Being Blue

Hello, everyone!

Have you ever had one of those strange moments where you think about your future? When you gaze deep enough, you start to fantasise a future that is different, but realistic enough to make you want to start climbing a ladder towards it. I ask you this because I am curious about change and how much it can motivate us in life. Funnily enough, I have had one of these moments; it has lasted for a while, though!

As you know, this is a post on a website called The Blue Blog. It is a blog – that is blue? Sad blue? Or, just blue…blue? Well, that’s up for your interpretation. The fact is, this blog is meant to be something truly unique. I guess that is a generic term for most blogs in this world. Although, in the Club Penguin community, the way blogs are perceived is a lot more distorted. This is just an odd blog which explores an imaginative world of penguins. Funny.

Ever since I made this blog, I had a vision in mind. Such a surprise, I know! Now, let me ask you a question? Would you ever associate this blog with Club Penguin, if you saw the name of it for the first time? You probably wouldn’t. This is probably why my blog has ended up being a lost alien. My original vision was to be different and to make a blog that is authentic and personal. That didn’t really pan out. As you’ve likely noticed, 3 years later, I am still blogging about Club Penguin, even though it has no relevance to my blog.

Well, you have got to start somewhere.

I like to think that Club Penguin has been the first few steps of a steep staircase. The steep staircase is my unknown and great future. Club Penguin has helped me into the blogging world. I happen to be very passionate about it, so Club Penguin has always been a strong focus to keep my blog fuelled on. Within these last 3 years, I have seen my literature grow into something more mature and the metamorphosis of my posts has been fascinating to see. You and I have been witnessing the jump between a 13-year-old and a 16-year-old. And it’s really made a difference!

Now, I feel that it is time to continue my journey. But in order to do that, I need to climb the staircase. 2017 is the next step. A new step is a new opportunity; I am ready to take on new challenges. It will only help me to progress to even higher steps, so that is why change is actually a good thing.

Club Penguin has been the priority. This year, I want that to change. Instead of restricting my opinions and feelings to one game, I want to fully immerse myself into an online world where I get to be myself a bit more. That is what blog is all about. In my opinion, it makes it more interesting to get to know someone’s character through the stream of their posts.blue21102-drawing Hopefully, some of you (who know me already) will begin to understand who I really am. Because Blue21102 is only a penguin; he’s only one part of who I am.

I am not sure what I want to do, exactly. I am still debating about it. The audience, first of all, will be affected. That’s you! You are obviously reading my blog right now and this post may be boring you because you may be a penguin who enjoys my other posts. Or, are you not a penguin? Are you another reader who has no interest in Club Penguin, but just my opinions? Either way, both of my audiences will be affected in a big way. Abandoning Club Penguin wouldn’t be sensible (because it has got me this far already) but will I be able to encourage penguins to hang onto my boat? The answer lies within you – somewhere. The only way I could find out is if you let me know. Please tell me what you are currently thinking about this change. I am only being experimental right now, but I do believe that a blog, as blue as this, needs alternative fuel.

Thank you for reading.

Waddle On!




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