Almost Two

Hello everyone!

If you weren’t aware already, my blogging career is soon from hitting its two year anniversary. I started blogging on the 18th of May 2014 on a website called LegoPuffle CP Cheats. I was only a part time blogger for a few months until I started dedicating most of my time to my blog which I created a few days later. Then, it was called ‘Blue’s Blog’!

Anyway, we are just over a month away until I reach my 2nd anniversary and so I think it would be cool to celebrate it by doing something really special. One of those things could be a classic Club Penguin tradition of throwing a party next month but I want to know if that is what you want. I have thrown around two or three parties since I joined the Twitter community so – as you can tell – the party will not be that legendary however a party can be fun so I would appreciate it if you comment below or let me know on Twitter if you would be interested if I decided to hold a party. In the past, my parties have not been that popular but now that I know more of you it might turn out differently!

Another idea is to conduct a post that any of you would want me to do. It could be an ultimate long Island Discussion on a mystery of your liking or it could be a montage of art for me to create and post on this blog. Obviously, there is likely to be different suggestions so I would just pick the most popular one. Instead of giving you options, I will leave that for you to decide if you comment below.

A possible suggestion is to do a YouTube video! I have not done these in a while only because my videos are not exactly the best of quality. If you don’t mind a Bandicam watermark at the top of the video then be my guest to suggest a video that you want me to do. A Club Penguin Documentary? A Comedy? A Music Video? Or something else? Let me know in the comments! This year, however, I will not be able to do a giveaway only because I don’t actually get paid for doing this since my hosting is free. If I did pay for this website’s property, I would use the funds from the money I earn from this blog however I am afraid that’s impossible for now.

So what do you want me to do? Feel free to comment down any wacky or awesome ideas in the comments below so that I can make this year’s anniversary a blast and something very special! Let as many people as you can about this for more ideas and votes so that I can make some stuff happen. Thank you!

Waddle On!

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2 thoughts on “Almost Two

  1. A party would be fun, but a YouTube video would be exciting! Why not try that out?
    You can use OBS(obsproject,com) to record. 😉

    P.S.- Nice to see that your blog has grown 🙂

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