So Long CP


Thank You…

The So Long CP project has now ended.

So Long CP is a project I will never forget. As soon as I started to worry about Club Penguin’s final days, I thought of an idea. I wondered if the iceberg was ever going to be tipped? A month later, that question was answered by the Club Penguin team – and its community.
Before long, the project evolved from that question and, soon, lots of new ones were asked. What would a Club Penguin mini-game tournament look like? Do we actually know each other well? Can a party last for 24 straight hours? What happens when a blacksmith meets a lifeguard? Will Herbert and Klutzy ever become actual friends?
All of these questions were answered through the several events that were created for this project. This project has been floating around for over 2 months, and I cannot believe the huge amount of accomplishments we have made and the adventures we have embarked on. 
So Long CP was all about delivering the perfect ending. It’s safe for me to say that this was achieved. There was history made as well!
At The Penguin Playoffs, we were attacked by penguin bots. I managed to detain them at the Dock for a while until they gave up. In the past, bots would ruin a lot of events but, this time, the So Long CP team and the community had hope. We beat the bots and ended up having a tremendous time!
For the third time, CP Around The Clock returned! This particular one was – by far – the most successful out of all. The party kept going for 24 hours and there were no breaks at all. The amazing thing about this event is that it unites the community in such an intelligent way. It gave every penguin (no matter where they live) a chance to carry the baton. This event was something truly special to me, and I thank Daisydoo14 for creating it in the Summer of 2016.
Operation: Shadow started off as a small idea. I was inspired by the Club Penguin so much that I wanted to create an authentic story that brings them all together one final time, and the best way for me to do this was to create an EPF Operation. Ever since the amazing success of Operation: Blackout, the Club Penguin community have always wanted to combine the EPF with ninjas; the code name was Operation: Ninja. Unfortunately, this was never delivered. Therefore, I wanted to revive this request and primarily centre it around characters instead.
When I first started to think about the story line of Operation: Shadow, I wanted to delve into the mystery of shadow: “the forgotten element”. After brainstorming through several ideas, I decided to make Tusk the antagonist. The original idea was to have him shadow the island, except it felt too similar to Operation: Blackout. Then, I thought a bit more and remembered about the rumoured “secret meeting” on From then, I knew that Herbert had to be in it – and he forms an alliance with Tusk to get revenge on the island.
As you watch the videos, you will discover a twist in the story and I am not going to give it away. Overall, I just found this novelty project so special and the fact that it has voice acting really shows how much the Club Penguin community are willing to do for its game.
Make sure you watch all 12 scenes of Operation: Shadow and let me know what you think of this video series.
Now, the So Long CP project ended on 24th March, 2017. The Farewell Finale was a HUGE event, all thanks to the Club Penguin team for promoting it on their blog. Marshmallow server received so much traffic and it was so heart-warming to see the support for this project.
Thank you so much for supporting So Long CP and attending the events. A tonne of memories were made within these last couple of months and it is an honour to have met so many of you. It has truly been a privilege for me to organise this project and it would never been possible without these people: Daisydoo14, Nina1059, Littlee37, Puffle Pal26, Tripplem, Tomisino1, Madzom8ie, Impossibill, Dabraxman and Rosytilly.
Club Penguin will be dearly missed by a lot of penguins. Thank you for making its ending spectacular.
So Long CP and Waddle On!


Blue21102 (So Long CP Manager)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is So Long CP?

So Long CP is an ambitious project that plans to unite the Club Penguin community in a BIG way before Club Penguin Island arrives in early 2017. Let’s be honest, we all want there to be a perfect ending for Club Penguin. Well, So Long CP will deliver the perfect ending as long as you support it.

So, Club Penguin is ending?

Yes, Club Penguin is unfortunately closing its doors on March 29th 2017. As soon as Club Penguin Island launches worldwide, Club Penguin will start degrading anyway, so the community needs to make some memories soon before it starts to divide. Before its closure, the Club Penguin community need to make the most of the game.

What does this project involve?

One thing is for sure; this project will involve a lot of your cooperation. The whole point of this project is to get as many penguins involved as possible! By that, we mean we want your support throughout the project. You can suggest events ideas or become active in the project by coming along to support the events online. The more of you that get involved, the better it will be. If we want the perfect ending for the game, it would be amazing to see as many of you penguins from the community as possible!

What are Events?

Events are going to be engaging meet-ups – online – that will unite the community in a lot of ways. Events will take place on weekends, starting on the 28th of January. Event ideas are yet to be decided, but they will vary from parties and tournaments to expeditions! We are always open to your suggestions so, if you have any awesome ideas, be sure to let us know so we can make your ending perfect!

How will I be informed about the Events?

Make sure you keep coming back to this page for event information. You can also follow the official So Long CP Twitter account @SoLongCP for relevant information. Alternatively, keep visiting the blog for updates on the project.

What is the Kickoff?

The Kickoff of this project is going to be a party that will take place on the 28th January, at 13:00 PST. This will be the first event and it will officially commence the project. This party will be taking place on server Marshmallow; all events following on from this will always take place on Marshmallow.

Meet the Team

So Long CP is a project that requires a lot of management. Luckily, we have a splendid team that will organise and moderate the Events. If you have any queries about this project, be sure to approach these friendly penguins.


Blue21102 – So Long CP Manager

I first began thinking about this project back in September. I was thinking how the community deserves to experience a great ending to Club Penguin so I decided to take a step forward and introduce this project. I have big hopes for So Long CP because it highly depends on cooperation within the community! I know how interactive and creative the community is so I feel comfortable about the launch of this project. Get involved so we can create the perfect ending together!
Club Penguin Username: Blue21102
Twitter: @Blue21102


DaisyCP Around The Clock Founder

The reason I got involved with So Long CP was because Blue had messaged me wondering if I’d want to have CP Around The Clock as part of the celebration. As some of you might know, it was cancelled last time because of bots, and it’s stressful enough as it is, so I gave it to him. It’s his problem now. XD I hope So Long CP is a massive success, and that everyone has an amazing time. Be sure to join in the fun! 🙂
Club Penguin Username: Daisydoo14
Twitter: @DaisyDoo_14


TripplemSo Long CP Moderator

The main reason I decided to get involved with So Long CP is that I love nothing more than to get involved in Club Penguin community events! Since the Club Penguin that we have known for so long is coming to an end, I feel that we as a community should come together and celebrate this epic game, which has revolutionised many childhoods. It would also be a great way to cherish and celebrate the memories and friendships we have made on here over the years!
Club Penguin Username: Tripplem
Twitter: @TripplemCP


LittleeSo Long CP Moderator

I hope that this project goes well and the mods will respond and I joined because I love Club Penguin and I want to give it a fantastic farewell!
Club Penguin Username: Littlee37
Twitter: @Firepeoplearmy


Tomisino So Long CP Moderator

I joined So Long CP because I thought it was a great way to mark the transition period of moving from Club Penguin to Club Penguin Island… Although I will always log in to both as long as they are there! My hopes of the project are that the community takes a real interest in it, getting involved and not trying to spoil it.
Club Penguin Username: Tomisino1
Twitter: @Tomisino1


NinaSo Long CP Moderator

CP Around The Clock Organiser

I wanted to be part of the team because I love helping out members of the community and this sounds like a great idea! This is gonna be HUGE so I hope you all can attend it. Let’s make some memories!
Club Penguin Username: Nina1059
Twitter: @Nina1059CP

Mad – So Long CP Moderator

I joined the So Long CP team because I wanted to help make the last month of CP amazing ! CP was my childhood and many of yours as well. I’m as sad about Club Penguin closing as you guys are. The team and community coming together to celebrate CP’s life is what is going to make this meet up incredible! You guys make this community truly incredible! 🙂
Club Penguin Username: Madzom8ie
Twitter: @Madzom8ie


So Long CP Kickoff


Saturday, 28th January (1:00 PM)


The first event that will start it all! The Kickoff will be a massive party on Marshmallow. It will start off at the Town and it will continue across the island. This event’s priority is to raise awareness of the project so the event will be recorded and posted on social media. Come along and celebrate the initiation of So Long CP!

Thank you so much for coming along! Make sure you check out the highlights.

The Penguin Playoffs


Saturday, 11th February (2:00 PM)


The celebration of the many mini-games on Club Penguin. At this event, players will be able to play some of their favourite co-op mini-games, such as Card-Jitsu and Find Four. The aim of the event is to simply have fun! It’s an excuse to get competitive and to get your game on – before game over!

What a Playoff! Be sure to check out this event from my perspective – through words and a video.

Camp Penguin


Saturday, 18th February (12:00 PM)


Camp Penguin is returning to the island! This event is all about bonding with each other and making new friends. The best way to do this is to go camping at the Cove. Before Club Penguin discontinues in March, we need to get to know each other a bit more: whether that’s achieved by going for a dip in the lake, or by roasting each other’s marshmallows. We are a compassionate community, so we deserve some quality time together!

Woo! Camp Penguin was a true bonding experience. You only get that sensation on Club Penguin – believe me! Make sure you check out the highlights of this event!

Iggy Fest


Saturday, 25th February (11:00 AM)


Iggy Fest is a celebration of the many igloos within Club Penguin. This event has one goal, and that is to visit as many of them as we possibly can. It will last for about an hour and the aim is to get your igloo featured during the event. After this event, there will be an igloo contest (which you have to sign up for in advance) and the theme is “Favourite Memory”. I am looking forward to see some really creative igloos for this contest!

I apologise I was unable to attend this event. Apparently, it went well and I am glad some of you had fun, despite the membership complications.

CP Around The Clock


Friday, 3rd – 4th March (12:00 PM)


The party that lasts for 24 hours – straight! For each new hour, there will be a new host so the party will keep on going. This event requires a lot of the community to get involved so be sure to reserve the hour you want by letting us know in the comments or on Twitter. First come, first served!

Check the Timetable to see the available time slots! All times are written in Penguin Standard Time (PST).

CPATC Timetable.png

CPATC was absolutely brilliant! It was such a great turnout; thank you! Make sure you reflect on the memories.

Penguins at Work

Penguins at Work Logo

Saturday, 11th March (11:00 AM)


There are many different occupation on the island of Club Penguin and there just happens to be more vacancies on offer. This event is all about role-playing as your dream profession. However, what if it was all mixed up? What if the baristas taught a university lecture on coffee? Or, what if a pizza chef secretly works undercover as an agent or inspector? The possibilities are endless, but only limited by your imagination!

It was certainly a wacky event. It was truly amazing to see the creative role-play conjure throughout the event. 

Operation: Shadow


Coming this March


The island is in danger, yet again. This time, a new threat has appeared. Somewhere, hiding in the shadows, is the illustrious wielder of power. The EPF are initiating this operation to restore piece to the island. Be ready, penguins!

The island is now saved! Remarkable work, agents. 

So Long CP: Farewell Finale

Farewell Finale Logo

Friday, 24th March (4:00 PM)

This is the last event of the So Long CP project. 

Wow. I cannot believe how huge this party turned out to be! Thank you so much for supporting So Long CP. We are such a passionate and lovely community!

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