading


Blogging Has Changed 

Hello, everyone!

I have always noticed something unusual about Club Penguin blogs when I compare them to other miscellaneous blogs on the internet. I happen to regularly read all kinds of blogs but the Club Penguin community has its own twist on the word “blog”.

Have you also noticed this? If you read other blogs, I am sure you would.

Most blogs in the Club Penguin community have one vision. This is to post updates and (basically) news reports, regarding what goes on in the game. While these are very useful “blogs” to visit, I always question the purpose. A blog, in my opinion, is a personal website which has its own, distinctive taste. On my blog, I happen to vary my style from screen-shot-2016-08-11-at-7-42-02-pmformal to informal and I find it quite comforting because it means I can be who I am in real life. My blog mirrors my passion and that makes it so much easier for me to have the confidence and the motivation to write my posts and share them with you all. Therefore, the purpose of my blog is to be who I am and that in itself should make this blog unique; everyone in this world is different.

Now, I can think of more blogs which have a similar vision, and that makes them different from any other blog. It makes them memorable. However, I am not going to name any of these blogs because it may be manipulated into favouritism. Neither am I going to label the generic news blogs. But when you visit as many Club Penguin blogs as you can – trust me – you will notice the difference just by looking at the very first page.

What is the point?

When I see all of these similar blogs, it makes me confused. When I see the evident competition between them, it makes me angry, and it shouldn’t do. Basically, I have detected that there is a need for being the biggest and best blog in the Club Penguin community. Most of these blogs are competing just so they can get the most views and attention. I see this competition on a daily basis and I just think to myself how Laptop_Penguin.pngunnecessary it all is.

First of all, we are the Club Penguin community. In other words, we are a family that sticks together to support a good game. The game relies on its community but I think that some of the community seems to struggle with this concept. Instead, there is just a war which should only happen (if it really wants to) outside of the community – between rivals. Inside of the community, we should be supporting each other and not encouraging aggression.

Secondly, it is only these people who cause the jealousy amongst the community. When you see a blog that does the same thing as yours, but it does it better, that causes jealousy – and I see it all of the time.

Now, back to the purpose. If more than one Club Penguin blog has the same purpose, it is not going to be a gentle journey for them. That is why the purpose of a blog is to share one’s individual thoughts. Look it up online and define it. The definition is distinctly different and I wonder what has caused this issue. Perhaps, it all started from one blog and then other people were inspired to do the same thing; the chain goes on and then we have a problem. Well, let me tell you, I was inspired by many blogs but I wasn’t inspired by the ideas – I was inspired by the passion.

Practically every Club Penguin blogger has a passion for writing about the game they love. The problem is how to use that passion to the advantage. And the solution to that problem is right in this post. Be different, but be you. Because who you are is different from anyone else.

And that would make your blog interesting!

So, it is not necessary to see blogs competing with others. Obviously, these are just my opinions so don’t be forced to stick to them. However, I think they are sensible thoughts. My only intention of this post was to highlight how blogging has changed. So, if you feel I was targeting your blog, please don’t be offended. In fact, if you have any concerns or additional thoughts, type them down in the comments section or email me via the Contact page on this website. Feel free to add to the discussion too! Thank you for reading.

Waddle On!



Compatible with a Penguin

Hello, everyone! 

For a while, I have wondered what formulates the bond I have with Club Penguin. Why do I still express interest for a game that’s “out of date”? Club Penguin is designed for kids yet I am ageing and ageing and the bond hasn’t seemed to weaken. Sure; my interest fluctuates now and then but to be in a position where I passionately write about this game makes it clear, to everyone, that it must be something special to me. The funny thing about that is: I have no clue why I am still attached to a game which is not even as good as it was years ago.

More interestingly, I don’t stand alone. Actually, I know too many people, in the Club Penguin community, who have also grown up with this game. So, therefore, it must not be that big of a deal. On the other hand, it is still a very strange reality to me. The reason why is because I am an anonymous Club Penguin fan who hides his actuality amongst a public of non-Club Penguin players; most of them (if they even touched the game) would have stopped playing Club Penguin as soon as they entered their teens. If I ever were to reveal the truth – which is that I still play Club Penguin – it would probably result in public humiliation, at least I think it would. On the contrary, Club Penguin has an immense community and I know a surprising amount of the community who are at a similar age to me. There are even adults who play Club Penguin! Whilst I am on Twitter, where I socialise with a lot of these people, this scary reality never creeps towards my mind because I am immersed in a community, surrounded by people who are very similar to me. I become no longer an outlier.

Everything I do online (Club Penguin-wise) is always kept confidential to my friends. Only my family know how much I love Club Penguin so I trust them to keep the secret safe. It is difficult to lead a life where I live as two different people. The majority of my online persona exposes a character with huge charisma towards Club Penguin. In real life I am the same person, except some parts of me are hiding under a cloak. To fully reveal my Club Penguin passion is one of my worst fears, only because of the game’s stereotype. Like I mentioned earlier, Club Penguin is perceived to be a “kids game”. But if so many people similar to myself also have a passion for this game, the stereotype must be false (like most end up being).


It cannot be right to feel scared of announcing who you really are. In a modern society, we are meant to respect who people are. If people get bullied or mistreated depending on what game they like to play, we are not a fair society at all. This is why I have never told anyone about my Club Penguin experience. If it will change how I am perceived in life, it doesn’t seem worth doing. I am wondering if any other person feels the same way.

Despite all of this, Rocketsnail (co-founder of Club Penguin) wrote a short post, expressing his feelings on this stereotype and it totally contradicts it. He said:

Want to learn a little secret about Club Penguin? I didn’t make it for kids. I made it for anyone that loves imagination.
Club Penguin is a world full of adventure, mystery and delight. You can be anything you want to be. A pirate that sails the seven seas, a thief that robs the pizza parlour, a ninja that masters an ancient legend, a secret agent, a barista or even an army that wages war on this little snow covered island.
I do not create kids games, I create games that kids can play. Club Penguin is for everyone. 

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The Blue Blog: Two Years

Hello everyone!

730. This number defines how many days it has been since I first started Club Penguin blogging. I find it hard to believe. I am thinking about how things have changed; my attitude, my goals, my perspective. Two years. That is 730 days of my life. I was 13 years old and now I am 15 years old. Things have changed. Unbelievable. I am so happy.

The Blue Blog - Two Years 2I find it productive to look at the past. It’s a well known thing to focus on just the future and to forget about the past but the past hold so many treasures. I look back to 17th May 2014 when I just joined Twitter; I was anxious, overwhelmed and shy. Then I think of a day after that – on the 18th – when I was hired on LegoPuffleCP Cheats. Within a day, I was already beginning a career with potential. And so a couple of days after that I was inspired. ‘Blue’s Blog’ was born. Within 4 days, I leaped to new heights. So glad I did that now. I am still on my journey to progress as a Club Penguin blogger but if I could have warped to the future back then, I would not have seen something this good. In fact, I most likely would have given up on the way to this height. But now that I am here, I have a perfect understanding because I am living it. It is nothing exceptional when you compare it to other bigger things. That doesn’t matter to me because I am proud. What I have achieved over the past two years is something very special to me. I sailed through thick and thin, rain and shine but – most importantly – through an adventure that has had a huge impact on my life.

I am not talking about money at all. Not a single penny have I earned for 730 days. But that doesn’t matter at all. What does matter, is what I have created and how it has influenced the community. That is what leads to success, in my eyes. Although there are huge amounts of people who have never even heard of this blog ever, I know I have strife. I know that there are a few of you who read my posts and I hope that they have inspired you.

Coin Bag

Blogging from a dissimilar perspective is a bit weird, especially if you are a penguin from the Club Penguin Community. Therefore I understand how differently people may treat my blog. Whereas other Club Penguin sites tend to orbit Club Penguin news and updates, my blog orbits deeper and with more depth, comes imagination. That is the core. It is how I conjure up my posts. They may not sound convincing but they are unique; difficult to define. And I like that. It gives me identification and freedom to write anything I want, when I want. Lucky enough for me, it has driven me this far but the fuel is you. The people who have supported me on my journey have granted me access to execute new levels of blogging.

So what have been the results? Several new categories such as Island Discussion (which has exceeded 25 posts), Waddle Guides, Community Collab, Blue Reviews and Coffee Break. New features and pages that have added more content to my Blog. My own YouTube Channel which is currently about to step up higher than it has been for a while. Personal achievements that have acquired me new skills and responsibilities; these have all made me a better person, socially. New friends that care about me and help to create memories together.

A life that has become much tougher – an achievement that has taught me new things to do with responsibility. Even though it may sound negative, turning it into a positive thing breaks down the barrier! And blogging for two years has involved a lot of barriers. Some of them I have broken, some in which I am still stuck behind, and those bigger ones in which I have had to patiently climb. Journeys are littered with these barriers and they keep coming when you least expect it. It’s a generic thing and so you have to prove your strength by overcoming them. Since I have surpassed many in my continuous journey, does that make me a stronger person than I was two years ago?

Well, I have more internet friends than ever, more experience to assist me with further barriers to come and a whole blog for me to smile at and cherish every time I look at it. So, I would say that strength is another achievement and the only way to gain it is to work for it. Two years ago, I would have shook my head if I had known about the stress and the struggles. Practically, blogging has changed my life in some way so I can’t imagine myself as proud as I am now. That is why you should just go for it even if you are unaware of what is ahead of you. It makes it even more exciting and exhilarating. Basically, it’s the definition of a blogger’s journey! It’s rewarding, I promise you.

So thank you very much for changing my life. I feel so privileged to have been playing a larger part within the Club Penguin Community for the last two years and it is you who I rely on. Thank you got being the fuel of my journey for two years and I plead you to never run out. As long as there is spirit and some fun, good work can be done. It has taken me two years to prove that because, now, I finally realize the crazy amounts of stuff I have been able to achieve and it is literally unbelievable to me. No, I am not talking to a crowded audience and no, I am not economically rich. However I am becoming rich with experience and further I shall journey on to gain more experience. And maybe one day… I will reach an end that I am happy with.

But I find the journey the most valuable part. Let it continue…

Waddle On!

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The Phone Call: Now Showing!

Hello everyone!

In celebration of my ‘Two Years’ of Club Penguin blogging, I can now present to you a fun-filled video for all of you to enjoy. Remember a month ago when I held a poll/vote on what video you would like to see next on my channel? Well, the results were in and you voted for a Club Penguin Comedy. Now, some of you may be thinking “What about the Club Penguin Documentary?”. Unfortunately, I made a blunder when counting the results and it turned out that more people wanted a Club Penguin Comedy than a documentary. However, that doesn’t mean that I am not working on one right now, right? 😉

Anyway, I have enjoyed making this video over the past month and I am very proud of what I have been able to produce. It is something totally new that I have introduced to my channel for a long time and the quality of it is much better compared to my previous uploads on my channel. Better editing, better effects, better animation and better visuals! All because of my ‘Two Years’ of blogging, I decided to step up the game and ‘wow’ you guys for all of your support that you have given me for two years. I appreciate every single one of you so thank you!

Now, just to warn you, this video is quite large; around 21 minutes long! I treated it like a comedy film instead of a video with ‘comedy sketches’. So I hope you like the concept. If you have any feedback or thoughts on the video, please leave a comment below or here!

Thank you very much for your support and I will now leave you with the video. Enjoy!

Waddle On!Coffee Break Icon