Island Discussion #20: Not Quite

Hey everyone!

First of all, I apologise for not being very on the ball lately. You know blogging means a lot to me so I try my best to keep my Blog fresh. However it can be very difficult to find time to throw a post in now and then but as you may know, already, my posts are not the most frequent because I care more about what I post than time. On a happier note, you may have noticed that this is my 20th Island Discussion! Thank you for supporting these posts and I hope you have found them intriguing and unique.

Now, onto today’s topic!

I, as well as many other penguins, am very excited about this year’s 10th Anniversary. The celebration is amazing and all of that time waiting for a stronger party paid off for sure! The 10th Anniversary Party is very different compared to all the other parties; it’s more like a trip down Waddle Lane! Now, I didn’t join Club Penguin until 2008 so I know all of the latest ones but it is so cool to finally relive the past and feel like a younger penguin – like I was, over 7 years ago! It is an amazing experience where a variety of mascots turn up as well. And the party introduces us to the Mascbots!

The Mascbots were created by Gary (of course) and they are designed to feed penguins about the island’s past! They look awesome but something about them is not quite so right. Read this newspaper article and you will see…

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Island Discussion #19: August

Hey everyone!

In today’s Island Discussion, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about what we can expect this August seeing that we have only just started the month and it does seem to be an interesting one from what I have gathered so far. Megg – Community Manager of Club Penguin – has been experimenting with a few ways to reveal what players can expect with a particular month. In June, it started off with a calendar which was very revealing but many players wanted one of these every month. I felt that these weren’t the best technique so Megg tried something different in July: A few images, words and phrases. Funny enough, not even all of the listed things to look forward to happened so July was only well known for the Inside Out Party and the first #ProectSuperSecret sneak peek. For August, Megg decided to create anagrams of each phrase for a twist. In some ways, I respect this idea more than the others since it gives player a challenge to be able to find out what to expect and several of them were quite hard to solve. However with the on-going support from the community, we managed to find them out quite quickly! If you are not looking for spoilers on what to expect this August, then I am afraid that this post is not for you. Sorry!

1. idd uoy nitoec?!
2. nsfhiao ecaf off (senak epek)
3. nfiipdeshr day
4. epluff rhladne emte-up
5. attiilnrnnaeo cta ady
6. einntrtnoaila eshnlfdrate yad
7. sretrpeeepcousjrtc nekas eekp
8. igtsebg laoatgc rvee
9. teh safoinh elsavtif
10. emweraonlt ayd
11. tanu itccra eetm-pu

Above is the list of anagrams! In this post I am going to translate each one and discuss what these mean and explore what we can expect. The first one is ‘Did you notice?!’. At first I looked at this one and assumed that the following list of anagrams were related to this phrase however it was confirmed by Megg (via the comments section) that this is going to be an upcoming post on the Club Penguin Blog where the team are going to reveal some little changes that occurred to the Club Penguin app. I do believe that these changes have already occurred with the release of the Inside Out Party however I am not entirely sure if I am true. I know that one of the changes is that they have animated the bell on the reception desk within the lobby inside of the Puffle Hotel. Apparently if you walk next to it, it should automatically DING!

There must be other changes that are going to be revealed in this post. It makes me wonder why Club Penguin are paying attention to these little details on the app. What about the web version? Perhaps this posts says a lot more about the future of Club Penguin as well as what changes have occurred. With Club Penguin focusing on the app with these changes, does this confirm that the app is going to have some kind of priority over the web version in the future. What do you think?

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The Blue Blog: Turning One!


Hello everyone!

The Blue Blog is turning one really soon and I think that this occasion deserves to be celebrated with you guys! It has been an amazing journey throughout my blogging career and I hope it was for the best. This hobby has always been a passion of mine, especially when there is an amazing community to support you along the way. There has been quite a lot of things accomplished in one year and I am proud of them and I will, hopefully, continue to accomplish more things within the coming year.

This party is practically designed to say thank you for an amazing journey and it is here to celebrate my Blog’s “birthday”. In addition, it has been quite a while since my last party so it would be interesting to throw another one to see how it goes. I will leave the invitation later in this post but it is probably a good idea for me to brief what will be included within the party!

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The Blue Blog: Turning One!

Hey everyone!

I am so excited to announce that I am going to throw a party in honor of The Blue Blog turning one year old! I did mention before that I will post the details soon and here I am ready to do so. Below you will find the invite!

The Blue Blog One Year Of Blogging Invite

Please note that anyone can come to this party and that it is going to happen late May. All the details are informed on the invite as well as the times for both British Summer Time and Pacific Daylight Time. If you do not follow any of these times then please feel free to ask me in the comments or on Twitter! If there are several inquiries, I will make another invite which shows many versions of the time the party will occur at.

As you can see, the party kicks off at the Town Centre on Club Penguin. Obviously we will move from room to room to make it a tad more interesting! Throughout the party we can visit igloos and play games like a normal party! Wear anything you like since the party is meant to be fun! There is no theme so just turn up in anything; it works for me. If you would like, wear something blue since it relates to my Blog name however that is up to you if you are a party animal or not!

There is even some giveaways available for both members and non-members! The non-members have a chance to win a ‘1 Month Membership’! I will explain soon what needs to be done to get it. The members have a chance to receive the following:

  • 3 sporty items (bobsled, ski helmet with goggles, skates)
  • a treasure book item
  • 1500 coins

Now, to win these prizes, you are simply put into a draw. It is all pure luck since I will pick a name at random of all the people who attended my party. I will have a system for both members and non-members so I will know your privileges. Hopefully this will be a little bit of fun since you all deserve a reward for celebrating one year of blogging with me! Make sure you turn up at the party otherwise your name will not be counted in the draw!

Just to let you know, The Blue Blog turns one year old on the 20th May however I have thrown the party on the 18th since that was the day I started blogging ever. This was on a website called LegoPuffle CP Cheats!

Thank you for reading this exciting post and I hope to see some of you at my party!