The Blue Blog: Turning One (Video Recap)

Hello everyone!

I have finally put together a montage of my One Year Of Blogging party! Some great memories were made and a lot of fun and games were shared together. Don’t worry if you were unable to turn up because the timing was a bit awkward for you lot in the USA!

Thank you to everyone who turned up to this party and I have awarded two of the attendants – at random – A one month membership and a magazine code. Here are the winners:

Magazine Code Winner – Valbusa1

One Month Membership Winner – Bordymann66

Please congratulate these two awesome people! I think everyone deserved a prize for coming but unfortunately that is not the case. I would also love to thank: Ranbirsgirl, Cony47, LX54321, Sensai Blast, ToasterCP and Somsubhra1 for coming and making the party much more fun than I expected it to be! I really, really enjoyed it!

Last of all, a big thank you to all of you in the Club Penguin Community for reading my posts and supporting me on my journey. A year may have just been accomplished, but the journey has only just started. I hope you will stay tuned to The Blue Blog for another special year ahead.



Waddle On!



Manwhatta? Mancala!

Weekly Waddle Guide to Mancala (not Manwhatta!)

What is Mancala?

Mancala is a strategical game that can be played in the Club Penguin Penguin Times Office, above the Coffee Shop. It is only for 2 players however you can always spectate it!

How do you play Mancala? 

There are instructions in the Club Penguin Times Office however it would be more straight forward for me to clear them up and explain them to you myself.

Basically, here is the Mancala board:


The board is divided up into 2 sides in which is owned by either Player 1 or Player 2. The first player to host the game is always Player 1 so your side of the board is demonstrated in the image. Your Mancala is always to the right! The Mancala is the big hole on each end of the board. This is where you aim to get all your stones. The second player needs to keep in mind some logic. Technically you would be facing towards the board so your Mancala is over the the left of the board (in the image viewpoint). Remember that so you don’t mistake your actions!

After knowing the general structure of the game, the aim is to move all of your stones to your Mancala.

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The Blue Blog: Turning One!


Hello everyone!

The Blue Blog is turning one really soon and I think that this occasion deserves to be celebrated with you guys! It has been an amazing journey throughout my blogging career and I hope it was for the best. This hobby has always been a passion of mine, especially when there is an amazing community to support you along the way. There has been quite a lot of things accomplished in one year and I am proud of them and I will, hopefully, continue to accomplish more things within the coming year.

This party is practically designed to say thank you for an amazing journey and it is here to celebrate my Blog’s “birthday”. In addition, it has been quite a while since my last party so it would be interesting to throw another one to see how it goes. I will leave the invitation later in this post but it is probably a good idea for me to brief what will be included within the party!

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The Blue Blog: Turning One!

Hey everyone!

I am so excited to announce that I am going to throw a party in honor of The Blue Blog turning one year old! I did mention before that I will post the details soon and here I am ready to do so. Below you will find the invite!

The Blue Blog One Year Of Blogging Invite

Please note that anyone can come to this party and that it is going to happen late May. All the details are informed on the invite as well as the times for both British Summer Time and Pacific Daylight Time. If you do not follow any of these times then please feel free to ask me in the comments or on Twitter! If there are several inquiries, I will make another invite which shows many versions of the time the party will occur at.

As you can see, the party kicks off at the Town Centre on Club Penguin. Obviously we will move from room to room to make it a tad more interesting! Throughout the party we can visit igloos and play games like a normal party! Wear anything you like since the party is meant to be fun! There is no theme so just turn up in anything; it works for me. If you would like, wear something blue since it relates to my Blog name however that is up to you if you are a party animal or not!

There is even some giveaways available for both members and non-members! The non-members have a chance to win a ‘1 Month Membership’! I will explain soon what needs to be done to get it. The members have a chance to receive the following:

  • 3 sporty items (bobsled, ski helmet with goggles, skates)
  • a treasure book item
  • 1500 coins

Now, to win these prizes, you are simply put into a draw. It is all pure luck since I will pick a name at random of all the people who attended my party. I will have a system for both members and non-members so I will know your privileges. Hopefully this will be a little bit of fun since you all deserve a reward for celebrating one year of blogging with me! Make sure you turn up at the party otherwise your name will not be counted in the draw!

Just to let you know, The Blue Blog turns one year old on the 20th May however I have thrown the party on the 18th since that was the day I started blogging ever. This was on a website called LegoPuffle CP Cheats!

Thank you for reading this exciting post and I hope to see some of you at my party!