Blue Reviews: Club Penguin 2016

Hello, everyone!

The year 2016 is coming to a close. How would we define this year for Club Penguin? Could we say that it is the worst year for Club Penguin – ever? Indeed, it could be. But 2016 has been a very busy year for Club Penguin. Especially these last two months! Also, so much has happened towards the end of this year. Penguins have been able to relive the legendary Music Jam (quite possibly the best one yet) and beta test Club Penguin Island! Therefore, has 2016 really been a terrible year? Perhaps for Club Penguin it has been. But for the community – well – that’s a different story!

I think the best way to conduct a review of 2016 is to work back through the year chronologically. So, I will be starting with January and ending with December. For each month, I will summarise the parties/events that occurred and briefly discuss my thoughts on them. If you want to see more in-depth reviews of the parties this year, feel free to check out ‘Blue Reviews’. Anyway, I hope you will find my review of 2016 interesting!

On January 20th, Club Penguin’s third Prehistoric Party roared back to the island. As usual, Gary brought back the Time Trekker 3000 so that penguins could warp to the prehistoric past. Except for this time, there was a reason for it. This particular party was a continuation of the events that occurred in Operation: Crustacean (November 2015). Long story short, Herbert stole the meteor power source from the UFO so that he could use it for himself. As a result, the EPF decided to go back to the prehistoric era so that penguins could locate power fragments of the meteor and reconstruct a new power source for the UFO, in order to save the alien puffles.

During the party, the main objective was to locate power fragments through Dino Dig. power_fragmentAlongside this, penguins could transform into dinosaurs and adopt dino puffles. Considering that this was the third Prehistoric Party, I wasn’t too intrigued by the party because nothing new was added to any of the rooms. I only attended the party in order to complete the main objective. It didn’t take long to do at all! Although I found that the storyline for this party was strong, I felt that it needed a bit more adaptation. I think this is because this party is only a third of an EPF Operation. Operation: Crustacean started it all and Operation: Tri-Umph ended it all. I think that the team treated each party (involving this storyline) as a mission that contributed to the operation, as a whole, which is why this party felt a bit weightless. It is obvious that the team weren’t totally committed to making this operation the best one yet but that is understandable! January wasn’t a brilliant start to the year, however, I am a fan of their story technique and I wish they used it more often throughout 2016.

On February 10th, Operation: Tri-umph arrived at the island. It seemed that the EPF were very popular at the beginning of 2016! Throughout this party, agents discovered that the power source, that Herbert stole from the UFO, was used to assist Herbert for his plans to bring doom to the island. For each new week of the party, there was a new disturbance. The party started with a surprise dance party! This turned out to be a distraction since Herbert was plotting something a bit darker. He was planning to blast the island,7259 decolourise it and shrink penguins. On week two and three, he managed to accomplish this. But on the third week, agents were able to trek through the cave maze (amazing foreshadowing!) and stop Herbert from initiating destruction. It was a fairly predictable ending but I was rather impressed by the foreshadowing of the cave maze.

In my opinion, this operation was quite weak and incomparable to Operation: Blackout/Puffle. I felt that the atmosphere was not intense enough and it was treated more like a party rather than an operation. There were no assignments at all, except for the final one so there was nothing much to be occupied by. After a couple of days of this event, I was so bored and so I didn’t log back on for a while. It was a shame because it failed to live up to its expectation. At the same time, however, I was expecting the operation to flop. Already, you can tell that 2016 didn’t have a great start and I hate to say that it doesn’t get any better than this.

On March 16th, the Puffle Party began on Club Penguin. This was the eighth puffle party to hit the island and, fortunately, there was something different to do this year! The main objective of the party was to play hide-and-seek with the different puffle species and doing so allowed players to unlock unique puffle-themes clothing which looked cute! The game was spread over a couple of weeks so you would have had to log onto Club Penguin throughout March in order to collect all of the items. In my opinion, this new aspect of the party was good! No other parties used this mechanism so it was a new and exciting experience for players. Also, the puffles were actually hidden; now and then, the hiding Puffle_Party_2016_logo.pngspots would twinkle so it gives players a hint on where to look. As soon as you click the hiding places, it reveals the puffle but there were several of them in each room which made the hunt more interesting. I guess you could say it was challenging compared to the generic scavenger hunts but it wasn’t that difficult, to be honest. Nonetheless, I was delighted to witness a change in the party.

As for the rest of the party, it was pretty much the same as every year. In 2015, the Puffle Party was drastically different because it was story-driven. This year, it was more of a celebration of puffles! All of the puffles were available for adoption which gave lots of players a treat! I don’t think it was a disappointing Puffle Party since it was a pleasing “celebration of the puffle creatures”. The only thing that bothered me was the lack of any new room decorations. To be fair, none of the recent parties delivered anything new but it would have made this party even better if it did. Moreover, there was no replay value in this party – just like most parties in 2016. On the whole, this party gave me hope for the future of 2016. It showed that the team still cared enough about the game. I did mention that the year doesn’t get much better but this party (personally) was one of 2016’s best parties on Club Penguin, despite the fact it lasted for a good 4 weeks.

Moving on to April, the community was treated to an unexpected return to the Wilderness Expedition! In the past, this party was exciting since it was inspired by the reveal of the brown puffle. I guess you could say it acts as a “sequel” to the Puffle Party ’15 because it followed the story of Sam the Sasquatch and where he lives. On April 20th,wildernessexpeditionhint penguins were invited on an expedition to search for the Sasquatch Village. This involved a puzzle where penguins had to work through a forest maze, using clues. The puzzle was relatively easy since I found the clues obvious. Also, the Sasquatch Village was nothing special at all. It was just one room with no interactivity whatsoever. It looked quite bucolic and peaceful but it wasn’t that much of a reward at all. Unfortunately, this (along with the forest maze rooms) was the only party room which the party offered. This was especially disappointing since no other room on the island (except the Dock) was decorated. On the other hand, the Dock was made up of reused decorations from Operation: Blackout – so it was nothing new at all.

On the brighter side, there were new items given out and they were actually pleasing. To add to the expedition feel of the party, these obtainable items were huntable on the quest through the forest maze. In that respect, the party offered something new but the experience was nothing special at all. In my opinion, this party was disappointing. I was expecting something amazing after the success of the storyline during the Puffle Party ’15 but this party, surprisingly, ignored it so it lost out on a lot of potential. At least this party didn’t last for 4 weeks, though.

Next in store for the community was the Zootopia Party, which began on the 18th of May. To put you out of your misery, I’m just going to mention – now – that this party lasted for 7 weeks! That is a very long time; it was so long that the party got us through June and the beginning of July. In that case, penguins were stuck with this party for two months…and it did get boring. Very boring.

First of all, there were no activities to do in the party. You could collect new clothes items nick_and_judy-zootopia-club-penguinspecific to a Zootopia resident. That was the only content which the party offered. Other than that, there were around 7 decorated rooms, overall. By that, I mean that new rooms were added as the party progressed. I am not going to lie; the rooms did look good and appropriate. I would say that the party succeeded at visuals so it did mean that penguins could role-play with ease. However, seeing as this party was a takeover, I don’t think it did much for the success of Zootopia: the movie. It lasted for 7 weeks (which is way too long) and it only showed off some Zootopia inspired rooms. The movie turned out to be one of the highest grossing films this year so it didn’tcivfjikw0aeewca even need this much attention! So, in a nutshell, this party was not great. It was only amusing for the first day of the party and when new rooms arrived, it was worth logging on to visit them. But it was too long and very lack-lustre. In fact, it was probably one of 2016’s worst parties. So far, 2016 has had a rough first half with only some enlightenment in March. Does it get any better?

Not that much, yet.

The Finding Dory Party arrived to the island on July 6th and it lasted for 6 weeks (I don’t think many people were happy). Even though it lasted for that long, it was significantly better than the Zootopia Party. This party actually had some content to offer! There was the generic scavenger hunt which earned players items once they completed the hunts. There were several of them which kept the party active for a couple of weeks. Some of the scavenger hunts were so easy and obvious (due to the poor placement of the objects) but other ones were sensible and intermediate. The obtainable rewards were decent and cute. I guess a lot of people like to dress up as sea creatures because of how vibrant they are!

As for the rooms, I was impressed. There wasn’t a lot of rooms decorated for the party but the Town was decorated simply, yet amazingly! The team listened to some of the dorycommunity and realised that room decorations do not have to transform a room’s appearance. To be fair, the Zootopia Party used the technique for the Plaza and the Town. Anyway, the Town had a water pool that ran across the path and there was seaweed hanging from the buildings to make it feel like a water-logged environment. The Cove and the Iceberg (I know, random choices) were also minimally decorated to spread more underwater atmosphere around the island. I still think that they should have added more decorations to the central rooms of the island. Nonetheless, this technique was appreciated.

I was a fan of the Marine Life Institute as well as the Morro Bay room. I found that this party gave penguins a new experience but it is all down to what the advertised movie was. Luckily for us, it was Finding Dory! Furthermore, I liked the development of the musical emotes! They were quite annoying when penguins used them at the same time but I can’t complain about that because it was such a cool idea! Personally, this party was better than the Zootopia Party but it still didn’t deliver a great experience. The scavenger hunts were weak, overall, and the party went on too long, without a buzz! The reason for this was because it was a takeover. On the whole, authentic Club Penguin parties tend to offer the best experiences to its players because the team can be a lot more creative and flexible with their approach. With a takeover party, there are boundaries so the experiences are always likely to lack something special. Unfortunately, it gets a lot worse than this in August.

The Frozen Fever Party returned to the island on August 17th and lasted until September 28th. I wasn’t happy at all, so weren’t a lot more others. This was the third Frozen party to have taken place on Club Penguin and it was exactly the same as its predecessor. The only thing that was new was the music. Good music, funnily enough. However, the snowflake scavenger hunt was identical to the previous ones. The rooms were all the same and no new ones were added. If this was the first debut of Frozen on Club Penguin, it would haveanna_frozen_fever been a magical experience (like it was in 2014) due to a number of Frozen rooms. But once you have played the same party two times already, playing it for the third time makes it even worse.

The controversy here is that it was a successful party in 2014 and 2015 so the team decided to use it again in 2016. Even though the movie ‘Frozen’ was released in 2013, Club Penguin thought that it would be cool (see what I did elsa_frozen_feverthere?) to let it live on for a few more years. Of course, this was one of their worst decisions but at least it only lasted for 5 weeks. Well, that’s less than 7 weeks so consider yourself lucky. Can you imagine what 7 weeks of Frozen would have been like? I can’t.

Skipping most of poor September, on September 28th, we finally reach Halloween. We also reach the month October: Club Penguin’s (usual) best month of the year. This is because of how great the Halloween Party always turns out to be. This year, it took a bit of a downfall. It was still a decent Halloween Party but it didn’t exceed my expectations. Want to know why? Well, Club Penguin used another scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunts (these days) are never enjoyable due to how easy they are but the team decided to implement one into the Halloween Party and it was nothing special at all. The point of it was that the “spectral sweets” granted penguins the ability to transform into paranormal creatures such as werewolves, vampires and ghosts. In some ways, this was a pointless storyline because the Monster Maker 3000 returned and it didn’t require any of these sweets for fuel. This was a disappointing story element,halloween_party_2016_interface_icon especially when most other Halloween parties excel with a gripping storyline. Nevertheless, the rooms were island-wide and spooky, yet nothing new was added – once again!

Compared to other 2016 parties, this one was definitely a relief! I think that Halloween is one of Club Penguin’s strongest traditions so it never bores me to the see the return of this Party every year. I may have been disappointed this year, but at least I could still enjoy the party since it was traditional and nostalgic.

Towards the end of October, on the 19th, the 11th Anniversary Party arrived at the island and it remained small and sweet. Whereas the 10th Anniversary Party took the celebration 11th-anniversity-hatisland-wide and blasted us all to the past, this one reverted back to the traditional Anniversary Party we all know – and love! I am glad that the team did this because the 10th one was meant to be special and different. This one offered a cool, new party hat and the yearbook reflected back on the parties and events of this disappointing year. To make the anniversary even more enjoyable, the legendary Club Penguin Reunion returned to the island! I am so happy that I decided to take on the ‘Blogtober’ challenge during this month. I managed to meet with11th_anniversary_party_cake so many of you and make even more memories this year! Now I am delighted to say that it gets a lot better after this party!

On November 2nd, the highly-requested Music Jam hit the island. And it hit it better than ever before! This party gave 2016 a lot of hope. I was expecting it to flop somehow – but it didn’t; I think that production on Club Penguin Island was close to a finish which meant that more effort could be put into this party. There was so much on offer. The rooms were a mix of old, nostalgic Music Jam room decorations, and newer ones too. The Cruise Ship returned which added a lot more party rooms. The Case Fiesta and the Orca Straw also returned which gave me buzzing excitement. Alongside this, the Penguin Band actually returned this year and so did Cadence. As well as in the form of mascots, these characters were meetable through the ‘Star Search’ quest of the party, where players could approach the characters and collect a piece of clothing and their unique signature pin. I think that this was a cool idea. It wasn’t a tricky quest but the rewards were so cool!

The music in this party was phenomenal, as you can imagine. There was a range of classic spoiler-music-jam-itens-2016music and popular Club Penguin songs like ‘The Party Starts Now’. All of the Penguin Band and Cadence songs were performed at the Snow Forts with the use of a rota system. I thought this was a really cool idea!

Aside of all this, I find it difficult to fault the party. There were some harming bugs such as an annoying one which prevented penguins from listening to Music Jam music since the Halloween Party music was still existent. Also, I experienced an annoying bug where the musical instruments in the Case Fiesta didn’t function properly. Moreover, the party wasn’t island-wide but at least it still managed to offer a lot of content for its players. I have to also mention that thecarribeant-shirt storyline was ambiguous and a bit unexplained. I think that more treatment on the story could have boosted this party even more. Then again, the storyline doesn’t matter – as much – for a party like this. By a mile, this party was the best one of the year!

During November (on November 17th to be specific) Project: Super Secret was finally unveiled on the What’s New blog. All of the community were so hyped once they discovered that the project involved the development of the team’s new game: Club Penguin Island. If you have read carefully, you may have noticed me mention this new game a couple of times throughout the review. For me, this unveiling was a icon170xspectacular moment! It made me think how the tough journey of 2014 – 2016 was worth it. It took the team a lot of their time to build this new game which is why parties and events on Club Penguin had sacrifices. In addition to this, the closed beta for Club Penguin Island began soon after the announcement and some lucky penguins, who I know, got to test it out before anyone else. This caused some dispute in the community but we all managed to hold it together for the holiday season!

That’s right! The Holiday Party returned to Club Penguin on the 1st of December. This was the final party of 2016 and it will continue to run until January 4th. Therefore, this party is still going on as I write this review but I have seen enough!

As a whole, I think the Holiday Party ’16 has been magical and enjoyable, so far. Every time this party returns to the island, I always feel merry because of Coins For Change. Every year, the team list several projects which Club Penguin could fund if penguins donate their coins during the party. Now, this system does seem a little fixed because, every year, we always manage to reach the goal and the numbers appear fake. Despite this, I think that this tradition is very ambitious and compassionate since it teaches the community the wonders of giving and how it can impact lives. Therefore, the “behind-the-scenes” of Coins For Change does not bother me at all. However, this is not the only thing to expect at the Holiday Party. Every day – up until December 25th – penguins could log on to collect a gift from the team. Most of them are totally new items which look amazing! I wasn’t expecting this at all so it was a nice surprise. coins_for_change_logo_ingame_fixed

The room decorations at this party were mostly replicated from last year’s party, however, the team put in some extra effort to bring back some older room concepts. The Boiler Room, this year, was given a festive makeover with the addition of wrapped presents and a huge Christmas tree. I thought that this was fantastic especially since this room has been ignored for years! The Underground Pool was transformed into an ice cave, which was used ages ago, and the Mine was given more holiday decorations to lighten up the spirit in the dingy underground of the island. These small additions mean everything to me so I am immensely grateful that the team went the extra millimetre to deliver these changes. The Lighthouse was also given a different look; it was turned into a ‘Concert For Change’ gig which happens to look spectacular!

The main flaw with this party was the absence of any new activities. The Merry Walrus Party in 2014 was majorly disliked by many people because it replaced the Holiday Party, merry-walrus-tracker-imgbut it did add a few festive activities to the party such as: decorate the Christmas tree, deliver the food in crates, and ring the bells. Personally, I found these activities really cool back in 2014, despite the whole party makeover, but when they are all reused for two more years it makes them boring for returning players and that doesn’t help lighten up the holiday spirit. After experiencing the Music Jam, I think it would have been possible for the team to craft new activities for us to complete – as long as it didn’t involve any scavenger hunts! As for the music, it was well-chosen and a strong variety. Some of the holiday tunes reminded me of the old days of Club Penguin and others made me feel relieved that it was the festive season. I appreciate that a range of music was used this year; it emphasises how traditional this party truly is to the game.
Overall, the Holiday Party has been great but not as impressive as the Music Jam. Do you know how relieved I am to say that 2016 is going to end on a high? I’ve been wanting to say this for a couple of years and the time has – finally – arrived.

Strangely enough, it wasn’t just the Holiday Party that helped to make the end of 2016 awesome. It was the release of the Club Penguin Island geo-beta! Even though it wasn’t an open beta release, many penguins (including myself) were able to cheat our way into the game. It may sound unfair but it is only because a lot of us love the new game so much! It’s true! I have been able to test the new game since December 16th and I have truly enjoyedzoolabelle_club_penguin_island the experience. This new game plays differently than Club Penguin but I can tell that elements of it have been inspired by the virtual world. It continues a lot of features like the mascots, mysteries and the overall geography of the island (though it is significantly more diverse). This new game will release in 2017 but it has got a lot of us excited for it. Stay tuned for my review of this exciting experience soon!

Now we reach the end of my review of 2016. What is the verdict? I think it is pretty evident that a lot of this year has been boring and unsatisfactory for us. The turning point, however, occurred on November 2nd. Ever since this day, the standards of the game have significantly been raised than any other time this year. A lot has happened in the last couple of months and this has hugely redeemed 2016. The best parties of the year have to be the Music Jam, followed by the Holiday Party, and then the Puffle Party. Club Penguin was close to rock bottom during the Summer due to all of the annoying takeovers. The Frozen Fever Party was definitely the worst one! I think that we can look back on this year and say that it hasn’t been easy. There were many times where penguins were losing faith in the team and the game. But now I believe that the future of Club Penguin is going to be a good one. After testing out Club Penguin Island, I believe that the future of the community is going to be brighter but the desktop game may be cancelled next year. Although this is very sad news, I am glad that the team haven’t given up hope. Club Penguin Island will arrive early in 2017 and it will have an extraordinary kickoff! You could say that 2016 was the year that saved the game. Without all of these sacrifices, Club Penguin Island would not be as good as it is right now – and it is only at its beta stage!


2016 hasn’t been the best year for Club Penguin, nor has it been the best year for its fans. But, do you know what? This has been a great year for the community. Together, we have been able to make it through a tough year and we have accomplished so many great things. A game without a community as strong as this one is lost. Overall, I have enjoyed 2016 because of the community. When the game was not at its best, we made it better. The Summer was a frustrating experience, but we all got through it and even made many fun memories! I want to say thank you for contributing to the community and for helping everyone build a supportive community which has made me laugh and smile throughout this year. I want to say thank you to the fantastic team, behind the game screen, for their consistent determination and spirit that went into this game – and the new one. Because of the team, Club Penguin will live a greater future until it is time for it to, peacefully, die.

So, that concludes my review of 2016. It certainly has been an interesting year for us all so I want to hear all of your thoughts. What have you enjoyed or disliked this year? I want to hear your journey of 2016. Thank you very much for reading my review of 2016!

Waddle On and Happy New Year!




Blogtober #31: And So It Ends…

Hello, everyone!

Happy Halloween! I hope your day has been filled with some spooky gags and awkward laughs – so far. Halloween only comes once a year so make the most of it before it ends. I also hope you get lots of candy tonight but don’t rush all of them, otherwise you will be cursed a stomach ache for the rest of the day! Also…legend has it that: if you donate all of your candy to Blue21102, you will be rewarded with infinite happiness, in the long term. But we all know that’s a silly joke! So, enjoy your candy with yourself – but remember that sharing is caring too.


I cannot believe that this is the last post for Blogtober. 30 days ago, I began something ambitious. I set myself a challenge; I reckoned that I could write a post for every day in October. I did this to make Club Penguin more exciting for me and I did it for the memories. Club Penguin  (on the web) is on its last legs and so I wanted to share a month-long journey of my penguin with you to inspire some memories before the game ends. Surprisingly, it has proved a lot of things. Club Penguin is the best virtual world around. Not only is it powered by one of the greatest and friendliest teams in the world, it houses a warm community which I feel safe and comfortable to be a part of. This October, Club Penguin (that’s the team and the community combined) has proved to me that it can change lives. I have seen them do it before – many times. Now, Club Penguin has changed my life.

If you know me well, you may be familiar with my routine. Every month (on average) one or two posts are published. I know, it is not a lot at all. The excuse for that is school, my 06life and revision. Somehow, that all changed. This October, I have been able to do the things I usually do but I have also been able to play a game which I love to bits. Somehow, this game had convinced me enough to take on the challenge. You know what? I think that’s incredible!

I have never had that much fun – all year – until I started Blogtober. Club Penguin has kept me healthy through stressful times but the relief of blogging to you every day has also been very difficult, yet I was constantly inspired by my Club Penguin experience every day to keep on going. And and I did it. 31 posts in 1 month. 31 memories in 1/12 of a year. I am so proud of achieving this but I couldn’t have done it without the community and the team.

For those of you who volunteered to help me out, I thank you. You helped me make some amazing and crazy memories so I am appreciative of every one of you. I hope you made some memories on the way too!

For those of you have been reading Blogtober ever since the start, I thank you. The point of doing this is to entertain you with my journey and I cannot entertain anyone if they haven’t read my posts. I appreciate every single comment and piece of feedback you have given me. Your support has always accelerated my mood so you helped me keep up with the pace of the challenge.

Now, I want to recap the important memories from Blogtober, to sum up the amazing journey that I have been on.

Remember the day I had a cold? That prickly throat annoyed me so I went to Sensei for his spiritual advice. Of course, I was dumb enough to wake a sleeping sensei so I got my butt kicked. Don’t tell him I said that; it was meant to be a secret after he bribes me not to tell anyone. Oh well!

Remember the day when Jeff took over one of my posts and insulted my computer selfie? That was a bad day but the memory of it is vivid. I am concerned to say that it evoked a lot of humour from you.

Remember when I was – almost permanently – stuck as a ghost before I went on a long journey to seek help? I discovered that Gariwald VIII hated pizza and that Gary is a better scientist than him. 

Remember the Find Four tournament I had with Rosytilly:  Find Four legend? She beat me 07but I had fun! I also played a big game of ‘hide and seek’ that day and met a dodgy tour guide (who took our money) with Torres 126.

Remember when I met up with Jeff again before he mysteriously vanished? That was the day I was first stalked by the clown.

Remember my awesome Birthday Bash? So many of you attended it and it turned out to be the fan-favourite highlight of Blogtober. I truly adored that evening – all thanks to the community, again!

Remember when we celebrated the Reunion? I met with so many of you and it proved how dedicated the Club Penguin community is. It also proved that the community can throw a better party than a Frozen Takeover!

Remember when the clown started to become a lot more mischievous?

Remember when the clown was actually Rory all along? Of course, you do; it was only yesterday…

Those were some of my highlights from my Blogtober journey but each day was truly an experience to remember. I am sure you all have your own favourite memories too! Be sure to leave them in the comments section below!

Now, onto the final memory of Blogtober. Today, I met with some awesome friends – you 01may have heard of them! There was: Frothe1, Tripplem, Laval 126, Lunarley and Gabriel7373! We all had a great time together!

After the rendezvous at the Town, we first headed to my igloo. Everything was in the right shape, which was good. I had a great time laughing at a number of times my buddies were teleported to the Box Dimension, by accident. Behind my fish tank, I have a secret box portal so when penguins like to look at the fish02, they are shocked with a little surprise. Lots of us were giggling when it happened to the newcomers.

However, I didn’t have the last laugh – Frothe did! As soon as we checked out his igloo, I was tricked into going to the Box Dimension. It just made the occasion a lot more hilarious. The coincidence couldn’t have been better! After that, I made my way back to his igloo and they were laughing at me. Oh well!

Frothe’s igloo was a lot spookier than mine. It was actually located in a shark’s mouth; what’s scarier than that? There was also a graveyard on the tip of the tongue (yikes!) and a bowl of candy which Trip and I munched at for most of the 03time we spent there. I hope we didn’t cost Frothe another trip to the mall for some more candy. It is just irresistible, especially on Halloween!

Soon after that, we all went to the Puffle Lodge to play some Find Four. That game seems
to have been very popular this month. I played a very long game against Trip and lost. However, I won a game against Luna but it was such a close one. Find Four never gets old when you live on 04a frosty island. The matched went very well but we concluded our party at the Puffle Lodge. Unfortunately, Gabriel arrived just before everyone was about to leave. However, I managed to get a quick selfie with him because I felt bad. I hope you enjoyed the 5 minutes which you attended, Gabby!

After experiencing the last few days, I am so happy how the today’s turnout was. Aside all of the action and suspense, I got to spend some quality time with some friends. It brings back memories from the start of Blogtober… Now, the journey has 05come to an end and although how sad it may be, I am pretty relieved and proud that I took on the challenge and succeeded. I never expected Blogtober to be this fun and I never thought that it would be possible to make that many memories in one month.

Another way of celebrating the end of Blogtober is to start right back at the beginning once more and visit each memory – day by day. Soon, I plan on releasing a video which will highlight every day of Blogtober – perhaps it will remind you of all of the things that have happened this month. When I look back at them all, honestly, it feels like a year’s worth of stuff! I have no idea how long that will take me but it should be up in November! Along with that, I will release a video highlighting my birthday bash. That was one of the best highlights of the month and I promised that I would make a video for it. So, that should be on its way too.

I guess that leaves me to finish off the very last post. My flipper has been through a lot this month so I need to rest it for November. There will be posts to expect next month so don’t you worry. Wow. This is the end. Happy Halloween everyone; enjoy the night and embrace the memories! As always…

Waddle On!



Blogtober #30: The Conclusion

Hello, everyone!

So, who am I? Right now, I could be that horrible clown. Or, I could just be pranking you. Who do you think I am right now?


Okay, I understand. That was a pretty difficult question. You would need a bit more evidence to work it out. I have an idea! I will show you this picture; maybe it could help you 01out a bit. Have a look!

That’s right! We found the clown. If you are still wondering what happened yesterday, it was actually him who took over Blogtober. When my laptop went missing within a matter of seconds, we all knew that he was close by in the attic. Plus, my laptop has a tracking beacon so I always know where to find it if I ever lose it. And guess where it was. In the Box Dimension! Thanks to Gary, this advanced technology installed into the spy phones has finally been paid off.

Consequently, we dived into the box portal and ended up face to face with the criminal. There was one of him and ten of us. There was nowhere he could hide so he finally gave in and faced his punishment. Luckily, we arrived in time to stop him from doing anything drastic. The EPF saved the day…again!

Now, you are all probably itching to know who the real clown is. You’ve seen them in costume and you’ve seen them out of costume too. Yep. This guy is pretty familiar! Want to know who it is?

It was Rory all along!

Allow me to explain why: Rory is one of the island’s greatest mechanics and constructors. He has been the mastermind behind all constructions on the island – and we have to admit that they are great. If you didn’t know already, Rory is mainly stationed at the Mine Shack. Unfortunately, we never get to see him anymore. He is working on something bigger than Club Penguin. Earlier this Blogtober, I went to Rory to see if he could help fix the Monster 02Maker 3000. Strangely, he wasn’t around but his blueprints were. While I was there, I kind of raided his projects and snooped on his construction plans. I thought that I could get away with it since he was nowhere to be seen. However, it never went to my mind that I had messed up his entire workplace. As Rory got back to the shack, he was devastated to see the mess. Fortunately, for him, the shack has cameras so he was able to find out that I was the penguin who ruined his workplace. As a result, he wanted to ruin something of mine and get away with it.

Now you could probably see the story shaping up!

Rory thought of the idea of dressing up as a clown. It was Halloween after all! Dressing up as a clown meant that he could get up to all kinds of mischief. Ever since I ruined his workplace, Rory has been able to stalk me around the island. He was there when I reunited with Jeff and when I was playing – alone – in the Puffle Park. I was surprised he didn’t take the opportunity then. However, a couple of days after that, he went to my igloo and slammed down my door. I thought that I was about to get abducted but that was the only thing he did. Anyway, I’ve told this to you a thousand times. He got away with it (kinda) except I forced him to pay for the damage. Obviously, that wasn’t the plan so he failed his mission and has been holding a grudge against me ever since.

A week later, he was there in my own office. He intelligently disguised as a wanted poster until my co-workers and I discovered that the wanted poster was transparent. Gary was able to recall that Rory built it himself. He was concerned by it but now we know how it has 03come in handy. Since then, the EPF have been on the case and we managed to narrow down the search to the Puffle Lodge. Then, we found him at the Box Dimension – with my laptop. I think he was planning on deleting all of my Blogtober posts but we got there just in time to stop him.

Immediately, we took Rory to the EPF command room, yet we were still unaware of his actual identity. After staying in the cell for some time, Gary took him to the lab where carried out a number of tests on him. I just suggested for Gary to take the clown costume off; he – unwillingly – agreed. It was at that moment when we all discovered that Rory was the culprit.

Hopefully, you all took that in well. Everything matches us but it turns out that I am partly responsible for this. We soon discovered that Rory only did it as revenge – he denied any claims to make his revenge go island-wide. In that case, the whole crime wasn’t as serious as I thought it would be. You see, I was also a suspect in the case which makes me just as bad as Rory. I caused him to do what he did to me. So, why am I not depressed about it?

Well, Rory and I are now good friends. The main reason why he was angry with me was because I was looking at something I shouldn’t have been looking at. For some reason, he won’t tell me what it was and why but it has something to do with his big project, I suspect. Because I felt bad, I ended up giving him back the money for the door. I also apologised for messing his plans up and he said sorry for ruining Blogtober. In my eyes, though, he hasn’t ruined Blogtober. In fact, this climax that we have been waiting for has been the best one yet and it involves a happy ending, for once!

Aunt Arctic did say that getting revenge is not a good thing but I think we should all show forgiveness and compassion in situations like these. After all, Rory didn’t deserve all of this stress especially since he is responsible for this big project that could change our lives. I have offered to help him out by reorganising his workplace but he, kindly, said no. Damn it – I really want to know what he is building!

After thinking about it thoroughly, the EPF decided that we should put the whole incident behind us. Rory is a respectable penguin and I…am an agent so the EPF didn’t want to change that. They also didn’t want to look bad…ahem! In retrospect, it was nothing serious at all so we can now resume our lives normally!

On the other hand, I wanted to sort something else out. Earlier this week, I had discovered that Rory and Gary have this secret feud between them. I am sure you could understand why. They are both brilliant mechanics so I can imagine the number of competitions that happen between them. I got the feeling that Gary was jealous of Rory because Rory has been able to craft a successful island. Gary, however, has been known for his many failures05.png but I have gone over this earlier this Blogtober when I created Gary Appreciation Day (ironically, it never took place). Gary is actually a very smart scientist. He is mostly known for his failures because of how ambitious he is. In the end, Gary is actually as successful as Rory. Even Rory fails sometimes. We all fail on a regular basis but that is what learning is. Now I understand how Gary has felt all this time so I wanted to change this and make a new pair of friends today!

So, I took the opportunity to start them off on a new journey together. I told them both how I felt by their feud. And then I told them how they could fix it – because that is what mechanics are best at. Luckily, I was able to convince them, thanks to my amazing literacy. I forced them to take a selfie together but it turned out to be a proper one. It looks like that they have been friends for years… Now, they are great buddies, yet Gary is still trying to tempt Rory to reveal what the project is. I have been watching them all afternoon; it’s more entertaining than my co-workers! Oh yeah… I forgot about that.

Due to the amazing cooperation of the EPF team, Aunt Arctic asked me if I would want to work full-time at the EPF command room. After today, it has felt like something that I should have started to do a long time ago! But you know what?

I rejected the offer.

You know how long I have been in that office? Over two years! And since the start of October, I have dedicated a lot of my time there for Blogtober: a challenge which I was 04reluctant to take on, first. But after 30 days of working there, overtime, I don’t think I want to leave it. You know, the seat is always warm from my butt so it’s where I belong. Plus, it is where I have been able to cherish some awesome memories. Blogtober has actually turned out to be a shrine. Every day was a new experience which has allowed me to make so many memories in the shortest amount of time ever. And though it may seem long, it has gone by too quickly!

Tomorrow is the last day of Blogtober. It is also Halloween! What could be a better combination? Maybe some coffee would help! Because it is the last day of Blogtober, I want to meet with every one of you. Obviously, that is impossible but I want as many of you as possible. We have achieved – almost – a full month’s worth of memories so we need to make the last day count!

Stay tuned for updates on Twitter, regarding this; use the hashtag #Blogtober! Now, I feel comfortable – back in my usual space, on the computer. It is obviously where I belong. I have even missed my crazy co-workers. But, I’m not gonna lie.

I missed the free coffee the most!



Blogtober #29: Clowning Around

Hello, everyone!

I. Am. So. Tired. I have been up since the crack of dawn and most of you know why. The EPF are basically going on a clown hunt. Yesterday, we discovered that it was in the Club Penguin Times Office – hiding. We have no idea what his intentions are but it’s best to be cautious.

I was asked, personally, by Dot, to submit an alibi on what happened on the 19th October. It was so intimidating but I said everything as truthful as possible. The clown banged down my igloo’s front door and he approached me very threateningly. I was glad that my puffles were safely oblivious of this in the backyard. In the end, the clown did nothing; it was all a prank! He was hoping to get a comical reaction but I was mostly angry – the fact that he had raided my igloo without permission. For some reason, I didn’t call the EPF straight away. I was kind of frightened of the consequences, I guess. The first thing I said to him was that I need to claim compensation for what the broken door and he had to pay for it. At first, he was begging but then I  was on the verge of calling the EPF. I could tell that I had more power than him. He still refused until I placed my flipper onto my phone. Straight away, he promised that he would pay for it – and so he did. It was all dealt with secretly but I was keeping my eye on him. To tell the truth, I did actually let the EPF know that this happened.

Dot stated that it was a criminal offence so she is currently dealing with the boring law stuff. As for me, I am working agent in the field. We have been assigned, by JPG, to spread across all island sectors. I am at the Forest – on the lookout. Every penguin that passes by me always looks concerned. Either because I was dressed up in tactical EPF attire, or 01.pngbecause I have been holding onto my laptop for the whole time. I have not been playing any games at all! In fact, I have been reporting minor cases.

First of all, I saw a bear emerge from the trees – or was it a penguin in a bear costume?

Secondly, I saw a lost Pookie sobbing in the cave – the Hermit seemed to care for it.

Thirdly, I saw some black market fish dog sales going on – the salesmen didn’t have a permit.

Those were only a few of them but they have all been dealt with now. Still, there has been no sign of this clown. The duty has been very difficult, especially when everyone is wearing Halloween costumes. Occasionally, I have had to question penguins wearing a clown costume. Who knows? This terrorising clown could have associates! I don’t think the penguins liked it much but I was just doing my duty.

Anyway! The main reason why I am writing this right now is because I have discovered something that will aid the investigation. I should really be discussing this with the EPF first but I wanted to make this post “exclusive” in some way, otherwise, it would just be boring for you all. So, here it is. I was casually reading over yesterday’s post a few minutes before I started typing today’s post and I noticed someone. In one of the pictures, the clown was hiding – behind the Puffle Lodge door. It is hardly noticeable but ever since I caught him stalking me in one of my previous posts, I have been a lot more cautious and I have been able to find him again. I advise you to take a look, yourself, here.

So he was hiding in the Puffle Lodge yesterday! As soon as I give this information to the EPF, we may be able to survey the lodge; it could be his hideout! I might do that right now, actually. This is happening live and all so I can’t keep you posted on the way there. Hopefully, by the time I write to you again, we would have caught this clown once and for all. So, please mind the interlude.

I’m back! The clown was caught and we have even discovered its identity. That’s right! It turns out that this clown is familiar after all! But before I tell you who the clown really is, let me brief you on how we found it.

So, I waddled down to the command room and hailed an emergency. I was able to get a whole squad of agents to come with me to the Puffle Lodge next door. JPG and I assigned the agents. In no time, we burst through the door and thoroughly searched the lodge. We ordered all penguins to evacuate. I felt bad because some were playing Find Four happily! It was, luckily, for a good cause. Except, on the ground floor, there was no clown to be seen. We took everything into consideration and came to a conclusion that the clown had moved location. No one was aware of the clown when we questioned some of the innocent penguins, local at the scene.

Wait a minute. So where did we find the clown? Here comes the best part.

Before we axed the investigation, I had a look upstairs. The Mystery Attic looked empty and quiet. I had a brief look to see if the clown was around but he was nowhere to be seen. Next, I put down my laptop onto the desk beside the bulletin boards. I was about to update to you right then until I heard a call from JPG. Rapidly, I raced downstairs, leaving my laptop on the desk. It was at that moment when I took the opportunity to steal the laptop 02.pngbefore that pesky penguin returns.

Oh right. Didn’t I tell you already? I am the clown. Blue said that he wanted another climax for Blogtober so I have given you one. Perhaps, this climax can stay for the longest time. I think Blue would love that and I am sure you would too.

Now, I know what you are going to say…

“I am going to report you to the EPF!”

“Freeze, clown!”

“We know where you live!”

But, of course, you don’t know where I live. You are not here to “freeze” me. And you are – certainly – unable to report me to the EPF because you have no idea who I am. For all you know, I could be Blue himself! This could all be a prank. But is it? That is the big question!

Enjoy Blogtober, my friends!



Blogtober #28: Out of the Blue

Hello, everyone!

This is going to be quite a serious post. I wasn’t planning on this at all but I need everyone’s attention. If you want to stay safe on Club Penguin, you have got to listen to me for a couple of minutes. Right. Now, where do I start?

From the beginning, of course!

So, I was just innocently typing away at my work computer in the Club Penguin Times Office. It was only some research on how to tame a Pookie. Soon, I was commanded to print out some more newspapers because we were low on stock. Consequently, I got up from my 01.pngchair and headed towards the newspaper conveyer behind me. However, before I even got there, something shocking caught my attention. In the corner of my eye, I saw the wanted poster. Today, it had something wrong with it. It was bare.

My first reaction to this was to send a report to Aunt Arctic, warning her that someone defaced the poster. I was worried that this wasn’t the only one being defaced. But a few seconds later, I realised something even worse. Slowly, I crept around the wanted poster. My forehead was sweating and my heartbeat was the only thing audible in that room. The co-workers looked at me oddly. They thought that I had gone mad, but I didn’t. In fact, I was, more or less, a lot less mad than anyone else in the room. You know why? Because I discovered something no one else knew about before.

The wanted poster is transparent. As I advanced up to it from behind, I was able to see the 02.pngwhole room through it. And you know what this means? Where I was standing, stood the clown also. Yesterday, the clown was in the same room as me and I had no clue! Every time I think back to it, a chill runs down my spine. The big question is: how the heck did he get there? Nobody knew about him until today.

Before long, everyone else in the office was cowering in front of the wanted poster, knowing that they were potentially in danger the day before. This only evoked a reaction from Aunt Arctic herself. She couldn’t help but notice the sea of penguins as she waddled on upstairs. Apparently, she was enjoying her nice cup of coffee before she heard a scream. Not my scream, funnily enough.

Everyone was asking what we should do. Out of the blue (get it?), I raised my flipper; the room fell silent. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the power I had, then? I volunteered to get some expert assistance. Aunt Arctic, although she is the Director (spoilers – I know!), was unable to restore peace; she just merely orders agents around and03.png writes in the Club Penguin Times. Therefore, I suggested that I go and find Gary. Gary is a tech expert so he may be able to use and invention to track the footprints of the clown. Or he could fail to do so. Either way, I was willing to take the risk so I ran out of the Coffee Shop and made my way to the Everyday Phoning Facility. I trotted up the steps and flew into the room, went to the reception desk and journeyed down the secret waterfall elevator.

In no time, I arrived at the command room. I was waddling around ecstatically and couldn’t help but draw every agent’s attention to myself. I guess that was a smart move. Anyway, I asked loudly, “Where is Gary?”. Every agent pointed their flipper to the laboratory so I darted towards it. At first, I couldn’t even see Gary until I saw his lab coat peak out from beside the glass cabinet. I screamed his name and he wobbled onto his back, staring up at me.

Firstly, he asked, “What on earth is the matter with you?”.

“What on earth is the matter with me?” I responded with perplexion. “What is the matter 04.pngwith the wanted poster in the Club Penguin Times Office?”. Gary halted for one second; his shoulders drooped and I tilted my head, puzzled.

“Oh, that thing. You should ask Rory about that. It has always confused me.” Gary answered, calmly. He then began to give me a monologue on the wanted poster. For a while, he rambled on about how Rory is even crazier than himself; I still beg to differ but I kept my beak sealed. During his talk, I couldn’t help but notice a small feud between Gary and Rory. They are both excellent penguins but I was intrigued by how Gary described him – almost as if he was jealous of him. I didn’t say anything to avoid controversy but it something I want to investigate more on soon.

By the end of Gary’s long lecture on the science of wanted posters, I asked him if he could spread the word and let every civilian know about the rogue clown. He agreed – phew! Meanwhile, Aunt Arctic was still struggling to calm down the co-workers. As soon as I got back, the office was in a state worse than it was on April Fools Day one year! I suggested to Aunt Arctic that we shut off the Coffee Shop until we catch the clown. I was explaining how we need to gather evidence in order to track it down before it terrorises other penguins. Aunt Arctic thought it was a great idea; the amount of insurance claimed would harm the economic stability of the island. We are lucky that this clown doesn’t physically05.png harm penguins. Or does it?

That is why we need to find it soon!

This unexpected turn of events means that Blogtober is going to change up for its last few days. I am hoping that, by Halloween, we can catch the clown before it catches us. Now that the Coffee Shop is temporarily closed, I will be very unhappy due to the caffeine deficiency so I hope you are understanding of this. Moreover, I will be using my laptop for Blogtober which is kind of annoying. I hope this hasn’t ruined the fun for you all. Maybe this mission will increase attention which means more traffic for –

Umm…I mean, it will increase attention so that all of you can stay safe for the next couple of days. What does this mean for the Blogtober finale? I hate to think right now but saving the island from a clown is worth most of my mind, at the moment.

Stay safe and report any sightings of this clown to the EPF! I have left an image so you know what he looks like. Thank you for the cooperation; the fun won’t be over for long – I promise you!