Staying Social

Hello everyone!

I thought that it was time to share with you a new Waddle Guide as it’s been ages since the previous Waddle Guide I posted on here. In this Waddle Guide, I am going to stress how important it is to be involved in a community that surrounds Club Penguin. Whether you are just an ordinary penguin who waddles on the island or an active penguin who participates in online social networking, there are qualities that can make you the best penguin you can be.

First of all, you need to make yourself interesting. Club Penguin is full of penguins that can be so different to each other depending on their age or actions. However, maintaining an authentic title can make you much more sociable in the community. Obviously, it can be very difficult to make yourself original since Club Penguin has a massive community but not everyone will know you unless you start off small. For example, being kind and considerate to other penguins are some stepping stones that will lead you further on into your journey as a penguin. Even though Club Penguin allows friends to communicate through chat rooms, it does not limit you from making new friends and that is where social skills are key. So start off being kind and friendly to familiarise yourself with others online; in no time, you will feel much more comfortable and (hopefully) other penguins will value your time.


Secondly, you need to make your penguin purposeful. This means that everything you do online has a reason or a purpose. This can help you interact with new penguins since everyone around you will know what you are like and what you are about. A few examples include role-playing and igloo advertising. Role-playing is a popular aspect of community within Club Penguin and it allows penguins to bond together – rapidly – through imagination and creativity: available in everyone’s flippers. Igloo advertising shows that you are someone who is looking for some friends or someone who is determined to get as much igloo likes as they can. If they often invite penguins to their igloo, other people will begin to acknowledge them more which makes them a noticeable penguin. Do not assume that a rare amount of penguins do this since they are very popular methods. Plus, you do not need to be popular to everyone in the community, as long as you stay social with your neighbouring penguins.

Thirdly, a penguin who wants to become a social companion needs to be the perfect role model. This is because penguins need someone to look up to so that they can learn from the idol’s actions which, therefore, influences their own actions. To be a perfect role model, you need to show that you are passionate about Club Penguin and you follow their rules. This includes no: swearing, bullying or any type of offences that can harm other players in the community. Instead, you need to inspire people and allow them to approach to you when they want to socialise. I know a lot of penguins in the community that, naturally, allow this to happen because of all of their qualities. It feels rewarding as well, especially when you know that you have responsibility to maintain a positive attitude to Club Penguin and its community. On the other hand, it may also be difficult to master depending on your time for Club Penguin and your commitment to it. There is no problem – at all – with having a life besides Club Penguin, so we all know that it takes a lot of responsibility to deliver these skills and inspire others. These challenges are naturally taken on throughout time so it is not crucial; it can be very impressive, though.

Aunt Arctic with Book.png

So why is it important to stay social with everyone around you? Let me make this clear: it is not all about being popular. Popularity is determined by your actions but it may not stably follow a pattern since the community is so big and, unfortunately, only a small amount of penguins can get recognised for their pleasing efforts. Anyway, it is mainly about who you know personally and who is around you. As you develop your social skills, more and more people will get to understand you which is why, in some cases, you become popular role models. You do not need to be famous to inspire, though. People are likely to appreciate you even if it actions you commit to, locally. No matter what your status is in the community, you should always feel the same way about the way you act and socialise and people will love you for it.

You will never be alone even if it means only a couple of penguins stick with you along the way. Being able to communicate online to opaque identities is something truly amazing to cherish so every little thing can mean a lot to you. Stay social in the community to inspire others and to make you become a better penguin. You may not be recognised for it all the time, but everything you do makes a difference…and you should be proud!


Thank you very much for reading and I hope that you have learned something from today’s Waddle Guide. Just to clarify, I am not a professional psychologist who knows a lot about community. I am just expressing my personal thoughts from what I have learned since I was just an emerging penguin in the community. Though, I hope you found some kind of value to it whether you disagree with my thoughts on the community. Please feel free to let me know what you think about staying social in such a big community such as Club Penguin.

Waddle On!



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