My Club Penguin Perception

Hello everyone!

This is just a random post inspired by what I do on this blog. I felt that it has been a while since I did a similar post on this, discussing how my Club Penguin blogging is from a different perspective than anyone else’s. Well since I, probably, have new readers and new aims, I felt that it would be appropriate to share with you how I visualise Club Penguin blogging and why I blog in a different way than most people, usually do.

The Blue Blog Icon

So I first started off my Club Penguin blogging by posting regular updates that I wanted to share with the community. Every time Club Penguin would post something on their blog, I would try to echo the message on my own. Though I managed to gain some popularity and attention with this style of blogging, I didn’t like it at all (if I were totally honest). Why? Because you feel so concealed and suppressed with what you can do. You are restricted to the facts that you are practically “reposting” and I found that such a struggle; it bored me all the time. This also put me off my voluntary work on other people’s blogs. Most of my time was taken up to – literally – stare at Club Penguin for every hour of every day waiting for an update to be posted. And then this would lead onto that game where every CLub Penguin blog races to see who would be able to post it first; it was kind of annoying. No offence to some of the bloggers who hired me, but I also felt so pressured which is something I do not want when I blog because it just makes me stressed and defeats the object of blogging, in my opinion. Why blog about something when you are not even having fun? You don’t get paid. You are likely to be noticed only by the community. It takes a lot of time and effort. But if you make it fun, it is definitely worth it!

So I thought “how would I be able to cope with this for as long as I continue my blogging?”. I had no idea how to answer this question which made me think deeper about what blogs are all about. A blog defines you. In my opinion, every blog should have their own “personality” which reflects who you are and what you think of everything around you. Therefore I began to think how cool it would be to start something totally new. I wanted to pursue a new goal and that was to post about stuff I wanted to talk about other than just repeating what the Club Penguin blog give to us. As a result, this inspired me to move to WordPress where I could continue my blogging with a fresh aim that motivated me. From then on, I started to produce new and exciting posts that I loved making such as Island Discussions, Community Collabs and Waddle Guides (previously known as ‘Weekly Waddle Guides’). As new, unique topics began to grow and expand, I changed the name of my blog from ‘Blue’s Blog’ to ‘The Blue Blog’! Why did I do this? I did this because I wanted my blog to sound like its own thing. ‘Blue’s Blog’ shows property and I felt that it would be cooler if it sounded like it existed as its own thing so that it is not just a blog that I own. Plus, it sounds way more interesting!

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Community Collab: Rarity

Hey everyone!

So, ever since the release of the ‘Biggest Penguin Style Catalog Ever’, a lot of debating has been going on. Some hate mixed with some love for the new catalog. Personally, I support the release of this catalog since I don’t believe in rare items being so valuable that they should never be obtained again. There are acceptable circumstances with the Beta Hat, Anniversary Hats, Exclusive party items but most of the time, clothing items are clothing items and the reason why people value the old ones is because it would make the penguin look more “cool”. I think this is totally wrong since no matter how old you are in the real world, people don’t judge you from fashion and even though it is different with virtual worlds, how old you are can be portrayed through words and thoughts.

I know quite a few old penguins. Some of them are proud to be one of the first penguins to set foot in Club Penguin and there is nothing wrong with that at all. I know other older penguins who don’t care much about how long they have been on Club Penguin and that is fine too. But when there is the odd penguin who think they have the opportunity to become someone unique and different to everyone, out becomes a bit out of hand. Everyone should be unique and different and this is partly why the biggest catalog ever was released. Clothing items are there to make people to be who they want to be so I think everyone should have access to them. It may ruin the exclusiveness of them but what makes the most of old times on Club Penguin are memories! Not all the time do you need to have an item to honor something special to you and even though people may not believe you, you can prove it with primary experience!

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I Have Joined RiffyCP!

Yes, it is true!

Hey there!

Today I have been very excited about my first post on RiffyCP. I had been recruited a few days ago by Riffy8888 and Happyblue128, and to me, it felt like an honour to accept the offer. I knew that they were hiring authors but I never knew that I would be one of the lucky few to be invited.

RiffyCP is a popular Club Penguin Cheats website so it is definitely a different experience for me. The Blue Blog is all about blogging from another perspective from any other website however what I will be producing on RiffyCP, in the future, are update posts that are relevant to Club Penguin news. It is good practice for me so I am glad that I took the opportunity to do something unique from what I usually do – all things unique!


I would like to thank Riffy8888 and Happyblue125 for inviting me and I hope that my experience will be awesome with an amazing team. Look out for my posts on RiffyCP and check out my introduction/news post here! I may also be responsible for some page updates on the website to keep it fresh. Hopefully I would get round to updating some of the fun pages on RiffyCP to make it an enjoyable visit for anyone.

Thank you for reading this little update and I hope you are as thrilled as I am!

Waddle On!


“Home Sweet Home”

Hello everyone!

I thought it was time to introduce you to another Waddle Guide! Now, one of my favourite things to do in Club Penguin is igloo decorating since it can help pass the time and every time I do it, I feel proud. In this guide I would like to share some tips with you on igloo decorating and how you can make most of furniture items. Every single one of them should be appreciated in the best way for some clever and well thought-out arrangements.

My current igloo design has been with me for a while now. I am not planning on dramatically changing it either but maybe the odd tweak now and then will make it even better for me. Other people might find my igloo a bit boring and I understand that everyone have different preferences but one of my favourite themes to go for is a neutral look. Exactly, neutral is kind of boring when you hear it but the thing I like most about it, is that it helps to transform your igloo into a home that you feel comfortable in, like your real house. Sometimes I am inspired by some of the interior in my real house therefore I try to integrate it into my igloo for a homely feel that makes me feel relaxed. I am kind of a ‘Home Sweet Home’ kind of Penguin so any furniture you find in the house will be my target. Here is my igloo:

My Igloo

You can probably identify the vibe I have been talking about. I have all of the household necessities*: a kitchen, a lounge, a dining table, my blogging corner, and a fireplace. If you dig my kind of style, then consider using plant pots and wall paintings for an edge that makes your igloo even prettier.

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