Blogtober #1: And so it begins…

Hello, everyone!

You are reading my first blog post for Blogtober. Blogtober is an event that I have made for this blog. Usually, my schedule for this blog is all over the place but introducing an event like this can change that (well, for a month at least). That’s right! I will be making one post for every day in October. For me, this is more like a challenge because I have never done anything like this before but, for you, it may be a nice surprise. That’s kind of what I am hoping, anyway.

Another thing to keep in mind is that every post that I do will be of similar taste. Think of each one like a diary entry. Due to my restricted time, I can allow myself only 30 minutes of time, a day, to write a post for Blogtober. In some ways, this is convenient because a diary entry is only short. Because of this, you will not be seeing the usual blog topics for 31 days. Instead, I will set up a new topic called ‘Blogtober’! I will make a page where you can access all of my Blogtober posts so that you can never miss any of them.

Within each post I make, I will aim to include at least one picture or image to keep the posts exciting and more vibrant. To help me accomplish this, I will log onto Club Penguin each day (starting October 1st) until Halloween so that I will be able to take screenshots for my posts. This way, each post is specific to an experience that I encountered on that day so you will be treated with a daily surprise every time you visit this blog.

On Twitter, I may ask some friends to join me (it depends on what time I have) so that my experiences will be even more exciting! Furthermore, everyone knows how exciting October is going to be. Already, the Halloween Party has begun and there will be Club Penguin’s 11th Anniversary celebration as we approach the end of this month. In addition, my birthday is also this month so I will make sure that I will include a post where I highlight my best party moments for you all. If you are on Twitter, be sure to check out my invitation for it! I would love to see as many penguins as possible to come along!

It has almost been half an hour since I started typing this post so I will quickly summarise a highlight from today’s experience online.

While I was in the Club Penguin Times Office, I was greeted by two penguins: Bill 15 2 76 and Jess0426! Instead of continuing my secret project, I happily joined them on a Halloween Tour across the whole island! We carved the Iceberg into a pumpkin, we went on a Halloween Parade and watched Night Of The Living Sled. It was a spooktacular experience and I really enjoyed it.

I am very thankful for both of them; they made my day a lot more exciting than what I was planning and I hope that random experiences – like this – will continue to occur across October.

So that was my first day of Blogtober! Did you enjoy it? Make sure you come back to my blog every single day until 31st October for daily entries of my Club Penguin experience, this October. See you tomorrow!

Waddle On!




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