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Welcome to my projects! I always enjoy projects because they occupy my time in fun and interesting ways. Stay tuned for several projects to occur throughout 2017.

Thanks for stopping by!


Blogtober 2017

After the success of this project in 2016, Blogtober will return this October but it will be better than ever! Come back here in September to find out more about this project.

Penguin Chat

Penguin Chat

Now, before you ask, Penguin Chat is not what you think it is. You may be thinking of RocketSnail’s old test virtual world. Funnily enough, Penguin Chat is now a podcast series created by Blue21102 and Daisydoo14. We both asked RocketSnail for permission to use the name and he was totally cool with it (thanks Lance Priebe!). On this weekly podcast, we will be discussing anything about Club Penguin, or maybe even penguins in general! Every new week, however, there will be a new guest. The great thing about this project is that we will be able to meet new people and share our thoughts about Club Penguin/ Club Penguin Island. Hopefully, this series will keep going for a while.


Operation: Shadow

Operation: Shadow started off as a small project within So Long CP, but it turned into so much more. It is a story-driven EPF operation written by Daisydoo14, Nina1059 and Blue21102. The purpose of this operation was to reunite the icon mascots of Club Penguin, one final time, before Club Penguin ends. As the project developed, there was voice acting incorporated into it and it became such an exciting experience. Not only were there videos but there were meet-ups, affiliated with this operation, which took place on Club Penguin. In that way, the Club Penguin community were more engaged with it. You can watch Operation: Shadow here!


So Long CP

So Long CP is a project founded by myself. This project involves uniting the Club Penguin community in a BIG way before the game ends this year. Starting on the 28th January is the Kickoff party. From then on, keep an eye out for different events which will take place on weekends across the next couple of months. These will range from parties and tournaments to expeditions. However, it is not just me who is managing this project; I have several other pals helping me out! This project also involves a lot of your cooperation and teamwork so feel free to let me know if you want to help out. Stay tuned for the launch of the ‘So Long CP’ page. For now, check the blog regularly for updates on events or check out the official So Long CP Twitter page @SoLongCP.


Blogtober 2016

Blogtober was an original project created by myself. I think of it more as a challenge: to blog 31 posts in the month of October. That is 1 post per day! Normally, the schedule is not tight at all on this blog which is why I thought it was time to change that for a month. For each post, there was some kind of story and it turned out that, by the end of the month, all of the daily stories linked up. I found it exhausting to do but lots of memories were made and it was very popular! Blogtober will return…


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