The Island Detective – Curious

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A New Story!

Hello everyone!

I have finally had the time to create another story! I haven’t done much of these recently but I am happy to share one with you. It is a chapter story so every now and then, a new chapter appears and everyone can view them.

My stories are now part of the new ‘Extra‘ page which you can find on the main navigation bar on my Blog. My new story is called ‘Someone Big, Somewhat Lost‘ and it is a bit of a different approach to my writing as it explores more depth in chapters. I don’t want to reveal what it is about here so check out the first chapter for an introduction to the story.

I hope you will enjoy this story and please let me now what you think of the first chapter!

Waddle On!


The Island Detective: Chapter Five


I am heading towards the Pizza Parlour. Still smiling. I wave to fellow citizens and they respond with a lazy greeting. Come on! Penguins have got to bright up a little bit. They should appreciate their life. Look at me for example. I appreciate what I have got yet I am kinda homeless… Hopefully this vacancy will be the next milestone of my life and I am literally dreaming about all the major enhances that could inflict on my life if I was offered it. Imagine.

Buying some new and clean clothes that are not 2 years old! I will be able to have money to move on in life. Maybe buy an igloo and over time it can transform into a mansion! I can have friends as well. I mean, you can’t fork out for them with dough but you can earn them from a great lifestyle. But most importantly, I will be happy! When I am happy, it triggers off success in a range of ways.

The Pizza Parlour was right in front of me. I could smell the delicious aroma of the pizzas that elegantly fried on the oven. Another good thing about this job is that it is working in an atmosphere that I love. With pizzas around me to: eat, smell and serve, how bad can it be?

My flippers gently nudged the diner doors open; what I saw next sent a chill down my spine..