Rare Records

Hello everyone!

It was only yesterday when I realized how much I actually miss DJ3K. If you were not a penguin who was around on Club Penguin when this game existed, DJ3K was a music making element found in the Dance Club (previously: Night Club) behind the turntable. Currently, it has been replaced by SoundStudio which is an “upgraded” version of it. Both of these games use sampling to create music. Sampling is where pre-recorded tracks (samples) can be selected and looped. More than one sample at a time can be selected to layer up music that constantly loops and changes rhythm until you switch to more samples. I have always loved DJ3K and I also love SoundStudio too because creating music on Club Penguin can be a fun and rewarding ritual. The best part? You can share your music with everyone else online via the Dance Club and even within your igloo.

So, I have decided to attempt to make this feature more popular by encouraging as many people as possible to come along to my first ever community event…Rare Records! At this event, penguins can meet at the Dance Club and listen to each others’ SoundStudio mixes. The most exciting part is that we can visit each others’ igloos to listen to some rare and nostalgic DJ3K mixes, as well as more SoundStudio mixes. This way, we can listen to full-feature length music pieces and enjoy what we have to share. If you have some archived DJ3K tracks, maybe you would like to share them at this party!

At this party, you can also decorate your igloo with musical decorations to add to the atmosphere. It would also be a great opportunity to increase your igloo likes and a great way to meet new people who you can meet up with in the future. Now, because this is my first – ever – community event, it may not be as amazing as some of the others. If this one goes well (hopefully it will) I may consider hosting more of these parties throughout the year so everyone gets to share their music! 

Below are the party details.

Rare Records Party

The party starts at 12:00 PST (20:00 BST) on Saturday, 20th August. It will take place on the server: Marshmallow, at the Dance Club – to begin with. As more and more people start to arrive, we will move on to igloos to hear all of your amazing records.

Are you excited? If you are, it would be awesome if you could use the hashtag #RareRecords on social media to promote the party so that we can get as many people, as possible, involved.

This party could turn out to be a lot of fun and I think it is quite different too so the experience may be unique and interesting. Be sure to let me know any questions you have by tweeting me @Blue21102 or leaving them in the comments section below. I hope that the timings are convenient for the majority of you but if, for some reason, they are not I may rearrange the times so that they best suit the Club Penguin community. I can’t wait to hear what you think! 

Waddle On!

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SoundStudio Improvisation

Hello everyone!

SoundStudio is an amazing tool that allows me to create some catchy beats for my igloo. This tool also allows everyone to share their own music with each other which is pretty awesome. It may seem like a random post, but I just want to tell everyone how you can make good use of your time when you are bored on Club Penguin.

When I don’t know what to do on Club Penguin, I usually waddle around the island, randomly. Sometimes I play mini-games but then I find that I would like to do something relaxing and fun. I guess igloo decorating is one of those fun activities I do now and then but there is something even better for those who are musicians out there. I tend to love music a lot! Whenever I hear something, my foot starts tapping or my body starts wiggling and it is all because of how my body reacts to music. This probably only happens to a small portion of people, though. Anyway, everyone should love music because it is just something to hear. You don’t even need to use your eyes to see music. It’s brilliant how sounds can have an impact on our mood. So whenever I am feeling down or bored on Club Penguin, the Dance Club is the place to go. If you want, go to a server to hear some penguin beats however I normally go to a quieter server where the population is very sparse.

Instead of listening to other people’s music, I make my own. I rarely save my music since I want to make music over the 3 minute limit. What I do, is pick a genre (Pop is my favourite) and then I just mess around with the buttons. I avoid the one-sound buttons just because I want to make something looped and fluent. In other words, I improvise on SoundStudio. This can take me around 10 minutes which is quite a long time to listen to one thin strand of music however I just find it therapeutic – especially when there are no vocals in it. Just instruments.

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Sharing Creativity

Hey everyone!

Today I have a Waddle Guide for you to read and I think it is an interesting topic which will, hopefully, inspire you to open your minds more. One of the best things about the Club Penguin team is that it allows such creativity to be noticed and showcased. For example, they offer everyone in the community to submit fan art for monthly ‘Featured Fan Art’ videos. There is also the legendary Club Penguin Times Newspaper which encourages talented penguins from around the community to submit in their own jokes, fan art and a question for Aunt Arctic. I find that the Club Penguin Times is another way to help people get involved and this is yet another method from the team. What does this tell us? It tells us that Club Penguin care about it’s community and try to find many way to value everyone the best they can.

Let’s think about more examples. There is the Penguin of the Week award that is given to one lucky penguin who was nominated by one or more of their friends. I think this one is special since it shows everyone how valuable friendship is and helps the community to appreciate things more such as helpful penguins who do something special in aid of someone else. Another example includes recognition for Club Penguin Blogs. I do believe that the team check out as many Blog as they can to receive feedback and to take in any notes on anything we blog about. This helps to motivate people (like me) to blog more to you and to still keep on producing posts that are fun.

If we think more about in-game, some great hobbies to help share your creativity would be music making with SoundStudio and Igloo Designing. SoundStudio is an amazing game that helps you make music by using sampled tracks that are pre-made. However the combinations can be different every time because you can do a lot with SoundStudio. After you finish recording some music that you are proud of, people can like it which shows peer support online. Everyone loves visiting the Dance Club – thanks to SoundStudio – because there are some awesome tunes out there for people to hear and dance to. I recommend using SoundStudio more often if you love music!

Igloo Designing was covered in my last Waddle Guide however I think it is worth stating again that igloos are there for personality and creativity. Igloos show visitors what your penguin is like and your igloo is your own piece of land on Club Penguin where you can go wild and create anything you like. Again, you can gain likes from igloo decorating which is something great to be more aware of as it makes you feel proud and more recognised in such a BIG community.

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Blue Reviews: SoundStudio Party

Hello everyone!

Welcome to a ‘Blue Reviews’ on this month’s party. I will be judging the party on four elements: it’s story, the visuals, the content and the durability of the party. As well as tying it all up at the end with a verdict and a score out of ten. If the score is below 2, it is quite a bad party. If the score is between this and 5 then we have an average party with a few disappointments. When the score exceeds 5, we have more good stuff than the bad. 8, 9 or 10 is a very rewarding score! Please enjoy my review on the…


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