On Holiday! (20.08.15 – 27.08.15)

Hello everyone!

As of tomorrow morning – 6:00am (BST) – I will be on holiday and it will last one week until next Thursday (27th August). So I am afraid that this Blog will be inactive while I am on holiday but I may still be active on Twitter now and then to tweet. I hope everyone is enjoying the last few weeks of the Summer and I can assure you that there will be more posts when I am back. Perhaps a return to ‘The Island Detective’ (hint, hint).

I apologise for my absence on this Blog and on RiffyCP however I will be back next week so stay tuned until then. Thank you for being amazing readers and I will see you next Thursday.

Waddle On!



The Cart Surfer Combo

If played correctly, Cart Surfer can earn you many coins in minutes. It may take up to 5 attempts however you will be earning thousands of coins in no time. I have my own combo which keeps me on a roll throughout the game. It is very simple but probably the best combo you would have ever come across.

This combo is made up of two moves. For the first move, you do an air somersault. Keyboard wise, this is quite simple but he timing has to be right. You press the down arrow first and shortly after press the space bar. The arrow tilts the mine cart and the space bar makes it jump. In a combo you should end up with a flip which earns you 100 points. That is quite a lot!

The next move is very simple. All you need to do is just walk on the track. By doing this, you press and hold the down arrow for a short amount of time. For this move you get 80 points which is only 20 points less than the first combo.

Now I call these two ‘The Cart Surfer Combo’ which is what earns you a lot of points in the game. All you do is take turns in performing the tricks so you get 100 points then 80, then 100…etc. The score adds up quite a lot by performing these moves. Adding the Black Puffle may increase your performance in the game. The reason why you shouldn’t perform the same trick in a row is because the score decreases; the game wants you to be unique with your moves. Continue reading

Throwing a Party

To throw a party on Club Penguin, you need to be prepared. If you want a successful party on Club Penguin you need to be even more prepared! As you can tell, parties are difficult things to host since there are a lot of things to consider to make it perfect for your guests. Some problems can not be overcome at all times however it is possible to host an amazing party for everyone.

I am not perfect at all and I have thrown quite a few. So far, I have hosted 2 major ones and small little meet-ups with my buddies. I don’t think any party is perfect since the Club Penguin community is so vast that there are a lot of time zones to keep in mind. If you pick the wrong time, a lot of people can not attend even when they wanted to. It becomes a problem for me since most of the community live in the USA yet I live in the UK. Every time I throw a party, it only suits people within my time zone which is why you have got to understand these problems.

Even though it may have a big impact on your audience, there are still a lot of people in every time zone who can attend your party so you can’t just rely on them personally. You need to get the word around! Last week I made a post on Flash Mobs which is a reasonable technique for players to use for advertising. Be sure to read it for an extra on how to throw a party.

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Flash Mobs!

Ever wanted to get the message around? I bet that everyone reading this has always wanted to host an igloo party and I bet that they have stuck themselves to one room to advertise it. Most likely, the Town Centre.

Why not take this to a new level and pick up the pace? This is not just for party wannabes but for stamp wannabes too! If you host a party – in your igloo – and at least 30 penguins attend, you would have earned a valuable stamp. This also applies to other stamps which gets the community involved by teaming up with other Penguins in the room. For example, the ‘Full House’ stamp requires a few Penguins to jam out at the Lighthouse by playing a different instrument each. Or there are a lot of Penguins who want to earn the ‘Iceberg Drill’ stamp by gathering over 30 penguins to help tip the iceberg. There are a lot more too!

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Manwhatta? Mancala!

Weekly Waddle Guide to Mancala (not Manwhatta!)

What is Mancala?

Mancala is a strategical game that can be played in the Club Penguin Penguin Times Office, above the Coffee Shop. It is only for 2 players however you can always spectate it!

How do you play Mancala? 

There are instructions in the Club Penguin Times Office however it would be more straight forward for me to clear them up and explain them to you myself.

Basically, here is the Mancala board:


The board is divided up into 2 sides in which is owned by either Player 1 or Player 2. The first player to host the game is always Player 1 so your side of the board is demonstrated in the image. Your Mancala is always to the right! The Mancala is the big hole on each end of the board. This is where you aim to get all your stones. The second player needs to keep in mind some logic. Technically you would be facing towards the board so your Mancala is over the the left of the board (in the image viewpoint). Remember that so you don’t mistake your actions!

After knowing the general structure of the game, the aim is to move all of your stones to your Mancala.

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