Club Penguin Documentary: ‘The Sasquatch Theory’

Hey everyone!

I am happy to announce that I have recreated ‘The Sasquatch Theory’ from a visual perspective! It took me hours and hours to put this together and I hope it was worth it! If some you don’t know, ‘The Sasquatch Theory’ is a theory that I produced in an Island Discussion and it explores the character and significance of ?????? (Sasquatch). I made it into a 20 minute documentary to make it clearer and to grab your attention. I would appreciate it if you watched it and commented your thoughts on it!

Here it is, below!

What do you think? Please let me know in the comments section!

Thank you for watching!



Island Discussion #13: Lesson On Analysis

Hello everybody!

In this Island Discussion, I am going to be using a short passage to help uncover what will happen at this year’s Puffle Party. Furthermore I will be analysing some updates such as the new adverts and the newspaper. The new Puffle Lodge will be evaluated in future Island Discussions, especially the Mystery Attic. Anyway lets move on!

This discussion will be pretty brief since I want it to give Penguins a head start on the background of the new party coming this month. To start with I want to fill in some gaps of a mysterious passage the team posted on the Blog a week ago. I have been examining it thoroughly and it does get tougher to work out however I have come to a conclusion! I wonder if you will agree with my input.

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Island Discussion #12: The Sasquatch Theory

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Island Discussion #12! Today I have decided to round up all the theories on Sasquatch into one final interpretation of his character. Who is Sasquatch? Why is he here? How long has he been here? Hopefully I can answer that for you as well as link you to my former Island Discussions on Sasquatch below!

Island Discussion #11

Island Discussion #8

Island Discussion #3

Each one of these articles really dig deep – especially the #11 one! Anyway, below I am going to share my theory with you guys after having a good look at all the evidence! Please enjoy it and prepare to be blown away!

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Island Discussion #11: Solving Mysteries

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to an Island Discussion! You may remember that I took a break on this topic but now I am back with more news to share. This post will be all about solving mysteries on Club Penguin and I know that there are a lot. Some have only just been introduced but there are some ‘invisible’ ones that I would like to discuss with you. Let’s crack on! First I would like to talk more about Herbert P. Bear. This suspect has been on everyone’s nerves at some point and it is about time to think why he has been so quiet lately. Just think. We had all of 2014 without any EPF Operations at all. Herbert did not intrude any party at all. We only saw him during the We Wish You A Merry Walrus animation but he never intruded the actual party itself. Although his appearance may be quite significant after received an update recently. Take a look at the new picture!

Club Herbert January

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