Community Collab

An update on what’s been going on?

Welcome to Community Collab. Sometimes, it is sensible to slow down and have a reflection on what has been going on in the Club Penguin community. There is always something new to discover everyday but we summarize the important events and also and encourage you and the community to collaborate to accomplish amazing things. The community has its off days, sometimes, but it has a lot of its on days too. Let’s celebrate and discuss all of these to achieve a greater future for the Club Penguin community.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Community Collab: The Confused Community

Community Collab: The Missing Ingredient

Community Collab: Rarity

Community Collab: #OurDisneyInfinity

Community Collab: #KeepCalm and #CarryOn

Community Collab: Card-Jitsu

Community Collab: Update (Idea retired)

Community Collab: Merchandise

Community Collab: Literature


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