Important Announcement

Hello, everyone!

Today, I have an important announcement to share with you all.

On May 17th, The Blue Blog reached its third year anniversary! I must admit that this last year has gone way too quick. Normally, I would make a post (or a video) to celebrate this milestone in my blogging career, however I have found it very difficult to do so. If you want to know why, I am in the middle of my GCSE exams (which have been going really well so far) and it takes a lot of time to prepare something – alongside vital revision! Also, Club Penguin has been gone for almost 2 months now; obviously I cannot create any party or record any videos using Club Penguin. I am still finding it very hard to realise that it is gone forever.

Anyway, I want to say thank you to everyone who has been reading my blog for 1, 2 or even 3 years, now! Ever since I entered the Club Penguin Twitter community in 2014, I have been able to meet so many lovely people and it has been an honour to make posts for you all, even though I make hardly any! Blogging has been tremendously fun, tiring – and sometimes even frustrating, but that is what makes it rewarding.

Now, I have decided that The Blue Blog has reached its third – and final year.

In the past year, I have always hinted that I am constantly unsure about the future of this blog. I was mainly worried about the closure of Club Penguin and how it would affect The Blue Blog. While that has been an issue, I have come to other conclusions. First of all, The Blue Blog was designed to be a unique reading experience for Club Penguin fans. A lot of the old community has departed with the game, so I think it is fair to say that there is no point in continuing any Club Penguin posts. You may be thinking “But, wait! There’s Club Penguin Island!”. I have decided that I am not going to be blogging about Club Penguin Island on The Blue Blog. Not only is it difficult for me to grasp onto the new ways of sharing mobile apps, but the end of the Club Penguin era makes sense for The Blue Blog to sunset. A new beginning would be kind of lack lustre, considering I don’t see much posts in the long run and I would want it to be something special – not pointless.

Also, things are changing in my life and I am still at that stage where I am on the verge of moving on from Club Penguin – completely. Just to think that I have college a couple of months down the line indicates that it’s time for me to embark on new adventures. However, what only matters now is the reality that The Blue Blog will not be continuing its journey as of today. Technically, the journey ended a while ago, when I stopped making posts, however this is my last post…

The amount of memories I have made through this blog. Blogtober. So Long CP. Island Discussions. Everything.

The Blue Blog was not only a blog where I discussed things related to a game about penguins. It has been a mental journey that has had its ups and downs. I hate to think of it ending on a down, so I want to try and shed some light on this depressing announcement.

The journey of Blue21102 (Mister Blue Sky) has not ended. I still have time left to make even more memories! The Blue Blog has been a way of communicating my journey, but there are new things on the horizon – and I am excited! There is no way I am deleting this blog – ever! I will always keep it up and running since it has been run, entirely, on a free plan; yeah, kind of sad!

If any of you are aware of Penguin Chat: a podcast hosted by Daisydoo14 and I, make sure you stay tuned for the Season 1 finale podcast, which will be a livestream towards the end of May/beginning of June. It was meant to happen a lot earlier, however time has been a difficult competition. During the podcast, we will talk about Club Penguin (Island), The Blue Blog and we will talk to all of you who will watch it through a Q & A! I am hoping it will be a lot of fun and it will be the last Penguin Chat episode for a while.

Thank you to everyone who has read my posts, shared my posts, liked my posts and been a part of my posts. The Blue Blog has improved me, as a person and I am thankful for its existence. This is goodbye from The Blue Blog.

Waddle On!



Why I Took a Break

Hello, everyone.

Recently, I decided to take a break from Twitter.

There is actually more than one reason for this and I have decided to tell you what those are and how it could affect my future.

I have only told you one reason, publicly. Basically, I am quite an academic person. In a month, my GCSE exams officially begin and these are very important to me since they have some sort of impact on my future. They determine what kind of person I appear to be when I move on to college and university. I want to succeed in my GCSEs and, so far, I believe I have confidence and I really hope I can continue to aim high. So, that’s the main and evident reason.

The other reason is that I am exhausted. Ever since January, I have been increasingly more attached to Club Penguin because it was close to shutting down, at the time. I organised the So Long CP project and that was a lot of hard work. It was a project I was really proud of but it got too much for me. It was just so big!

I was overwhelmed by the responsibilities but I carried on and I think it was a successful project. However, the aftermath has been a bit different that what I expected it to be.

Although I treat this project as a success, I still think that there was no achievement. Normally, when you accomplish something, you get that sense of pride. Unfortunately, I haven’t felt that. So, when I look back on these past few months, I just sigh and bother myself about this issue.
Operation: Shadow, for example, took ages and ages to organise. It was so stressful and lots of sacrifices were made to push it forward. While I was happy with the result of the project, there was no “completion” feeling. I doubt that many of you have even heard of it. Let’s just say, the videos didn’t get a lot of views. Nor did the meet-ups get a lot of attention. It was quite a disappointing turnout for that particular project within So Long CP – and it happened to be the most time consuming out of all of them.

Therefore, I look back on Operation: Shadow and think “was it really worth it?”. I don’t think it was.

Then there’s Penguin Chat: the weekly podcast hosted by Daisydoo14 and I.

Penguin Chat is also something that is on the back of my mind a lot. We created this podcast to have fun and it has been fun recording with new guests every week, so far. Again, the process behind it is a little more complicated than you think. And – of course – there has not been a lot of interest in it. Even though a lot of people asked for it and agreed with it, the turnout has once again been undelivered.

I am now…exhausted.

Sometimes I feel that I work too hard for something that isn’t even worth it. Working on projects, like these, mean sacrifices! Now, I have realised that those sacrifices are too big of a risk to take. Which is underwhelming and very depressing to think.

I took a break because I have to recover from these falls. On the outside, I may be the positive Blue you like to think me as. However, on the inside, I am feeling blue and a bit depressed. I am just lucky that I have some really supportive friends who have helped me through this stressful time. I mainly want to give Daisydoo14 a shoutout for being considerate and understanding.

I apologise that this wasn’t a happy post, but I just wanted you all to know the truth. Now, I have decided to cut down on my ambitious attitude and be simple, especially in a community like this one. There’s just competition everywhere you go, whereas I don’t want that; I just want to find happiness in the community.

Hopefully, this break will help me. When I return this Summer, I did have something I wanted to work on, but now I am in doubt after So Long CP and Operation: Shadow. I will miss a lot of you. I will miss being on Twitter.

I just want to try and pursue my manner outside of Club Penguin so that I can be happier and find appreciation.

Thank you for reading.

Waddle On!



Hello, everyone!

I hope the new year has been going well for you! Don’t worry, we only have 363 more days of 2017 so it will go faster than you think. Anyway, I am giving you an update! If you saw yesterday’s post, you would remember I gave you a taster of what this year has in store for this blog. Exciting stuff… Today, I am going to address to you some changes which you should be aware of.

Firstly, I am now Mister Blue Sky. Nice to meet you! It’s the same old penguin but now I have a snazzy name to lighten things up. You can still call me Blue, by the way. I would actually prefer that. Hopefully, this change will not affect a lot of things. I’m sure most of you will be able to go with it and grow attached to the name – alongside me. So, that’s change number one!

Secondly, we have change number two! New posts. Not just the ones you expect every loading_screen_pizzamonth, though. Some of them will be different since I am experimenting with a few ideas. Hopefully, it will result in more posts for you all because some will be smaller than my usual content. I think mixing things up would be a great change but once I get your feedback on it, I will confirm whether these posts will return. In that case, expect some new things to arrive this month.

Thirdly, there will be a new style! Club Penguin Island is close to launch so my blog needs a new makeover in order to suit up for it. This makeover won’t be too huge; it will involve new colours, fonts and an atmosphere. There will be a new logo to keep things fresh for the new year. Don’t you worry about anything! My blog will still be bright, bold and friendly! In fact, it will be more! Just keep your eyes peeled. I’m sure you’ll notice the changes either way.

Fourthly, I will be publishing my new vision. What is a vision, you ask? The vision is what sums up The Blue Blog. How would you describe my blog? It’s pretty much that! It’s the same old: “The Unique One.” But it is going to be given a bit more flesh. Club Penguin Island will not be the only thing I will cover on this blog so I need you to all be aware of this. The Blue Blog is a blog about whatever it wants to be about. Club Penguin is a big passion of mine loading_screen_shovelwhich is why I love to blog about it. I happen to holster other passions which I would love to share with you all. It may even appeal to new people who are not part of the Club Penguin Community. Basically, I’m interested in widening my audience so that’s what I am aspiring to do this year. If you have any queries about this, do not be hesitant and let me know them all in the comments section.

That’s about it! Not all of these changes are going to happen at once but they will happen soon enough. I have even more changes planned throughout the coming months and I will let you know more about these changes when the time comes. For now, enjoy the new year and look forward to what I have planned. Thanks for reading!

Waddle On!

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Mister Blue Sky 

The Mean Project

Hello everyone!

Yeah, the truth hurts a lot of the time. Club Penguin seems to be routing a course which a lot of the community will find difficult to follow. If you haven’t heard the news, Project: Super Secret will not allow us to transfer our history to the new game. That means we cannot keep our coins, our clothing, our items, our stamps and our buddies. Although it may not sound that bad  (because we get to keep our names, apparently) it is quite depressing to hear. Especially when Club Penguin, on the PC, will shut down soon because of issues with Chrome not supporting Flash and probably because Project: Super Secret means a “new start”. As a result, all the things we have earned along the previous 10 years have become a lot more sentimental to us and now we know that we will lose them once Club Penguin comes to an end. It really is a sad thing to hear.

To be honest, I knew that Club Penguin will be ending anytime soon and I was preparing for what to expect. I mean, 10 years is a great lifespan of a virtual world and soon after its 10th anniversary, I was slowly anticipating the news to break out that Club Penguin will be reaching the end of its journey (on PC). It turns out that in August 2016, Spike Hike confirmed that Club Penguin will be discontinued – online – at some point but the team are discussing the broader picture.

The thing that really bugs me about all of this news is that Club Penguin isn’t leaving the world with a bang. Now we know that we will be losing all of our items and inventory, it makes it even worse and it annoys me especially since the Club Penguin community have pushed Club Penguin this far, yet it feels like our dedication to this game hasn’t been valued. I understand that Club Penguin are trying their best to do what’s right for the community, but it really feels like they are focusing on the younger audience too much. Little did I know that Project: Super Secret appears to be mobile only. Apparently, a lot of the younger audience prefer to play Club Penguin on their mobile and that is why Club Penguin are abandoning PC. If that is the truth, all we can do it let it depress us but I feel that Club Penguin need to address the full details very soon.

I have been playing Club Penguin ever since 2008 and – most of the time – I have been a member. Almost 8 years of being a member should feel heroic but it really feels deceived and pointless now that we are going to be losing everything we payed for. I feel like no respect it being payed back; some of us will just fade away from the community with nothing to look back on because there will be nothing. From the looks of things, I will be one of those players which means that I will probably retire from Club Penguin and its community.

To prepare myself, I am going to be planning on what I can do with this website next. As of 2017, The Blue Blog will no longer support Club Penguin unless I manage to get a decent phone. Even then, it would be complicated to manage Club Penguin entirely off mobile which is an alien concept to me because I am much more attached to PCs. Therefore, I need new ideas to inspire content on my blog. Over the next few months, I will be thinking.

This week certainly has disheartened me. I have found out a lot of stuff that will mean a lot of life-changing events to occur soon. If you are wondering where my sources are to support the facts I have stated in this post, I advise you check other blogs. This post is more like a pure, on-the-spot reaction to the news that has bombarded us this week. I apologise that this post wasn’t very happy but it’s honest and truly what I have to say. To sum up: I am losing respect for a game which I trusted in making a comforting end to the game. It turns out that it will all be destroyed by what we thought would have been the resurrection of Club Penguin; Project: Super Secret. I think that we have all been deceived. It’s a real shame but all we can do, for now, is wait for a post from Club Penguin.

Instead of arguing with each other on social media, these times require some support from each other so that we can prepare – the best way possible – for our future. Also, it is a good idea to make the most of what we have left of Club Penguin. If you have the time, join in on community events to make memories before they are destroyed. It’s inconvenient but it is something we have to get through together.

Waddle On!


My Decision

Hey everyone!

In my last post, I was explaining to you how difficult it is for me to find time for Club Penguin in my life. I was mainly talking about how my dedication to Club Penguin and my blog has started to decay as time goes on since I find that my time becomes limited almost all the time. Like lots of other people, I have priorities such as education, family and other hobbies I dedicate my time to. Blogging has only been one of my recent hobbies as of two years ago. So I have thought a lot about it and I have made a decision.

I am going to break it down:

Club Penguin

Club Penguin is going to go through a lot of changes in the future. Project: Super Secret will transform it and hopefully make it better! My dedication to Club Penguin, however, does not just rely on this. Time is the main factor; when I don’t have it, I cannot play Club Penguin. Therefore it is difficult to judge when I play Club Penguin. I have always been interested in its parties so I will try to log on to experience the new parties and collect items to expand my inventory too. I also find that Club Penguin lifts my mood so when I can go on it, I will do my best to spend time with my buddies to make most of the time.


Over the last few days, I have come to realize how attached I have become to Twitter. For nearly two years it has been part of my routine so it is going to mean changes if I just abandon it. Fortunately, I am not a big fan of changes. So I will just rely on myself to keep logging on to Twitter when I am bored. Besides, who can not resist checking out the latest trends within the community? Without Twitter, I feel restricted so the least I could do is log onto it often to see what is going on. Plus, I have so many amazing friends who I do not want to lose. Maybe I won’t tweet so often (something I am surprisingly good at) but I will still be there now and then. Also my Twitter is also connected with my blog so when a new post arrives, Twitter is there to share it with all of you. But what is going to happen to my blog?

The Blue Blog

I have always stressed how unique my blog can be compared to other blogs on Club Penguin. Instead of posting daily updates issuing any Club Penguin related news, I post my own authentic ideas that some of you have grown to like. From what some of you have been saying to me recently (about my blog), I feel flattered and very proud. To know that some of you will miss my Island Discussion tears me a bit since I also loved making Island Discussions too! But when can I find the time?

What if I just keep things the way they were before? In fact, my blog was never meant to promise any fluency with my posts. If you read the welcome page, it mentions how I feel much more comfortable to post “what I like, when I like”. This means that I will strive to produce unique and original content when I can and that basically brings across the message. The reason why I am suddenly iterating this now is because over the last few months my blog was beginning to take on a new route with new posts always around the corner and even though it sounded like a solid plan, it was never meant to be. That is clearly my own fault since I was not aware of the power of time. Also I am getting to an age where exams can have a lot of responsibility for what I could do in the future and I do not want to mess this up. Therefore I dedicate a lot more of my time to revision in preparation for these exams.

On the whole, I can promise you one thing. The Blue Blog is not yet at its end. I will try to post when I can but now you know that you cannot always rely on the time I have in my hands. It’s almost as if I am juggling, most of the time, as I gain more responsibilities. So what I said in my last post echoes a similar message but now you know for sure!

In case you found all of that difficult to understand, I will now present to you a basic refinement – in big font – of my decision.

“I am staying in the community but I will not seem active on all occasions. I will strive to post content when I can and I will try to engage with the Twitter Community when it is possible.”

So there you have it! If you have any questions at all, please let me know in the comments and I will respond to them. Thank you very much for your continued support and time to read this post. I am happy to stay a blogger for all of you – please don’t expect a lot, though! XD

Waddle On!

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